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  1. Added another model to the pack! I am currently working through this model pack and seperating all the base objects so that you can apply materials on individual objects. New updated includes the material files for both OBJ and FBX. These new formats can be used in #Unity and #Elements3D
  2. Here is a quick update on the project!
  3. So this morning i started to block out the model of the White House after spending an hour or so gathering reference materials. It does not help that i am full of flu mind but i am soldiering on with a dripping nose! Started modeling the large light that hangs from the entrance of the White House. The President’s Front Door! Added around 1830, the North Portico was added to the White House, in keeping with the Federal Style and the original designs for the building. During the late Victorian era, Louis C Tiffany installed Tiffany glass in the windows, as he had throughout the house, later removed in the 1902 renovation. I will add the glass current glass door but for now i wanted to add the original doors.

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