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  1. Rectro


    Hi I did a video on this subject regarding Udims and Redshift for C4D, Il dig it out and post it. If I cant find it Il make another. Also it matters what app your making the textures from as the issues can be at that level. In the mean time check the texture files in their naming, the naming must be the same all but the udim number. If for instance you dont have Zbrush set up correct it will produce each UDIM texture with a slightly different name, here is a example of what it should be like. Displacement_mat1001.exr Displacement_mat1002.exr Di
  2. Hi Ben The hair object needs either a mesh in the guides settings, or splines as a single object. You cant add additional splines once you start your groom otherwise it will mess up but you can combine copy, paste from one hair object to another, and you can try storing a groom and restore it. Maybe If I understood what it was you were trying to do and why I could come up with something? Dan
  3. Iv been using Unfold3D for years now, still do, nothing else touches it in every regard apart from Rizom Uv which is the same company split up. C4D has had some very nice additions recently to its Uv toolset so If that is not getting you there then Rizom or Unfold3D. As C4D dont natively support UDIMs so if your also using UDIMS then options I mentioned above are the best was forward. Dan
  4. Hi Iv seen this and other odd things like this before and the quick fix is to copy everything in the object manager into a new scene. It could be you have something turned off that Im not aware of, or a corrupt file. Now about your scene in general, although you didn't ask for critique. Your mesh is incredibly dense, this is more practical for sculpting and the sculpting mesh is not meant to be used for animation. It may be the case it was a test file only if so ignore. You should have all morphs applied with Post deformers, this allows for other deformers to be giv
  5. Rectro

    ZBrush 2021 Release

    Excellent news, and its yet again another fee upgrade. Dan
  6. This could be a issue with corrupt preferences. Dan
  7. Im not getting this. Are you on build R21.207? Im going to update my presets and see if it changes. Dan
  8. Hi Im thinking your lucky they work on Windows 7. I was quite happy with Win 7 but things change and eventually I was forced to Win 10. CE 6 was given away with 3D world back in 2003, version XL 6 was out in early 2000 so 5.2 would have been out 1998-1999, either way thats 20 years old. I hope someone can help you but to be honest if its working on Win 7 stick with it. Win 10 has given me so much grief, plenty of hardware and software dont work in it and they are not 20 years old, more like 12 years old. At a guess Im thinking the serial is stored in registry, or
  9. Unless there is something specific that needs to be quoted in direct relation to my reply and there is nobody else pacititating then just reply normally. As I mentioned the rig is much more complex than I would have imagined for such a simple geometry made character, the rigger has some skills there for sure. Unfortunately it makes it 10x harder to diagnose a issue when you have to break down someone else's rig, especially if like me not a out n out rigger but understands the fundamentals of rigging, meaning I understand what Im looking at but it takes me much longer because I don
  10. Iv just watched the video and what I see is possible the same rig, not sure as it wasnt expanded, but two different models with different topology between R18 and lower and R19 and higher. The rig is much more complex than I would have thought for such a simple character, so I can see why you cant make your own, not at that level with ease. There are joints, bend deformers and Morphs involved. If the area that is not defroming well after you extruded it was using joints or morphs then thats to be expected, you dont start modeling a rigged character once its bound to rig.
  11. Hi When pose morphs are applied it always uses the base pose mesh to compare to the deformed mesh that's added as a pose morph. If you decide the edit the mesh as in add or remove polygons while there is a pose morph applied it will mess things up as the pose morph was made from a different base level. The mesh messes up because its requirement that a pose morph point or vertex order is the same at all times. Each vertex on the model is given a order, or number, and every time you edit it that point order changes. The problem with rigs is again the vertices that wa
  12. Hello and welcome to the cafe, hope you learn plenty and show us your work soon. Dan
  13. Hi I understand what your after and in short no you cant do what you want with a PSD morph. In MODO you can because you have access to keyframes for its PSD morph that work on the basis of rotation from its own keyframe space separate from the timeline so you can set a range with keys when a morph starts and ends within a range of your choice. There is another way, and thats to use C4D muscles. With this you do have 3 states for different shapes according to the length of the muscle. If I intend to have a anatomical correct arm muscle then I bend the elbow slightly e
  14. Its about getting to understand the workflow, and understanding this will make everything more clear why C4D works a certain way. Here is an example of pose morphs in use. Deformation changes in non destructive workflow: I created a base mesh and have produced a Uv map based on this base mesh, Iv made texture maps, and have rigged the character. I find that certain changes are needed but I dont wish to destroy the original base mesh to retain compatibility with external apps such as Zbrush, Marvellous Designer. I now use a pose morph to add variations such as ch
  15. The way it works is when a morph tag is applied it takes a snapshot of the mesh at that state to be the base pose level mesh. Any morph that gets made after this will always be deformed against the base level thats stored, for this reason you cant edit the mesh after a pose morph tag is added and in use. When you add a morph layer and the "Edit" is in Selected mode it will show only the new morph selected against the stored base level, however when its put to the In Place mode it will show the influence of any morph applied prior to it , this is a additive type of morph, but is
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