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  1. Hi If you enable the axis tool you can uniformly scale while in texture mode. PS: @Cerbera just beat me too it by 3 seconds lol Dan
  2. Your welcome. Best way to weight joints is to set a key in its natural position, then say 10 frames on put joints in extreme position, then use the weight painting tools to get the best deformation. The smooth modifier can be used to help even things out a bit, as well as a very good plugin thats used in Maya called Delta Mush, this helps get a better deformation. https://www.valkaari.com/?product=delta-mush Dan
  3. I honestly cant tell you if your weighting is set up right or not as the image you posted shows too little of the whole objects. Way to hard to evalulate such a thing from that. Dan
  4. The weighting influence colour can not be seen with the SDS active. You must weight paint on un-smoothed mesh. Dan
  5. Only by applying the SDS take permanently. You need the geomtry without sds because the weighting needs to show the colour on the actual verts influenced, with the sds on there are 4 times as many verts which could not be included in the weighting process hence it wont show it. Dan
  6. UV method question

    Your welcome clad it helped. Note if you rent Unfold3d its actually rent to own, so at the end of the year you keep it, its yours if you choose to keep renting it. Yes you can unwrap it like a jump suit, its all down to how it distorts. There are other features that let you see how the distortion effects your model such as checker texture, and the ability to apply your own texture map. You can also paint relax any area of the mesh manualy, so with your model if I had a bit more time id relax the face with the brush, this also works as done all features in Unfold3d in full symmetry. Dan
  7. Sorry for the delay, iv made a quick video showing the character and how to control it, il post this shortly. Dan
  8. UV method question

    Hi. Here is the video, and your model back. Watch the diamond shaped polygons down the centre of the model, I refer to these as Triangles, but they are not typical triangles, these produce bad sds smoothing, and can confuse tasks where symmetry is needed such as weighting. Although I used my own UV app, the same principles apply. 1: Model with all quads and clean loops, keeping your eye out for possible seams during modeling process. 2: Pick seams places that allow for best relax while being hidden as much as possible. 3: Do your best to get a ballance between UV distortion, and avoiding making too many seams depending on where distortion is, and how detailed the maps will be. LOW P-Wolverine-plusUV.OBJ
  9. UV method question

    Ok Iv got the file now, got to pop out when I get back Il record me un wrapping it. Dan
  10. Conundrum with Missing Poly

    Your welcome, glad you got it sorted. Dan
  11. UV method question

    Nearly always you select the seams from back of neck through middle to just before forehead, and choose a partial path around the ears. Send me the mesh and Il unwrap it for you and show you where id choose to make the seams and why. You cant have that head split in half like that, its almost as bad as having Ngons. Pride your Uv work as much as your polygon modeling, and never slip from that. Dan
  12. UV method question

    If you wish to keep a part of the model separate from the other in order to relax it better then you dont need to use uv terrace, but if you leave the parts right in the same place then yes UV Tarrace it otherwise your may have seams, I cant see why you would not want to UV terrace if there is no advantage of keeping the parts in its own island. PS looked at your image, dont leave the head split in half, thats a bad place to have a seam. Dan
  13. Conundrum with Missing Poly

    Providing the new polygon is snapped to each point it belongs to go to the mesh menu commands and optimize. This will weld the polygon. You will have already changed the point order so some new Uv work may be needed. Because your original mesh was missing the polygon in the first place point order restoring is not posible with the only tool that does that which is Morphmill. You may find when that in the uv view each polygon is not welded. The Uv Terrace in C4D uv tools may fix that, and save your Uvs. Dan