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  1. Hi Why dont you just apply a different animation to the model if its already got hair attached and working fine? Bake the current animation to a motion clip, merge the second model into scene with different animation on and also make a motion clip. Delete that model and apply the motion clip to the model with the hair. I assume you have tried storing the hair position, using the root tool before you found it didnt work, generally it dont transfer too well. Assuming you have the hair on a hair cap you can stick the cap to the other model of you wana go that route by using the Surface deformer. Best workflow iv found is to make the hair on a hair cap, apply the hair cap to what model you want. You can constrain it, surface deformer or using weighting to the head bone. If you can upload the file I can have a go for you. Dan
  2. First thing you can try is to reset bind pose or reset the build pose holding the shift key when pressing the button found when selecting the character/object, You can also just select the joints, ik/fk controllers and hold ctrl key while using reset bind pose button to just the selected components. You may have moved the pole vector around the bicep and that would rotate the arm 360 degrees. Dan
  3. Upload the file and Il take a look. Looks like the joints for bicep has rotated 360 degrees. Dan
  4. I haven't looked but while the Mixamo Character rig controls the Mixamo bare rig Motion clips are not cross compatible as there will be controlers within the Mixamo character rig and the Motion system will include them in the hireachi. Until I have a check I would think that your best to put your motion clips together, then put the whole animation backed back into keys. Add Mixamo control rig to adjust areas of the animation. Another thing I haven't looked at is of you can use Animation layers for the mixamo character control rig as this would make sense to keep the keys separate from the target mixamo keys. If its the case that you just cant use the Mixamo character rig while the mixamo keys are baked into motion clips you may need to add a layer within the motion clips an place it at the top, above the mixamo target. So to be clear the bare mixamo motion clips below and the mixamo character rig keys above. Dan
  5. If your working on the basis of deforming polygons then pose morph would be the way to go, but as its over a eyeball your use a Rotational mixing method for a morph target. You can then assign user data to them if you wish. Dan
  6. Hi. Here is one way to do it. 1: Make plane primitive then place it to top of bottle cap. 2-3-4: Select and Extrude the edges twice down to fit close to bottle. 5: Use Loop Path Cut to add polygons for even distribution (square polygons. 6: Make a selection set at ends to use with shrink wrap. 7: Add shrink Wrap deformer and drag n drop selection set into falloff. This will only then effect polygon selection area. 8: Add cloth surface tag (if you cant find it press shift + c to bring up command and type in cloth) Add thickness and turn on bulge if required. bottle with safety lid tab.c4d
  7. Rectro

    Hair strand

    Hi. No I dont think the plate has a issue but If you upload the scene I can have a look. The radius setting fro dynamics should push the guide up higher. If you go into Hair dynamics mode it will stick much closer to th guides. 2 thinks I should mention that I havent, 1: is you need to freeze the dynamics so they dont get lost when grooming after the initial dynamic state has relaxed hair. Use Set Initsee images below) In the Dynamics Advanced tab you see iterations setting increase this to the number of points you have on the guides, or if dynamics on hair set it to that. Dan
  8. Rectro

    Hair strand

    Unfortunately being in the lock down with kids means I simply cant make videos, too many disruptions and noise. A few things to take into account with the hair system is as follows. 1: Guides control the general position of hair but its the interpolation and other settings in the Hair tab that control how the hair looks, not the guides. Its because of this that you need to get the order right in the way you work. First its set the roots of the guides right be it vertex, polygon centre or area, this will directly affect the initial style. Second set the hair settings and interpolations up including the initial clumping. Next is refine the style in the Hair material. Dont move on till your happy with the last stage unless you know what caused the wrong outcome. 2: Less guides require more interpolation for hair between the guides ok for loose styles, more guides are better for tighter control, too many guides are hard to manage. 3: Dynamics work on the guides, not on the hair even although there is a hair option in the Dynamics/Advanced/Dynamics it will be so slow and will crash if you have too many hairs. If the project your doing only means your going to use this once then maybe download the demo of Ornatrix as your get the results way faster. I manage to make a video, made some music to add with it as too late to talk. Dan
  9. Rectro

    Hair strand

    No worries. Hair in CG is one of the hardest things to do aside from rigging, animation. The nature of a hair system is that there are so many adjustment to make that without understanding each one and its effect just one adjustment can knock out the rest. There is a underline Order of operation going on, each setting gets compiled and added to the next which produces the final result. The clumping with C4D hair is one area that to me is confusing, and makes little sense. The way I use it is the only way I could gt some control over it to get some predictable results. I use Ornatrix plugin these days as it offers that control C4D own hair system is lacking, but C4D own system is very good still. You can use the spine method also but you do need to know who to get hair to show. In the mean time to see hairs in the view port select the Hair object from the object mananger and go into the Edtior Tab. Within there under preview/display you can choose Hair lines. I will make a short video for you but cant till Im back as have to pop out for a hour or so. Dan
  10. Rectro

    Hair strand

    Ok I can help you with this in more detail. In this case I started with selecting a row of polygons (wider than you need them) But you can select a much narrower area which will help in what your after. I will record you a short video as there are a few things that would take a while to type and that's controlling the clumps (see how you get on with the following first). The scale of the object your making hair on maks a whole lot of difference for a easier time stick to real world scale. I made hair from the polygon selection and used the move tool to pull out its length closer to the plane. I made sure on the plane is the hair collider tag. I make sure I can see hair in the view port in the editor tab from the hair object using hairlines. The hair and guide segments needs to be enough for smooth hair, the longer the more segments needed. I then ue the relax button in the dynamics to drape the hair to the plane. You can increase the radius (sur rad) in the dynamics properties if the hair goes through the mesh. With the move brush I move the hair into position also using the smooth mode to smooth it out. The rest comes down to the hair material. The order deal with the hair material is as follows. 1: Thickness. I set it anywhere from 0.05 to 0.5 2: Specular is way too high so I bring this right down to about 10%, this helps with preview. 3: I change colour making roots darker and atta colour to tint to offer variation. 4: Clump (cover this in video) 5: Frizz. I reverse the curve often giving more frizz to roots rather than tips, this helps with intersections. Dan
  11. Rectro

    Hair strand

    Is this something what your after? Whats the context of the hair being on a plane?
  12. Rectro

    Hair strand

    Also please add a reference image of what your aiming for. Dan
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