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  1. Hi If you still have this issue let me know. I will look into it. Here is two links that relates to this. https://www.marvelousdesignerhelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=284 https://marvelousdesigner.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/900001548826-Belt-with-buckle Dan
  2. Well done, quality work, and yes its a huge task and anyone can only understand when they go through it, it really is a team work thing if you want to have a life outside CG. The physical looking bones in the mesh, what are these, I see these in Maya riggs and wonder what their purpose is in the rigging process, are they guides for placing joints? Dan
  3. Welcome to the cafe. It will be easier once you have some direction or particular area of interest. C4D is like a kid in a candy store, just too much to look at when your not focused on what you want. Greyscalegorilla is a nice place to start, they do some free tutorials, project based which is ideal. Just make sure you do more of the doing part than watching the tutorials, zero skill will be learnt watching only. Good luck, and keep enjoying it. Dan
  4. The Mocap files are useful to learn and try out the Character definitions and Motion Solver. Rather than import your own to try this out they have given you fast access to some Mocap files. If you go back there was plenty of people including me complaining about retargeting, the wrong joint orientations would mess it up enough to not use it. Delta Mush has been used in Maya for some time, and when it came to a paid for plugin version for C4D I jumped on it although that plugin was made free eventually the included version for C4D will always be kept up to date working as a nati
  5. That is odd you didn't hear anything in a email, but there was certainly plenty of threads for S22 which was the subscription part of a two part upgrade for 2020. Collectively the combined two part release has had some big additions since r21, so its worth checking both out and ringing MAXON to see what they can offer in terms of perpetual upgrades. Not to get confused by s22 as it is part of the r23 perpetual upgrade so your be upgrading from r21 to r23 there will be no choice to upgrade to r22 perpetually. S22 Features. R23 Features. Perpetual release Dan
  6. Hello and welcome to the cafe. I look forward to seeing what your produce. Dan
  7. In the last of us game, the recent one they adopted the eyes half closed method for the same reason I started doing it. WIth basic texturing it don't show so much but when you have extreme stretching of the eye lids you may seem some distortion in the texture. Here is worth a read. https://polycount.com/discussion/133437/lets-talk-about-eyelids 4:09 he talks about the eyes and mouth, Dan
  8. Hi It all works with the method shown below. I think you had moved the head in component mode. Follow steps and it will work fine.
  9. Hi If Intend to have high quality textures for the eyelids I Model with eyes half closed, this also helps with weighting, Uving and is something I have been doing more of often these days. I do the same for the mouth, slightly open, it helps for texturing and Uv mapping for more realistic texturing. I dont do stylized but when I do, I adopt the same method. No smiles or expressions added, thats for pose morphs later on. Dan
  10. Can you post the scene file please? It may be that you have moved the morph head in component mode, such as selecting all the polygons, you cant do that as it moves the polygons off its axis, you should only move it in Object mode. Dan
  11. Hi I can scale them just fine, make sure your in Animation mode. Quoted by @Everfresh the maker of this rig. "if you want to use your own eyes, just find the eyeball meshes by filtering for the word eyeball, hide those and put your own eyes as a child of those joints the eyeball meshes are in... the pupil and iris scale function won't work then anymore, so you'd have to rig that up manually for your own eyes if you need it..."
  12. Hi You do need to update profile as suggested but here is how to do what you need . Both meshes need to have the same point order. If you wish to keep the dependency on the target jut don't clear the target field. The external feature from the Advanced tab is said to save memory by saving the morph to a file after you have added it.
  13. Hi Typically when a joints are placed down a control rig is built to control the joints, so you don't directly animation the joints ideally. To create these sliders in C4D they are called User Data, this allows you to create a number of sliders that get linked to various methods to move the characters attributes. There is another method for this and its called pose morphs, these create sliders but often on more professional refined rigs its the user data slider that gets linked to the pose morph. In either case key frames need to be added between one sate and anot
  14. Yup its like trying to diagnose a electrical fault in a car without looking at the car, need the scene. Maybe Takes, or some layers. Dan
  15. Hello Bil, welcome to the cafe, great to have you here. Look forward to seeing your work, and questions you may have. Dan
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