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  1. Welcome to the Cafe. Look forward to seeing you progress. and sharing your work. Dan
  2. Lighting is normally the one that has the most issues so try overriding it 256, 512, 1024, 2048 e.c.t/ I normally jump right up from 4096 to save time. If it rendering fine on your own local machine then it sounds like a rendering farm issue just going by logic here as I dont use a farm. Failing that its worth popping over to Redshift forum where there are more experts on Redshift. It may also be of use to look at this thread. an
  3. Hi Can just see it in your pics the image isn't very big however the chances are its either light, reflection or refraction. Your best to use Sampling over rides but do it with AOV passes added for reflection, refraction, GI, lighting, add all passes that are in use in your scene but these are the main ones. Do a render and look at each AOV pass, see which pass has the issues in. Lets say it was GI, then your know where to look for sampling overrides. If you can send the scene or part of the scene along with the dependant textures I can have a deeper look. Id need to know what version of Redshift your using too. Dan
  4. Hey Nate, love the reel like your style. Be great to see more of you and your works, maybe you post in other forums categories and iv missed your posts. I really should put a reel together myself. Keep up the cool work. Dan
  5. @Winbush Thanks for posting these, I will watch them, this will give me some ideas of how far the rabbit hole is with this software. I have things springing up in my mind already, and questions which Im sure I will find out soon enough such as vector displacements or things like caves, overhanging cliffs. Dan
  6. It imports into Modo and C4D fine and animates as it should. Its hard to totally tell from the image you posted but is it the mesh that messed up or the joints, even both. Can you get a character out if Spark AR, I wonder what version of FBX Spark uses and what specs it requires? I see Spark AR requires fbx 2014. 2015, are you using these versions? Maybe you can explain to me what Spark AR is, maybe I can do some tests myself to see whats going on? Dan
  7. Hi Stefan, I think its great you have joined the cafe and become a sponsor, and thanks for such great software. Iv never seen it before but looking at the website I can see there are some astonishing results in the gallery, this software looks like some serious bit of kit. I will give a go when I get a bit of time, and look forward to making my first landscape. It will be nice to see how I can use it with with Substance Painter and Redshift. Thanks, Dan
  8. Then at least you have established its not a C4D issue but a issue within the target application. I can check it inside Modo if you like? Dan
  9. Hi. How about a mesh light inside a glass object outer shell? Maybe some single SSS? Dan
  10. Very nice video, well put together and informative. a RTX 2080 Laptop is for sure powerful but so expensive. Im using a laptop a lot, mine has a GTX 1070, it runs everything I give it including Redshift. The only thing I found is when Im using it literally as a laptop "on my lap" I must use a lap tray as the trackpad slows me down so much, a double tap for every action. I always do a project on my Desktop PC, and If I had to use this for the same thing Id be fixed at a desk with my Mouse, keyboard, and Wacom tablet which means Im no longer mobile. Dan
  11. If you have multiple materials on any given object there will already be selection tags on the object. You can name these tags and select all polygons for each material from these. Dan
  12. Thanks @Igor thats awesome, and I'm sure this will work for everyone very well. Really appreciate your time on this. Dan
  13. Hi Not that Im aware of. Depending on what the surface is like I either select them from the side or top view, grow my selection, or fill selection once I selected the boundaries. As you know you can use selection sets to quickly selected a pre designated selection. Unfortunately double click selects all polygons that are connected. Can you show us a image of what that surface is?
  14. Hi guys. I don't often make these posts myself, but feel I need to voice out this great inconvenience regarding Redshift. I work mainly between two computers, one of which is my mobile laptop. Although I really don't much like the changes to C4D licensing, being once had access to two computers under a MSA subscription, at least I can release my licence remotely if I have internet. With Redshift it remains locked to what ever computer I used last and I often forget to release the licence forcing me to travel all the way back, start up my computer and run the licence tool. A suggestion would be at the least to do what Marvelous Designer does, offers the option to deregister the computer automatically when you close the app. Not only does Redshift not support this, the licence activation is a seperate app, and at times the licence wont even activate, buts its a pain either way to copy paste the key activate it very time I change computers. Is there any 3rd party apps that can manage licences and do the process or me, how do you manage this? Thanks, Dan

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