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  1. Seems a shame to have to revert to radom simulations when NLA should give you as a animator control. Id like to know if you can convert Motion clips to Keyframes, that changes things. A for simulation like bouncing ball put int a motion clip, id like for it to make a guide of motion that can be changed with tag points. The only videos iv seen that are somewhat new, are the digital tutors ones. Dan
  2. Motion clips is a area that Im also looking into, and the information so far seems little, scattered, and even from Cinevercity is only covered when it came out, and never looked at again. So here is my take on it from the little I know about it. Motion clips are baked animations that have no keyframes, but can remain on the original mesh they where made from. Putting amotion clip on a duplicate object will not copy the key frames with it, so I suggest you make a motion clip, save it, then go back and edition the key frames to produce another variation of your choice, produce and save that motion clip and so on. Then load the motion clips in for the duplicated objects. If you find anything out please do post as it seems it was added years ago, forgot about, and never revisited again. In the mean while check these videos out. https://vimeo.com/12475571 https://vimeo.com/12529218 PS: Just reading your thread again, you can always use simulation with wind, and if wanted you can bake that into a motion clip, change the direction of the wind, make another motion clip, and so on, then apply the motion clips to copies of the balls, just another way. Dan
  3. Yes, this is the only way I found to get the job done. If its rigged in Mixamo, then you know all mocap data will work, and it does, then the retarget does its job. I export my model, rig it in Mixamo, and export the static pose version so can always revert back to its static pose from motion clips. I think when MAXON added the Mocap Mixamo template it was ok at the time "maybe" but Mixamo may have updated their rigs, in either case the Mocap template in C4D does not work with Mixamo Mocap files. Also when you think about it, there is no advantage to rigging in C4D for mocap as you only get the same basic bones. Mixamo for the most part gets you a decent weighted character, and for where it lacks its supper easy to correct the weighting, especially if you use Delta Mush plugin with good weighting. Being you can also save all weighting of a mixamo rigged character is nice to have from the weight manager. In MODO I can rig a character with ACS Kit 2 and that works with any mocap file while retaining its control rig, and lets you go in there and correct areas of the mocap keys, shame it dont have NLA, yet! Dan
  4. Providing your rig has the same rotation order, you can name the target joints the same as source joints then check the "use name" as the option for the retarget tag. It for sure needs sorting out. Dan
  5. Video on its way. Point cache is a quick way to get animation into C4D without retargeting or rigging the character at all. And for the retargeting iv got it to work only by riggin via mixamo, exporting the static pose via mixamo, and exporting mocap data via mixamo, all works. Il make a video on this for you. The character tool mocap rigs are not compatible with the current mixamo rigs, so in this video I rig in mixamo. Dan
  6. Where can I get this? Dan
  7. Sorry to say mocap in c4d is not good, Iv had no success. What I do is use point cache. If you need that method let me know, no rigging needed on target mesh, it's ok for basic stuff. Dan
  8. DAZStudio is free, and produces very high quality models, easy to pose, dress, and tons of morphs. https://www.daz3d.com/technology/ https://www.daz3d.com/genesis-3
  9. Daz3D, Poser would be your bet, not sure on the licence use. Free, cheap other than that would be sites like turbosquid non are cheap it's very time consuming to produce assets that are rigged, especially charcters. If you want free ones you can't expect high quality realistic humans. Dan
  10. One thing to point out that these standard textures do not wrap around a sphere perfect. You have to either change your uv map to suit this kind of texturing, or distort the texture. What works sometimes is to use the polar distort in Photoshop on the texture map. This distortion is mainly worse on sphere with a pol at the top. Your need to make the map large for best quality. Il help you in a bit morph depth when my computer has finnished rendering a video, its running down to a halt. Dan
  11. Here is a quick scene. Dan ball.zip
  12. Hi Yes you can use alphas to cut shapes away, and displacement to add surface detail. What will have a big effect is how you apply these, the quality of your textures, and if you use Uv map, or projection mapping. In this example I used a seamless texture map in both the displacement and alpha channel, and used a spearical projection. Dan
  13. I was referring to weighting in the weight manager which is not for vertex heat maps. It seems Vertex painting limited, is there any Cinevercity tools I wonder? Dan
  14. What tutorial are you following may I ask? Dan
  15. Hi. Providing you dont cut, weld, add, or take away any verts, or use the Mesh/commands sub division tool if you do want to move up a sub d level, then point order should be fine. Although it may take some time, the method you have settled with with allow you to check as you go as to minimise mistakes. Thanks for posting the info you got from support. Dan