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  1. Hi. Iv been with MODO since v 301 up till 902, and its core strengths are its modelling and render engine, however its sculpting, painting is slow, and areas such as dynamics are not very nice to use or reliable. My main area is character modelling, and can tell you that while C4D modelling is not up there with MODO, C4D is capable, all be it frustrating at times in some rather simple areas such as modeling in symmetry, breaking your model in half , and on multiple selections for their own normals. The snap tools are good but no simple solution to snap align one object onto another. There are methods but are in need for a update. I have modeled a complete character from scratch, rigged it and done some simple animation in C4D Studio, im not an animator. I got C4D because I found it much more artist friendly to use, and its rock solid compared to MODO. Its hair system is awesome, intuitive, and relaible, and although it hasnt been updated in a while and needs a few tweaks id like to see its very usable, MODO is not even close to C4D hair system, plus MODO has no dynamic hair. Dynamics work in C4D, and are intuitive to use, although the cloth is not ideal for complex clothing Marvellous Designer is for that, or Syflex plugin. C4D has NLA, MODO does not, this was another reason for moving to C4D. MODOs Uvs are superior to C4D and supports UDIMS, C4D dont yet. C4D plays well with Zbrush. C4D Studio has a built in Auto Character tool for rigging, and MODO has a plugin called ACS which is very nice to use, and has better setup for Mocap, and Joint driven correctional morphs, but C4D can do this all be it a longer process. Already been mentioned, R18 is due a free update to its painting system, then later at some point UVs. The new render engine is being added to C4D Radion Pro, there are hints that it could be in r19, but Id wait and see. What I do know is MAXON has a reputation of adding working features out the box, although the Knife tools has needed some attention, still does I think. Its help system is very good and easy to find a functions usage in the manual just right click on anything and select help nd it goes right to the feature in the manual. MAXON has been building a new core some for some time, and thats a very good thing for its future. There are pros, and cons of all options, so do some research, and see what meets your needs best. Dan
  2. Ok here is a update, its 99% there just weight the eyes to the neck bone, the head bone seems to be placed badly. your see when you load it. I couldn't leave you with it half fixed. Your only need to do some tweaking now. Just to give a brief overview what I did. 1: moved the skin tag from the mesh. 2: use the Joint align along with the Axis Modification to orientate and align the joints. 3: Moved the low back with children from the hip, move the lower back with axis snap to hip position, and drag lower back back into hip joint. 4: Add hip back to weight tag list, and set bind pose. 5: copied weight from weight joint, zero it out and merge copy with neck joint. Select retarget applied to the targets hip, and drag hip joint of mocap into source, done! Dan
  3. Iv spend some more time on it and can see your going to run into more issues as I have. One for instance is the hip bone on mocap is zero size even when I fix this on the target rig as soon as I reset bind pose the hip bone reverts to full size again. Another issue is with the joint align tool While it does work, the alignment on all children messes up other areas that are aligned differently so I had to align with care turning off children for some joints. Edit: Sorry to many edits, im solving issues not long after I find them. I fixed the hip issue growing large when pressing reset bind pose, it was because the joint was not in the joint list when I set bind pose, set the hip back to zero size, added it to the weight tag, then set bind pose and its sorted. For the most part apart from the hips on one side, and head it getting there now. I have to stop as its taking too much time but here is the file. You need to align the right hips, maybe the feet, and weight the head better. Dan (use file below)
  4. Hi I had a quick look and your rig has not got the same joint alignment as the mocap. You have three issues. 1: Alignment of each joint is not point down the axis of each bone, and 2: the Orientation is wrong. 3: weighting needs attention, the neck for instance is weighted to the head, although the set up does look odd? To fix both joint issues select the root of each part and use the joint align tool. In that tool you can use the alignment of your own rigs joint, but the orientation of the mocap joint. Once you do this all children will inherit this. (see image below) You need to move the skin tag out of the mesh from your rig, then once you have sorted the alignment issues select the weight tag and press Set bind pose. Drag the skin tag back then all should be sorted. Edit: Your hip bone is too big. Move the Lower back out the hip joint, enable axis snap, and move the lower back down to meet the hip joints, the drag lower back into the hip. Looks like the hips dont need to be weighted. PS: If you need to change the orientation or position of any bone, use the Bind pose when selecting the weight tag to set the bones new position and the geometry will be reset without distortion. I like to just move the skin tag while doing this just so its less distracting. After applying the mocap, and you have baked it to a motion clip for instance, use the Reset Pose button Dan
  5. Il take a look tomorrow. Are you sure the weighting is done correctly? Dan
  6. Right I had a quick look. As I thought the mocap files are not compatible with mixamo rig but lucky for you the bvh files start from a T pose. The first one in the list is almost symmetrical, but not quite, so you may need to delete to delete half the rig, and use the mirror tool found in the character menu. Your need to remove all keys so go into Animation layout select All Keys Ctrl +A and delete them all. Once you done that your be able to position one half of the skeleton, use the mirror tool copying the prefix name "Left" to the opposite side renaming it to "Right", not sure if that will work as there dont seem to be a proper prefix, or postfix such as Left_, L_ Its just "LeftFoot" with no under bracket. Your need to get the mirror tool to use this. Or maybe just copy the position of each joint from left to right manually for the joints that are not symmetrical. The Skeleton null will have its position off axis when you scale it up to get the whole skeleton to the correct scale. Use the Axis modification tool to put it back to zero in the X,Y,Z position, or make a new null and drag the skeleton into it. Your need the null as to move the overal position of the skeleton as the bvh files will be much smaller than the rigged skeleton, but it seems to animate fine. 1: Import bvh. 2: remove all keys 3: scale the skeleton up to match the scale of model. 4: make sure the T pose is symmetrical and keeps its same hierarchy, and naming. 5: Place the Root skeleton into a null thats positioned at the feet at zero xyz. 6: Save backups, and import bvh and apply the retarget tag to the rigged root of the character. 7:In the Retarget tag properties, drag the root of the rigged character rig into the target, and the root of the bvh into the source. Edit: I had another look at the T pose from the BVH, and its far from Symmetrical, id try to find out if there is a static rig from that site as this rig has alot of work needed doing to it to get it symmetrical, even the spine is out. Also have the look at the character commands such as Copy chain, map chain and so on. Im not a rigger so havent used all these yet. If you have Cinevercity all these commands are shown. Dan
  7. Ok il have a look at the files and get back to you. Dan
  8. The 3 rig method, no I havent needed to do. Have you tried to apply the bvh files that your using to a rigged mixamo static mesh? Give me a link and il try it for you as I have a rigged mixamo file in C4D right now. Try that first and if that fails, then your need to either get a rig that is compatible with the bvh files your using, or build your own rig. If you are going to build your own rig then it goes without saying your need to get the naming the same as the bvh rig, and same hierarchy as the bvh mocap rigs, as well as the same joint order. Being your almost there, remove all keys from the Rig your trying to bind, set up the T pose, and with all joints selected set a key frame. As far as I can tell your only issue is key frames need to be removed for that rig, and you need to move the skin tag out of the null or geometry, then you should be able to move the joints where you want. Dan
  9. Your trying to rig a character from a mocap skeleton that has keyframes on it? Thats not the way to go about it. Im surprised the bvh starts in a T pose, or is this something you had to do your self. Rig the character with a rig that has no key frames on it and is close to the pose your after T pose in your case. Then bring in bvh files and use the retarget tag as shown in the video. Dan
  10. With so many BVH files out there you need to make sure what of mocap data Miximo conforms too. Even if your using a Mixamo rig within c4d with a mixamo bvh it still dont work so there are issues of compatibility there for sure. Im not 100% sure whats stopping you moving the joints, but I know If I remove the skin tag out of the geometry or null where it is, I can move a joint. Dan
  11. Hi. If your planning to use Mixamo for its Mocap data, I found it easier to let mixamo rig it, export your static figure, and in C4D apply retargeting to that figure thats been rigged. I made a quick video on this process last week. When adjusting the rig you need to make sure that the joints has no key frames, and the the weighting is not applied. Dan
  12. This is why MAXON needs to impliment Modo like Action centres, and macro recording. Dan
  13. Hi. In the modeling tools you have a set of 3 tools Normal Move, Scale, and Rotate. these work on multiple selections at their own normal position. Dan
  14. Hi. I think your looking at using the Transfer tool. Select the object you want to transfer, then the transfer tool, then click on the object you with to transfer too. I cant tell you where the tool is as I dont have access to C4D at the moment, but when I do if nobody else has answer il come back, maybe with a video. This was one of the first things I wanted to know when coming from MODO, there are some other methods too. See if this helps. This free plug mite help also. In DAZ3D Hexagon it was very simple, select the face of one object, face of another and hit one button, done! Dan