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  1. Hi First thing is there are normally multiple ways to get to the desired effect so your find at times there isnt "The way" but a way to get there. In this case for a bit of movement in the flesh the Jiggle deformer is often used. What you do is make sure you have a vertex map made for the area you wish to giggle, then add the jiggle deformer under the skin tag so the joints takes priority over the whole mesh movement. Add the vertex map to the restrictions field box to control where the effect will apply. Second way is to use dynamic joints, this is handy for long hanging geometry like hair, then there is softbody dynamics. Dan
  2. Looking great so far. I also like to take the route of putting in the foundation essential loops first then fill in the gaps. I agree with what your saying about quality. Its rather easy to get a basic shark shape, but to make it look real its a lot more work. The Gills, Nostril, Eyes,gums and teeth are where the detail show, thats a lot of anatomy study to get it right. Been quite a while since iv done any personal projects, good to see you doing one. Dan
  3. While C4D can work from the normal of each "combined" selection, the centre axis always remains according to the collective selections rather than the individual selection axis reagarding its tool handle location. What your describing is how MODO works. When modelling in MODO you can select the normal action centre and the handle will jump to one of the polygon selections so you can model from its local position while the other polygon selections replicate what your doing locally, C4D cant do this. The only way I know to get the same out come is to use the 3 separate tools Normal Move, Rotate, Scale. The handles wont jump to one of the selections, but the outcome is the same. These are areas including Symmetry where C4D needs a update or two. A radial symmetry even which currently is in the sculpting tool set but not for modelling.. Dan
  4. There are plenty but the ones you get from mixamo are made to work correct with the mixamo rig. That being said you can try to retarget them with some success. Do a google search for "free mocap files" Dan
  5. Hi Open preferences, click on the open folder button then open the Prefs folder. In there is the current scheme your using, either Dark or Light. In my case its Dark.col. Always rename the files rather than delete them. I renamed mine to "Dark.col-off" Restart C4D, and the colours should be reset. To test this I only changed a background colour, and it reset it fine. I dont mess with these colours myself but agree there should be a reset button. Things in R18 may be different in which case Calryn post may be more accurate, I only have r20, 21 on my system. Dan
  6. Hi The workflow I use is a follows. I think I did a video on this at CGdreamstutorials on youtube. 1: Upload character to Mixmo and rig it. 2: apply a T pose from mixamo and download it. 3: Apply the walk or other animations and download them. 4: Load in the Tpose version into C4D with skin/geometry, and all the other animations but without the skin. 5: Select the Tpoe rig root and go to Animation/Make Motion clip. Name the clip T pose. 6: Make a Motion clip for each of the other imported animations and delete the rigs as you go, dont worry the motion data remains. 7: Open Animation layout and add your T pose for about 10 seconds, but you can use less time, then add the other animations as required. 8: Bake the animation down, export the FBX file. 9: Load into MD, if you have MD higher than V4 all animation will load in if not, its a longer route. 10: make clothes, so to simulate andthe character will go from Tpose into the animation. Export the clothes as Alembic file. 11: import clothes to C4D scene. providing the FPS match MD all will work fine. Check out my CGdreamstutorials Im sure I covered all this. Here it is. Dan
  7. I really need the scene file or part of it. Only thing I cant check is I dont have r17 installed no more. The only thing I can do to invoke this behaviour is to change the scene scale.What happens if you copy the object and paste it into a new blank scene? Dan
  8. In your project settings what the scene scale set to, are they both the same in each version of C4D? Dan
  9. No worries mate, keep going, more prompt help the better. Dan
  10. Hi If you go into project settings Ctrl + D there is a setting called View Clipping. Set it to desired setting for your project. @deck beat m to it but a mear second. Dan
  11. Lets just hope that by the time a maintenance purchased in Oct 2020 will cover the point at which Substance painter can compete with Mari a little closer. The next upgrade should see proper UDIM support painting across texture sets, then we need paint through projection painting with a nudge tool of some kind. A 8k viewport feedback, that may be asking too much by 2021. I twas obvious it would go perpetual, the wording on the forum to me indicated it long ago. Dan
  12. The Add button is not to add objects joints or controllers, its to add a action to them once you drag n drop the objects into the cmotion objects list. You dont add controllers from the view port, but from the object manager. Dan
  13. Hi. I used Cmotion earlier this year to make a spider walk from scratch. You need to add the objects or controllers to the Objects list. Above this is the Actions list. This list has all the types of movement you need from position rotation in all directions. With the object selected press the Add button. The action is added to that object. When you select the action added your see the properties for that action. You can stack actions so they work in tandem. In the small scene below your see how I made a cube walk along a path spline. Hope that helps. Dan cube walk.c4d
  14. If you have seen a mixamo character with blend shapes for face in Unity then Unity must except pla data, it could be in the form o dfferent methods. I would reverse engineer the mixamo character that seems to have face blends working unity. Id start with the Unity manual. https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/BlendShapes.html Dan
  15. Hi The control rig in R21 will make a significant difference as unlike previouse versions of C4D you now have a way to control a Mixamo animation, Il explain further. Its typical that Mixamo is a rig made for Mocap files, the ones that are supported can be applied directly from Mixamo main website. Rigs that support mocap done have controlers, so they have limitations for manual animation. 1: no controllers to make selecting a joint easy 2: No IK 3: No advanced set up for hands, and forearm twists. With the new Mixamo rig in R21 it gives you back some control so you can adjust the rig after a mocap file has been added. Now to get the character to walk up stairs your either need to find a mocap file from Mixamo that has that action, or manually animate it yourself. For this reason I would have made the stairs to conform to the mocap rather than the other way around, however you can adjust a Mixamo Mocap so each step his feet are at ground level on each step. Constraining a foot to a step would be more work than manually adjusting each foot. You could use C motion to set up a stair walk and use a spine, and generate step which can be adjusted, id do this if there was say a spiral staircase and had 1000 steps in which he needed to walk a certain path. Your need access to Cinevercity to get to grips with this process. Moving past Mixamo rigs if you use a biped rig that has IK then lifting that foot would be very easy to animate, this is another option, and easier to get set up initially for cmotion if you wanted to go that route as all you have to do is press the walk button for th preset biped rig, then adjust the cmotion settings.. Dan

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