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  1. any tutorial for modeling blueprint

    This was the spine patch method I mentioned. https://c4dplugin.com/product-sp
  2. any tutorial for modeling blueprint

    You need to get modelling down and for the most part the core basics are the same in every 3D modelling package. Extrusion, Bevel, Slice, Weld, Patch, and sub divide. Now you can use different methods for automobile modelling such as spline patch modelling, so your need to choose a method in which appeals to you, in either case your still need basic modelling skills to make even a basic hard surface model. As already mentioned, there are tons of modeling tutorials out there on blueprint modeling, and in most cases this can be translated into any modelling app. Dan
  3. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    I think you posted this in the wrong thread? Are you saving it out as a AVI uncompressed video, if so then it will be huge. Dan
  4. Hi Just to clarify the Morph Tag does not blend one object into a different object that is not made up of the same polygon count and point order, it deforms a objects form and shape based upon what you do to deform it. What you have in the scene is two objects are completely different in their construction so the morph tag is not what you want for doing that. You may want to animate the visibility of the object as one fades out the other shows. Or animate the texture maps from one to another along with a bump or displacement map. Dan
  5. Zoom and Pan issues

    Hi You need to update your profile to show what version you have, it makes it easier for others to offer advice based on the version you have. Does it seem slow even with no objects in the scene? If you do have objects in scene what scale are they as in to real world scale? What graphics card do you have and do you have latest drivers, last but not least, is the version of C4D your using a lagit licence? Dan
  6. Hi Not sure what version of C4D you have as in your profile it says 12 or older so the navigation to what Im going to advice may be different now. Above each view port window you have a options menu, and right at the bottom you have Configure Shift + V. This shows the set up for that viewport. In the settings there is a back sub tab which is all about the back drop image. In here you can change its positioning, however it should not come in distorted to maybe your loading your reference image in the wrong place, it should be here. You can also drag n drop a image directly into the viewport and it will load into the background. Dan
  7. Tyrion_Lanister-Fan Art-eyes-ao.png

    From the album Tyrion Lannister (Game Of Thrones)

    Close up of the eyes. I use XYZ eye texture for displacement map.
  8. From the album Tyrion Lannister (Game Of Thrones)

    Took a poly by poly method on this as I wanted to work to the specifics of the character.
  9. Tyrion_Lanister-Fan Art.png

    From the album Tyrion Lannister (Game Of Thrones)

    This is a Tyrion_Lanister-Fan Art from Game of Thrones. Been working on it on and off for last 2 weeks. Modeled in C4D, partly sculpted in Zbrush, Hand painted in Zbrush, Photoshop, and use XYZ textures for skin details. I will be doing some more tweaks but not much more.
  10. Thanks for your comments and info on scars, appreciate your feedback. Your line of work sounds very interesting indeed. Dan
  11. hair options - are there any?

    Hi Vozzz, what was it your wanting to achieve with Fur/Hair? If its to be done in C4D (studio) then it seems to be great for everything related to hair so far thats iv thrown at it. I have not found any 3rd party solution for C4D, but the hair system in C4D is the best iv used to date, very easy to use. Vray is what I use inside C4D for rendering hair, but all the styling e.c.t I do in C4D. Dan
  12. Im glad that I had taken the time to get it 95% pure render as its not that hard to make changes depending on how many layers may up the overall effect. I separated the displacement from the skin pores, this way I can go back in and remove the scar from the displacement map, or re sculpt it. Here is a PS post of trying a different more healed scar. Thanks, its so hard to get likeness my first try at it, and man the perspective from different references cause so many problems. Im learning alot from this project. Dan
  13. Thanks guys, I should have posted it earlier for some feedback as its harder to go back and change things when you know how many layers that effect one element. I will do some post work on the scars see if I can improve it, thanks for the feedback. Its ALskin, and Alhair used, just brilliant materials to use in Vray. I used XYZ textures for skin detail. Alsurface just works out the box with very little tweaking to the settings, Hard part is getting the textures good enough, and the model it self. Ahh, yes well spotted. Yea, same here, has some great one liners. I am working on his full costume so he will be a fully body render, then I can crack on with Scarlet Thanks, appreciate the feedback. Il be putting some more stuff on my site soon as well. Dan