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  1. What impact does the gpu memory have, was thinking of 2x gtx 1070ti when I can afford them but get a single 1070ti now? Dan
  2. Yea Im thinking of getting it, Chaosgroup has left me with a render engine that I cant use by r21 onwards unless I keep going back to older version of C4D all the time. IPR is nice to have for sure, and like you said a GTX 1070 to down the line will speed it up even more. Its hard to convert a scene when its tailored for another render engine. Dan
  3. Hi guys. After seeing Redshift was on sale I thought id give it a go with the demo. I picked my last render to compare it with so used the same scene. It took me a good while to translate things which its still 100% but I think it makes a comparable render to Vray Alsurface. Vray Alsurface took 5hours, Redshift took 2hr 3min. Same multi pass setup and basic post. Cpu 5930k 6core "4.3ghz GPU GTX 780 g6b Dan
  4. Hi If its windows OS then it should have the file extension .exe You may have your file extensions not visible to enable that type (folder) into the start menu bar bottom right of windows and your looking for Folder options or File explorer options. Open that and in the list make sure Hide extensions for known file types is not checked. If it is showing it then you gota to associate the exe file again, never had to do that for a exe file. This link then may help. If you also look in your downloads folder you may have other downloads do they open ok? Dan
  5. Ot sounds like you may have the viewport shift + V deform editing turned off. If its off every time you go to a component mode the rig pose is neutral. Dan
  6. Rectro

    Light doesn't show in render

    Hi It may be as simple as it may be turned off for render by the little red button in the object manager. Dan
  7. Its in C4D plugins once its installed. You have to turn the render settings to use Redshift render engine, then add the RS materials and lighting. If im not mistaken are you new to external render engines, if so I can help you further with it. If your stuck with installing it you make have not downloaded the wrong version like the mac version for windows. Dan
  8. Hi All Not sure if you have seen this but Redshift is on offer at the moment at $400 instead of $500. Its caught my attention recently as a viable renderer as a alternative render engine that is still perpetual. If they ever venture to add Alsurface material id jump in myself. From my tests even on a old GTX 780 6gb card its very fast. https://www.redshift3d.com/buy Dan
  9. Hi Yes C4D Studio can receive Mocap but it has no internal solution to utilize any particular advanced Mocap software or hardware, and has no direct support for facial mocap this is down to the hardware and software that makes mocap. There are basic rigs within C4D Studio for Mocap use but I dont believe there is a set standard so mocaps created from one peice of software will not be compatible with any rig you use, thats where retargeting comes into play. Iv seen many run into this problem where they dont own their own mocap hardware so use mocap files, (bvh) from online, or are given some mocaps to work with, then will realise that they didnt have a compatible T or A pose rig which you need for the initial weighting process. Mixamo is the easy solution, I use this myself as they do provide the mocap files and the static T pose rigs which they rig for you. This is compatible with C4D Non Linear Animation Motion clip system in which I made a comprehensive video on a while back and can be found here. The retargeting feature within C4D works but you have to follow some rules to get it to work such as both rigs must have the same rotation order otherwise your target rig will flip in half making a mess. In this video I show the retargeting in action . Again even more so your need a special rig for facial mocap that can be applied in the static pose, this is not a area iv gone into but know the Iphone X and a Cineversity plugin for facial mocap does this job as I was helping someone out the beginning of this year with it, it looked great, but its not a 1,2,3 quick solution to get the best results, its complex. Other solution is to use Pose morphs, this can work fine for basic cartoon facial animation. You have clusters, and the interactive tag within C4D also to aid with facial animation. In r19 it had a new asset head showing this in action. Dan
  10. Rectro

    Auto-normalize issue

    Hi I had a look and from testing it I can say its nothing to do with the geometry as I put the good geometry into the other scene and vice versa. I checked against the paint settings they are the same. At this point all I can suggest is it may been a corrupt scene and unless you can replicate it its going to be hard to put it down as a bug. I cant reproduce it. In mean time the obvious solution is to make a new scene and bring the geometry into that for now. If you can replicate it let me know. Dan
  11. Rectro

    PSD Morphs problems R20

    Do you have a file, a screen shot?
  12. Rectro

    Unable to bind eyes

    Here is a video the way I do it for my own rigs. Here is a video showing you me fixing yours. Dan
  13. Rectro

    Unable to bind eyes

    Ok I had a look at the model. You have pose morphs which I assume control the joints for the eye. The eyes are part of the same mesh, normally I keep each one separate as the video Im uploading now. What you need to do is as follows. 1: Select the polygons of the right eye. Hold shift and double click on the weight tag to open weight manager. In the Joints tab find Mixamorig:RightEye and select it. 2: In the weight manager Commanes press Apply selected. Do the same for other eye but the left side. Dan
  14. Rectro

    Unable to bind eyes

    Il make you a quick video that may solve it/ Dan
  15. Rectro

    Unable to bind eyes

    Hi. The eye should have its pivot point in the centre, and the joint should be placed at that pivot of the eye. Its the simple case of selecting the geometry the joint then go to the character menu/commands/Bind. I noticed you have pose morphs on some objects. The pose morph is a post deformer so you may be having some issues there. Dan