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  1. Hi You want to avoid having triangles right at the proximal articulation point of each limb. Being that your model is very basic you wont need more edge loops along the limb, but if you wanted more volume your certainly need more than you have. Because of the style of this model your get away with alot, but its better practice to keep all quads, where possible keep them uniform in shape, and always avoid triangles, and ngons especially at articulation points of the model. Iv made a quick torso for you in the same box style I think your intentionally going for. Your see my version has all quads. Dan topology.2.c4d
  2. Rectro

    zigzag spline

    Hi I had a quick look around and found some sources that mite be helpful. https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/sawtooth-square-wave-formulas/1547391/2 https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/request-some-useful-formulas-for-the-formula-deformer/1356991 Dan
  3. Rectro

    Ealexander Sketch Book

    Wish I could be a proactive on my own personal work, well done, keep up the cool art. Dan
  4. Hi If you go to the help menu far right of UI and choose check for updates it will show you if the content has been installed. If its still a option then choose it then proceed. If it has found that you have downloaded it but not installed it, C4D will try to install it otherwise it will download it then install it. Dan
  5. Rectro

    T Postion and Motion Clip

    Your welcome. Yep middle mouse click comes in handy to select all joint hierarchy.
  6. Rectro

    T Postion and Motion Clip

    Select the joints at frame 0 and press F9 or press the first red button on the time line. then move forward to say frame 10 and make another key. The motion clip only records the position and rotation if there are keys, so that would be your problem. Dan
  7. Rectro

    T Postion and Motion Clip

    I watched the video. The only thing I cant see is if you have keys set for your T pose rig. Also I always start with the T pose rig first, shouldnt make any difference, but thats what I do. I also delete the original walk cycle rig to keep scene clean, again wont make the difference here. I also remove keys option when making the clip. I cant see anything else there wrong, so maybe Id need to look at the scene myself. I couldnt see if your T pose works at all, so try putting the to pose after the walk see if it merges back to the walk. When you middle click on the root joint all children joints are selected, make sure a key is set while all of them are selected. If you just selected the root joint and made keys for that then the motion clip will not work. If you expand the children joints and select one does it have a key on it? At this time id put my money on that being the issue. Dan
  8. Rectro

    T Postion and Motion Clip

    Il have a look when its processed. In the mean time have you watched my comprehensive video on the motion clip system? Dan
  9. Rectro

    T Postion and Motion Clip

    Hi First thing is both the character T posed version and the walk character must be identical as in its rig, and they both should have the clip made from the same root joint. Made sure the T pose has at least 2 keys ideal to have them spaced apart about 10 seconds. When you create the T pose clip it should show in the Motion clip time time already so it can cancel it if you place the walk after it. Your need the clip for walking on the same lane after the T pose. Dan
  10. Rectro

    clay rendering

    Its stands for Physically Based Rendering. Here is some more info on it. https://marmoset.co/posts/basic-theory-of-physically-based-rendering/ Brilliant write up on it. https://www.allegorithmic.com/pbr-guide I use Vray 3.6 its so fine tuned you dont have to mess with settings. Dan
  11. Hi guys. A new plugin is coming this month called IKMax. Its a auto rigging plugin that looks to work much like Mixamo meaning its super easy. If C4D gets the same features as the Max version It has the advantage of shrink wrapping clothes, attaching objects and accessories, and import/export of Mocap. Its costs looks to be very cheap indeed, very welcome for non Studio owners. http://www.3dtoall.com/products/ikmax/ Dan
  12. Rectro

    Pose morph rebuild

    I just re read your post and looks like I set up what you already have. The slider your referring to must be user data driving a single morph that just allows a negative action. Im not quite sure what you wanting to do without seeing the file as Id need to confirm the above. You want one single slider to be replaced by two separate sliders yes? There is too many assumptions here so Il need a clearer understanding on what you want and the file in question. To create 2 seperate morphs you need to edit the morph you have. The default morph values are a positive 0-100%. Set it to -100 then right click on the morph and choose (To Mesh) This creates a new mesh based on the -100 morph. Create a new morph and in the advanced tab drag the new mesh into the target, the right away at the right side of the target field is a tiny arrow click on this and choose clear. You can now delete the mesh you used as the target. You now have two morphs one which was already there and another one which is a morph for the opposite direction. You need to cut the ties with the default morph in expresso, or create two new user data sliders. If you can get to the expresso you already have set up your need to set up one user data slider to one morph with the range mapper, and do the same for the second morph. For obviouse reasons you can only use one morph slider at a time hence why I dont understand why you want to split them? While I can make a file it would be of no use to use as your not see what I did to get there, so best thing is you clear up what your goal is here, and send me the file. I included 2 files showing both set ups. Dan sliders set up.zip sliders side by side.zip
  13. Rectro

    Pose morph rebuild

    Hi Your need to keep both morphs and create a User data slider to blend between them. Il set you up a demo. scene. Dan
  14. Rectro

    Material not smooth on extruded object

    For me to properly look id need the textures.
  15. The cage should be larger than the mesh slightly, and be low polygon, this will speed up the simulation and depending on the topology and polycount it will give you more limited predictable deformation. Dan