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  1. Rectro

    Random baking mistakes

    That file has no Uvs, and has no sculpting on it. I need the file thats containing the issue. Them polygons should not be so elongated try to add more vertical segments. Thanks Dan
  2. Rectro

    Random baking mistakes

    Can you update your profile to show R20 please as it helps me and others help you and offer advice based on the version your using. Can you show the low polygon non sub d version and the Uvs. If you can share the scene id get down the issue much faster. Dan
  3. Rectro

    Random baking mistakes

    Hi How are you managing to use r15 student edition when we are at r20? When you say baking, are you meaning displacement maps? If thats the case check your Uvs are not overlapping and are clean. Are you also baking to the low cage version? Dan
  4. On Cinivercity Bret Bays takes you through the entire rigging process. He also shows you how to put that rig into a character component tool. Rigging and Animation are entirely two different processes and both need their full attention. For animation thats more specialised. Here is one such https://www.animationmentor.com/ place, there your provided with the character. There are foundation courses on all training sights but dont expect them to be in C4D as Maya is the tool used in the industry for this, but thats not to say you cant translate things over. here is one such place https://www.fxphd.com/details/306/, and here https://cmivfx.com/cinema-4d-animation-principles There are loads for Maya. Dan
  5. Rectro

    CPU 3rd party renderers

    Been checking out Redshift this week, this is the only perpetual option but so far the newest material RS Material does not match up to Alsurface within Vray, its more like going back to the Vray Skin material, too many maps will need to be used to get the ballance, and too many tweaking hours which at the end still does not result in what the Alsurface in Vray can get to within 3 min. The tell tell signs are if you can find at least a single image out there or video that shows you the results your after. iv found non for Redshift. Dan
  6. Rectro

    CPU 3rd party renderers

    I had contacted them just before they went over the subscription when they had a small window open to purchase perpetual licence but they where so expensive. Now they dont offer any perpetual licences at all. Not sure how much their maintenance is these days? Dan
  7. Rectro

    CPU 3rd party renderers

    I was told from the makers of Corona that it will not be perpetual. Iv also been looking about and I was not aware Arnold had a perpetual licence. Redshift is the only one left that is on the high end list but it's gpu but fast even on a gtx 780 card. If I come across one I will post here. Much also depends on what your rendering. Fir me hair and skin are high on my list. Dan
  8. Rectro

    Help! Character going through clothing

    Hi I cant quite make out what this is but if a object to be constrained to another object is solid like a gun, or spade, or other items in the hand then constraints are ideal. If the object supose to be dynamic then you can use the cloth tag and have that pinned to the object. There is always some form of iteration or for the cloth Sub sampling , and in the project settings under dynamics you have a Max iterations solver adjustment for dynamics, the higher this is set the more accurate it gets at the cost of time to simulate it. You also have the collision deformer, this can be used to offset one object against another. The giggle deform used with the collision defrom may be another option to look at but it all comes down to what the surface is to be as to what solution you use. Dan
  9. Hi That is not compatible with mixamo, it needs a torso. For something as simple as that its easier to rig it yourself. I trust you have multiple polygons along the limbs otherwise they wont bend? Its a good idear to show the wires of your model when asking about rigging, and modelling. Dan
  10. Rectro

    Edge flow mystery :P

    Just realised you have two threads on the same subject, maybe worth keeping to one. or linking to the other. I can now see there is more detail at the top so a new flow is needed.
  11. Rectro

    Edge flow mystery :P

    all depends on the design, and being I cant see it in his video on my 14" laptop and being his own model is over the backdrop design, I can only go by basic forms. If there is more shape to it then the topology must follow according to design, I would direct my edge right from the beginning based on the details which I cant see in the video. For instance the edge of the blade there is normaly a contour edge that runs behind it, cant see anything in that video. Dan
  12. Rectro

    Edge flow mystery :P

    Yes it will always stop when there is no connecting polygon edge opposite.
  13. Rectro

    Edge flow mystery :P

    It will as there is no polygon there, its a dead end. Just continue the loop selection manually holding shift key to add to selection or fill in that gap. Dan
  14. Rectro

    Edge flow mystery :P

    If you didnt need that notch then you can fill that with a nice quad polygon. As I cant see if there is any other details in the middle thats the basic flow on there being non. Dan
  15. Rectro

    Edge flow mystery :P

    They are good to make directional changes in edge flow but should not be long stretched polygons. The edge loop looks for the next edge opposite the one its at, but if it cant find it, it will terminate and stop. Ngons confuse such a process. There is no need to make it conplex but I cant see very clear what your following. Taking a snap shot from the video I went over it very quickly. Without seeing the proper details I can only go by what I see, but here you see I kept it totaly quads. Your get predictable loops with all quads. Dan