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  1. Hi. Yes you can do this with ease, and given that you have the shape of the mesh providing you have some decent edge loops going down the vertical you can select and convert selected edges to splines, and use these as guides for the hair. Given that its a simple thing to make you could even use a capsule primitive shape,, grow hairs from that and add a few joints if you wanted it posible. 1: Make a Capsule adjust it to be long and thin and with relatively even segments, Make it editable. 2: Add hair to whole object and add a Hair collision object to the capsule 3: Starting in the Hair Mode/Tips set the collisions high just to keep them away from the geometry if needed. Use the Move tool to get the hair in the right direction, or use the Hair objects Dynamics Relax button setting enough frames to slightly drape the hair. 4: Using the Brush with it set to Move and work your style from all angles. 5: Set up the thickness so it has a thin start, gets thicker then thinnest to the tips. (ctrl + click on curve to add knots) 6: To get where your adjusting I set up the clump 100% for clump and Clump count with remove variation. Expand the clumping Tab and use the limit amount to adjust how many clump show, lower values produce more clumps. Then dial back the clump amount and introduce some variation. 7: Frizz, set the curve so it has more to the roots left size o the curve, and less at the tips, have a low value for amount. 8: Bring down the specular, its way too high by default. 9: Use the Colour Tint adding a colour to the texture slot, this adds random tints by percentage in the Hair value. 10: Add some lights, basic omni ones are fine, turn on area shadows, and in detail tab use inverse square for better shadows at the cost of render time. You can add a Hair light object to the lights and use a soft map of 750x Here is a vert fast example. I will post screen shots later on. fox tail.c4d
  2. I would have joined had I known it was on, just seen this post today. Hope it went well. Dan
  3. Here you go, this should give you a better start. I added a slightly repair body version for you. You can use this as is, it use it as a reference to use a PSD morph on the rigged body version. I did try to add this as a PSD morph to your rigged version but it just would not work for some reason? If your not sure about PSD morphs I can show you this, if not just use what I did. Il upload it soon and send you the file. Dan
  4. Thanks, got the file. You can take link down now if you like. Its always best to pose a character laying down with a floor in place as your find limbs will not all align up with the surface once added, I will fix this for you by adjusting the pose as the hands go through the floor. Also I noticed once floor added that his head is not on anything, in mid air, so if he is dead and limp then his head will need adjusting also, if not you may wanna add a cushion under his head. If you send me a PM with your email Il send you a link with it in a better shape for you to continue on. Dan
  5. Hello I didnt receive a email, maybe try manually sending me the link generated? Dan
  6. If its a still and no further angles needed he may have to revert to a quick n dirty way to get around it, retopo the panels that are seen that are problematic.
  7. Yes you can upload it to dropbox, then share the file with training at daniel-ripley.co.uk Dan
  8. As its a certified course didn't they cover this in the training? I never had much luck with dress o matic, I tired it a few times, asked about it and was told to just go Marvelous Designer.As its a still maybe just use the sculpting tools, I could fit that around him in a few min using the move brush. Send me the file and il get it into position for you. You could then try soft body to simulate it from that rest position or using the sculpting tools. Dan
  9. Hi You may want to follow this tutorial. It could be the case of the good old Priorities, but follow this video close and see if you missed any steps. I dont know of anyone that uses Cloth for clothing wthin C4D, its not that clever to be honest. I like most opt for Marvellous Designer, its the ideal and fast solution for character clothing. Dan
  10. Hi When you bring in a rigged character into C4D it can have keys added, which Mixamo rig would have for the T pose Im thinking. The keys are seen in the timeline at the bottom of the UI as small block to the far left, the beginning of a animation. When you then pose a character that already has keys added without putting down new keys (F9 key) for them joints then it will revert to the keys already in place. You can either delete the keys there in the timeline, or pose the joints then set new keys in place of the keys already there. If this is not the issue come back and I can help you further to sort this out. The thing here i what els it is your doing before it reverts back? PS: If you middle mouse click on the hips joint it will select all child joints then you can add a key for all of them at once. This way you can pose the whole character then select all joints, press F9 key and it will hold the pose. I always recommend selecting all joints and making sure they are frozen with the (Freeze All) command from the coords menu from the bottom of the object manager to the right of the UI. This way when you wish to reset to the original pose with ease using the PSR command.. Dan
  11. Hi It certainly is a mess for sure, however id need to see at least the file or part of the file. It could be a unwelded seam, the normals reversed, Zfighting, or bad Uvs, even the phong angle o lack of one. Or it could be down to just a very bad triangulated mesh. Dan
  12. Learning the key basics on polygon modelling would be where to start. The above image shows a combination within the same style but some are more complex than others, while some are merely modified primitive shapes such as tubes for legs and arms, applying a deformer to them like a taper, or bend deformer, or even rigging them. Your best bet is to pick a project so as to be more specific on your goals, and then come back and show us. We can then show you some methods to attain the basic shapes. When your find is appealing is not just the model, but other attained skills in action such as composition, lighting, colour choices and chalk like materials. If done right you could make something very simple look complex yet appealing. Dan
  13. One way you can see this is to select the object and look at the Cords, your see if red keys are on it. Now change the axis of the object either with Axis modification tool or Axis Centre, dont matter, your see in the cords some keys turn Orange, this indicates that a change has been made but not keyed. If you now move the time line forward the object will flip, or re position and the animation is messed up "visually". The new pivot is still set as you wanted it, but now the keys need to be offset against the old position, or rotation. Im not sure if there is a tool that can compensate for this offset. If iv got anything wrong in any case Id be please to be corrected. PS: As for the weirdness with it working then not, that is certainly another thing as I removed keys, and cant reproduce it, very odd. Dan
  14. Here is what I found, and done in this video.

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