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  1. Roland JD-800

    Makes me want to make a TB303 now. Dan
  2. Roland JD-800

    Omnisphere 2 is my best synth, such a rich sound, nothing like it. The new upgrade coming soon is awesome in how they utilise hardware synths. Check out some time. Dan
  3. Roland JD-800

    Same, I spent hours playing on one after the other dreaming of having one of my own. Over to Eastbourne Bonners, 10 years later to get my first synth, still have it too. They where the days, loved hardware, now Im using a Novation SL MkII master keyboard, and all soft synths, not as if Im very active these days. Do you still produce, play? Modelling wise I did a synth some time ago not nearly as complex as this one, but same modelling methods. Access Virus Polar. Dan
  4. Roland JD-800

    Awesome modelling, and rendering. And Im a synth man myself, when I was younger I remember wanting that synth so bad. I saw it on top of the pop when Erasure used in on the track I love Saturday, I recorded it on my VHS video and watched it over and over again, I was obsessed with that synth. Great work man. Dan
  5. Copy Pasting Mocap Keyframes

    If you look at my blog here your see a very comprehensive video I made on the Motion Clip system. Im normally on here much more, but had a lot of stuff on recently, had no time for any CG stuff at all. I did have a look at your file and I concluded that there was nothing wrong with the rigging, its just the weighting and deformation. If you have r19 then you can use PSD pose morphs for corrections then it should look fine. I did my test with motion clips. For good practice its good to make sure your rig is frozen/freeze all, or keyed from its original rigged position, then after applying the motion clip use pivot objects to move the mesh. Dan
  6. Copy Pasting Mocap Keyframes

    Cant access C4D at the moment, but if the skeleton you have rigged the dog with is the same as the one that has the mocap on then re targetting should work fine. You should also be able to select the root joint of the riged dog add a motion clip to it, select the root joint of the mocap and add a motion clip from that. You should be able to apply the mocap motion clip to the rigged dog with ease. When you say its messed up do you mean the mesh or the joints as thats two completely different issues. If the joint flips out then it would maybe point the the joint orientation difference between the mocap and rigged version. If its the mesh thats messed up then its a weighting issue. I dont copy and paste keys from to the other as I construct my animation in C4D NLA motion system, this essentially copies the keys into a clip which can be applied in a non destructive way to another rigged model of the same Hierarchy. You can convert a clip back to key frames also. I would contact the rigger and ask him first as he knows your model well enough. If the rigs are the same then applying a copy of keys, retargetting, or motion clips should all work. Dan
  7. Rigging Mixamo model?

    Hi There is the thread what Cebera pointed you to for morphs, and if you wish to just move the jaw with joints its rather simple but time consuming for a new comer. Locate the head bone, easiest way is to hide the mesh, select it in the view port and put the mouse cursor over into the object browser and press ( s) key, this will find the head bone for you in the hierarchy of bones. From the side from use the character bone tool from the character menu holding shown Shift key to place your joint at the back of jaw and the end of the joint at the chin. Use the (S) key will zoom in on the selected head join in the view port when mouse is in the view port. The jaw bone is now put in the hierarchy of the head bone so it moves with the head. As the character is already rigged you see a Weight Tag on the mesh of the character. Select that and your see a list of all the bones. Use the padlock for this screen to lock the weight tag view (top right of weight tag window) and then proceed to drag and drop both the joints made for the jaw into this box with the rest of the joints. This is one joint but a joint is made from a main body and tip hence why your see two in the hierarchy of joints. You will need to learn more about weighting, and the weight painting tool and weight manager but here in short is your next step. Select all the polygons, or verts that belong to the jaw, start by doing this from the side view and with the Select tool in say polygon mode make sure Only Select visible elements is turned off. You need this off so when you select the polygons from the side view it selects the other side also. Your need to select the bottom lip with this. Methods for doing this are to hide the top lip by selecting a row of polygons above the top lip and expand the selection (U+Y keys) then hide selected. Your need to have a bit of knowledge about these basic select and hide functions to get a clean selection of the lower jaw. This can be tricky but you need to make sure that all the polygons for the inner mouth on the lower half also get selected. Separate geometry such as the tongue, teeth if you have them will also need to have the jaw bones added the their weight tag and have the lower teeth weighted to the jaw bone also. Use the weight painting to smooth the weighting as to get a good deformation. Now open the weight manager by double clicking the the weight tag with the shift key held down. locate and select the the jaw bone, and click on Apply Selected button. This will apply weight from the selected polygons to the jaw bone. Double click on the weight tag to activate the weight painting tool from this tool your use mainly Absolute add, Subtract, and smooth brushes. This is to further refine the weighting for good deformation. You can then apply morphs to work with the jaw animation with the morphs being a Post Deformers type to allow the jaw to have first priority for defromation. For a newbie to rigging this is a bit of a task as its easier to weight a limb visually speaking, than the jaw of the head. The jaw can be a bit tedious. Dan
  8. Free C4D Tutorials and Rigs

    Nice one, thanks for sharing. Dan
  9. Navie Effex Gone?

    Effex was once a paid for app, then due to unfortunate circumstances it was release by the creator for free, a free licence. When I saw that Effex was acquired by Insydium it opens up two questions. 1: what is the licence status of commercial use for users like me whom got a free fully functional version, and 2: what you have answered what users of Effex are offered a deal via Insydium? This only leaves question one really. Dan
  10. Iv never been able to get C4D to work like this from its standard Move, Scale, and Rotate, its a feature I got used to within MODO and found absent within C4D as a standard usable fuction regarding multiple selections. The Normal Move, Scale, Rotate seems to be the only way but it dont work with all operations as you may expect. In MODO it was a feature that worked as a global setting across everything. Extrude has its own way with the preserved groups turned off. If the regular scale tool is not working for you try the Normal Scale tool, they should really be a alt key away as this is a common task. These tools are found in the Mesh/Transfrom tools menu, or in the bottom right tool bar in the modelling layout. Dan
  11. 3D Artist 118 My Magazine Tutorial

    Thanks, it was nice to get the opportunity to have such exposure. Dan
  12. Navie Effex Gone?

    This is what I feel needs making clearer, Im a Effex 2.0+ user but not a paid version, so who is this offer open to? Dan
  13. Thanks to the Cafe...

    What a awesome community, very hart warming to see this, well done everyone. Dan
  14. Navie Effex Gone?

    Hmm, It dont say anything about the fact that it was given away for free in the historical run down? https://insydium.ltd/news/latest-news/insydium-ltd-has-acquired-dpit-effex-from-navie/ Dan
  15. Hi I dont use c motion but from observations the C motion is made up from linking with the controllers of the rig so in other words you cant just have a template without the rig unless you set up each controller. I then suggest you either wait for a expert like Bret to answer or learn the entire C motion system because I dont think its going to be as simple as loading a template and your done unles you use the character object which has C motion set up for each rig. You may want to consider Mocap. http://www.horselocomotion.com/treadmill/horse_motion_capture_mocap_data/horse_motion_capture_mocap_data.html http://www.blenderhighschool.it/horse-mocap-collection.html Here is some basics on C motion but your need to study how a quadped walks, runs to get anything convincing. https://lesterbanks.com/2015/10/walk-cycle-cmotion-c4d/ https://lesterbanks.com/2017/02/animating-quadruped-locomotion/ If you have cinevercity paid for account this is where your going to find much more in depth info there is is brets video set. Il have a quick watch of it to see if it confirms what I already think, you cant just simply apply a template without alot of work. https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/cmotion_overview/ Dan