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  1. Thank you. This is the first time iv actually start to see something realy worthy of showing since using C4D, and think the way its going it should be hitting the target i been aiming for for some time. Dan
  2. From the album Learning C4D Tests

    W.I.P low poly female character working towards Scarlot Johanson digital double. Main aim is to get better hand of the whole process using Vray better with C4D. This is a portrate cropped from a full bdy render. Took 25min. Clothes only tempory. Texture maps had painted. Dan
  3. Started working back on Hair, and Skin in Vray, this time working with Alsurface. She is a low polygon mesh I made a while ago and have been adapting her. This is a W.I.P and rendered the full body in 25min, this is a cropped version.
  4. Having a new render engine integrated into the core of C4D is a massive addition, and will be sure to take up a lot of resources for quite a few releases yet, and as long as other areas haven't been pushed back on their priorities I cant see it being a issue. Looking back in the earlier years MAXON did bring out some huge releases. I think we can only speculate for r19, and hope that R19, will not be what some including me fear, One big feature Pro renderer, and a few little things here n there that that does not target some things that should be prioritised before a new render engine. Your right at the end of the day the final result has to be rendered out, but you got to produce the content first, and part of that production before we render is a proper Uv tools set, better modelling tools with global symmetry, and anything related to content creation. Another to mention is the price difference between the lower to higher end range of C4D, Studio owners need to see the benefit. Iv purchased my MSA a week ago for my Studio licence, I have faith in MAXON that they will pull a decent upgrade, and to be honest there is little else out there other than Maya that can compete. Dan
  5. What do you need to know? There are videos on Cinevercity. Iv been using it recently, so maybe I can help? Dan
  6. Unless there is something missing in the comparability between the game engine of choice and what C4D can support then I cant see any issue to go as far as get allot of negative feedback. There was a issue a while back with smooth groups, I believe this is now working fine. Ask those who give such negative feedback if its based on technical reasons as to what comes out of C4D is not meeting the specifications of The Unreal4 engine, or if its preference? HQ characters comes from high quality artists in the pipeline all the way from concept, modelling, texturing, rigging, animation. To me C4D is a set of tools, like Zbrush is, MODO is, and for what it lacks I have another tool to make up. Maya is without doubt the tool the industry go to, so its only fitting that thoes who want to get into a gaming industy they learn the tools for the job. If your a student looking to get into the gaming industry then go Maya as your fit into most studios pipelines. I can honestly say that iv created content ready figure in a $1.99 modelling application DAZ3D Hexagon. Now the reason why I would say while you can do it in C4D id recommend you dont is down to its lack of modelling tool symmetry, I often need to tweak a model even after I have done the Uvs, in C4D that is not possible as you got to cut your model in half, bye, bye to your Uvs. and point order. Some modeling tools dont work so great such as bridge, there is no auto quad fill, and the knife tool needs some attention which Im sure it will very soon. Its Uv tool set while capable dont support UDIM, and its very slow to use compared to other stand alone Uv mapping apps. Could I make a character from scratch in C4D alone, I certainly could, but it would take me way longer than in MODO, but the results all be it the UVs would be the same. Go to MAXON site where it talks about the compatibility for games, and try to get some deeper understanding to if Maya has tools and features that make the process easier such as the Viewport 2.0 visual and performance, VR to walk around a game level, direct transfer between the apps this is where id look. If anything id say there is more HQ artist in the gaming industry that dont use C4D than just putting it down to the tools as the ultimate issue. Maya in the wrong hands will output bad results. Dan
  7. Hi. There are plenty of tutorials, but you wont find many that detail the topology as each part of the task its a huge job to do, let alone to teach. Here is one good resource that shows good and bad topology for deformation. Things to take into account, and these are only some things. 1: Scale, get the scale of the scene correct so the character is also the correct scale, this effects light, rigs, displacement maps, and so on. 2: All articulation areas such as knees, elbows need to have clean edge loops, no pols, or ngons, but nice quad polygons. You can select areas on the opposite side of the fold such as knees, elbows and bevel these areas to offer more geometry to expand. 3: Use a T or A pose to get the best rigging and deformations for shoulders. Keep the hands pronated, arms and legs streight but with a slight bend in them at the articulation points. Dont arch the back too much. 4: place joints in the centre of the geometry dont for example place the spine where humans have it towards the back, this invokes bad deformation. 5: Put the joint in the correct place, otherwise even with good topology your have issues. Topology is very essential. You can use a plugin called deltamush this aids in the deformation process along with good weighting. Get the model 100% symmetrical otherwise there will be no mirroring of weights, you can get the mesh to change its symmetry with displacment maps, but keep the base mesh symetrical unless its totaly unavoidable such as totaly different forms for each limb. How flexible are you going to need the character such as a walk with arms down, or full on action arms above the head, fingers that must articulate, facial animation. If you have no intention of manualy animating but use Mocap data then the rigging process is different. Mixamo would be a good first choice to start out, you can then bring a rigged character into C4D and apply other mocap files. Dan
  8. Vray 3.4 demo should be out along with some getting started videos and scenes. I cant comment on the other render engines but can on the ones iv used in which my main renders are Vray, MODO, and the Standard renderer in C4D. Vray did have a steep learning curve, and still has a fair few settings under the hood, but v 3.4 has been fine tuned with a simple quality setting set of sliders which make even a beginner up and running very fast. Only few settings you may need to change is in the AA settings where its set to render progressively up to 5min by default, you may want to bring this up, or turn it off by entering 0. Where you may see an specific advantage with vray is its SSS options, there are a few along with the ALsurface which up till recently was only available within Arnold. Another thing to take note of is how many cores your licence covers, and to check out render farms that are available. I would get the demo version of the renderers and see which one works best for your needs. The pro render engine is coming to r19 so you may want to hold off a few months as this may have all you need, even at the stage its at. I think the combined CPU GPU is the way to go for the future. Dan
  9. Just to add to what 3DKiwi said, it was the NLA that I had been waiting for in MODO which is why I had to either go Maya route or C4D. C4D Motion system works quite well, and for its other animation benefits it makes C4D the best second contender to Maya for character work, only you can own your software. Between C4D, MODO, and Zbrush you have a very powerfull pipeline, they all play well, and the ACS Kit for MODO plays much better with mocap than C4D character tool does, but this can all be transferred from MODO to C4D via FBX, then into C4D NLA. Dan
  10. Ohh right, I must be getting my dates mixed up, Sigggraph is a good time all round, am also looking forward to see what a few other peices of software will bring including Marvellous Designer 7. Dan
  11. Yea your right, just speculation, we will see in due course. I didnt think Siggraph was until Sep, right at the time when its due for release? Dan
  12. Iv found using splines for lashes is ideal as with polygon selections unless you can a very thin strip of polygons there are too many hairs but you can use (restrict to guides option which helps.) Also the generate option for polygons type lashes is another option. You can of course use maps to restrict hair, but its moving away from the simple spline, style and render method. Dan
  13. Id be quite happy if I knew MAXON had this in their road map all the while they bring the Modelling and Uv tools up to MODO standards. Id rather drop MODO all together but as things stand there is no chance of that. Id like to see at least one area dealt with for my $650 investment. Modeling, Uvs, Retopology, Better Mocap support with character tool ik/fk blending. Unfortunately while I really like C4D overal, MAXON have me by my nuts when it comes to their MSA as there is zero financial gain by missing a upgrade. They need to start being more open, and address the fact that its users want to know what they are investing in, im just starting to get a little un easy as Im not seeing much, or hearing anything that makes me feel r19 is going to offer me anything of interest. There is no other choices as far as I am concerned, but thats how Im feeling now along with other things that are going on in my life., they need to give me some glimmer of hope. Dan
  14. Hi Not at pc right now but first thought is use as few guides as you can use the repell brush with minus 100 value this will draw the hair together at the center of each patch of hair. Use helix spline and clone it to selection of each center polygon. Convert all helix to single spline and using hair tools covert from spine. Two hair objects used. Dan Polygon modeling just the case of using polygon tool to make hair cards, uv map them and paint texture maps and make bump maps. Can't see the exact shape of the clump of hair but should be easy to model with a sphere. Dan