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  1. Here is the playlist that belongs to my first complete project within Cinema 4D.  This is a set of videos that show a time-lapse of the whole process, and is not intended to teach.  I do have all the original real time video footage, so if I had enough request it can be made into a Tutorial.


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    2. mabad


      BTW I am silently following your anatomy thread, I believe it has very useful information. I hope it does not disappear in any of the possible Cafe moves.

    3. Rectro


      Thank you for your comments.  

      When I did this project I was learning C4Ds modelling tools so this took me longer than If I had done this in my normal software I use.  Because this was my first project in C4D I recorded it to keep notes on certain problems I encountered, and how I got around them but also thought it my stir up some interest if I put the recordings into a time lapse, which it seems to have done. Like yourself iv not seen much done or shown character creation wise within C4D so thought this is a good chance to show C4D can do it.

      Loops are a tricky one to start with when your doing your first 10 or so characters, but I found the best way is to give priority to certain loops and then fill in the gaps between.  The eyes, nasal labia fold, mouth,  jaw line, hair line must have top priority with as few polygons as posible to start with.  I make sure I must have at least 3 loops flowing the same direction so edge loop in the middle is a true loop.  Body is the same, loop priority is to have the pectoralis major, deltoids, scapula formed by loops.  The articulation areas such as shoulder, elbow, upper leg, knee must have true loops meeting no pols from redirected edge flow.



    4. Rectro


      Anatomy thread, yes I have not forgot about that, I just have put it at a lower priority at the moment as I think there are too few C4D users that would use it, but maybe im wrong?




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