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  1. When you add 1 level in C4D its the same as 1 level in MD. Depending how low polygon the mesh is will determined how many levels you need till smooth. In C4D the Sub D in Editor is what you see in the view port, and the Sub D level Renderer is what will render out. Match them both to see if the intersection goes away, then for performance bring down the editor level after. When you use the smooth feature in MD you also need to use a SDS tag to preview the outcome. If you dont use the Smooth feature in MD you cant expect to use it in C4D and get the same results but normally adding smooth wont be the cause of intersections as it shrinks the mesh a little. Good idea to make sure the colour of the cloth is different to the character as you may be getting intersection issues in MD and not know it. Increase the Skin offset in MD, that should help. Dan
  2. You shouldnt have to. What version of MD are you using, what are your steps. I will try to run my workflow from memory in case you missed anything. 1: Model, and upload character to Mixamo. 2: Download T pose and animation fbx from Mixamo. 3: construct the animation with T pose on frame 1using motion clips. 4: take note of project, and render frame rates to make sure they match. 5: export fbx animation from C4D. Import it back to make sure its playing the same as the one still in scene it was exported from. 6:Import into MD, make clothes. If the model in C4D is going to have a SDS tag on it apply smooth to model in MD, feature not in older versions. 7: check frame rate in MD that it matches C4Ds. Simulate cloth, export cloth as Alembic. 8: Import cloth back into C4D, it should play fine with no intersections. PS: also worth mentioning that you can add skin thickness in MD so its not too close to skin. What can also cause issues is if your model is smooth in MD and not in C4D or vice versa. Iv just gone through a project from beginning to end in R21, Mixamo, and MD 8 and had no issues with intersections.
  3. Hi Check the frame rate o your project against MD. I found there is a setting in the Alembic that can mess things up called Interpolation. Its been ages since Iv been through this so give that a try. My workflow changed with each version of MD more so from v4 onward. Without looking at the complete process and the file its guess work. Dan
  4. Hi As you have C4D Studio you can use Cmotion. This gives you alot of variation to make it look just right including adding some rotation i you like too. bob up n down cmotion.c4d
  5. Rectro


    Hi Il check out my site today. You can get me on (contact at daniel-ripley dot co dot uk) Edit: My site seems to be fine, what browser did you use? At the bottom of my sites web form is my email address shown in case of issues. Dan
  6. Rectro


    Hello and welcome to the Cafe. You mentioned Medical devices which says to me hardware equipment, so this would be hard surface modelling mainly. You may need to tell us more on what you mean when you say " to sketch out against premade anatomical objects" The anatomical objects I assume here is Organs if so we are looking at Organic modeling. You use some additional methods between Hard surface and Organic modelling. How accurate does the designs need to be pure visualisation or cad precision? Your be able to view them on PC right away, but I not sure on the process for VR,its not my area. 3D modelling does take some time and guidance, but its worth it if you have the time. If your pretty good around learning new tech and around computers, as well as having some artistic skills it will make it easier. I would need to see the kind of things your wanting to make, but it can take years to be a good modeller on more complex objects. Dan
  7. Hi So Im getting this right you want to rotate the head by using the translated movement of a null like you would to rotate eyes with a eye look at target, only itsfor the head rotation?
  8. Hi Im not sure I totally understand your problem, maybe you can tell us what the outcome of the finished result is? When you say "target" are you meaning via Constraints, the Target tag? I guess what Im asking is why do you want "headbone to target a null in front of the turkey, at right angles to the bone." ? Dont you just want to have the heaphones stay on the head and move with the head? Dan
  9. Hi The hair count should not change unless you either set a key frame down or you changed the link or have nothing in the link for guides. Upload the file to me and Il check it out. If its a commercial private file you can send it to my email. or strip the scene down ( contact at daniel-ripley dot co dot uk) Dan
  10. Ahh you didnt mentioned your using motion clips, that changes things. You need to add a Pivot object from the motion clip settings, this will let you move the character without effecting the animation. You can also add one from the animation menu. Dan
  11. Hi The workflow is to zero your character in world space then open the Axis Centre and move the Y axis slider to -100 and apply. This put the handles at the feet. Now zero out the Y axis. The character is now on the floor. Then you proceed to export for MD, or Mixamo. Dan
  12. Hi Your issue is with the IK chain on the neck while trying to rotate the joint between the IK chain. You need to create a IK/FK switch so you caneither have FK control over the neck, or IK. For this I normally create two rigs and use the morph tag method to switch between them. Dan
  13. As Jay has said Mixamo is about it, but there are other options but when you mention the word "simple" to do what is complex when you go othe routes things get more complicated. It may be better for you to state why you dont want to go the Mixamo route, and what you are intending on doing that it cant do? You do have the ability to get Motionbuilder mocap files from other sources that does the same job, all but the joint placement and weighting, there is where your complexity start, weighting and joint placement is a slow process, and your need in most cases a matching T pose rig if not you can choose the Reatargetting route which I find pretty hit n miss as to if it works. Dan
  14. The picture is not all that large to see the hair. You could sculpt some hair and use a normal map, or indeed a displacement map. Make a scalp cap and sculpt that. You could use a alpha for a more convincing look. Dan
  15. Yea its always much easier to add clothes to replace body if no simulation is needed, and have shoes instead of feet. The hair can be done at any time but its not worth any simulation until everything else is done, then cache the hair dynamaics. Hair wise is that geometry, if so thats very dence, make hair cards from hair object would maybe better, Dan
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