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My name is Daniel Ripley from the South East of England.  Im a Artist of many forms, originally drawing as a child, and playing the Piano/Keyboard from the age of 7.  The 3D modeling and Sculpting didnt come till much later in life.

By 20 years old I had my own home Digital Midi recording studio in which was quite primitive to todays standards.  I used Cubase VST 5.1,and spent many hours producing electronic music.  My Studio got quite complex over time, until  technology got so good I sold most of my hardware and got it down to a Master semi weighted keyboard, KRK Rocket 5s, and Propellerhead Reason which fits all my needs today.

I started digital sculpting within a program called Zbrush, it was amazing what I saw others do, little did I know that this was a journey into a long process in which id discover new skills I never knew I had.  I started 3D modelling in a peice of software called DAZ3D Hexagon.  I delved right in, and made my first ever 3d model, a concept car.  I continued to digest knowledge in 3d modeling working on all kinds of models both hard surface and organic.  I started to help others with short video tutorials, this opened the world of video editing and production to me, and gained me new skills in teaching.  I had gained a good reputation for my teaching methods, and have continued to help others as iv learnt and refined my artistic skills, and teaching abilities

As I continued I noticed that I lacked understanding in Human anatomy, this triggered off what continued to be a long but fun learning process into understanding its application in sculpture, and 3D modeling.   After some self study and attending several master classes with the best skilled artists, I had gained some in depth knowledge in these subjects such as Human Anatomy, Rythem and gesture, drapery, and character design.

You can see my personal website at www.daniel-ripley.co.uk.



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