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  1. You may need to increase the Size Increment in the Collisions tab of the object falling. Default is 0cm try 0.5cm. Or go to project settings and increase steps. Reduce Collision margin to help stop the wobble. Dan
  2. Yes that is the case as the pivot is seen as a separation motion source from the rig so to get it to be as you mention you need the pivot to be part of the joint hierarchy hence why it only works by eliminating the pivot object by baking its result into the root joint, then as you say putting it back through the motion clip step which Is a fast process anyway. To hav what your after you need a script that bakes then gets put back into a new clip source removing the old one. In MODO this would be easy as you can record your own macros from actions and save as a script. Dan
  3. Hi. Im not sure what you mean a box with grapple points in relation to SDS, please point to a tutorial that shows this? If a Primitive object that has not been made editable and you wish to view the handles then you select the object, not the SDS tag. Dan
  4. Iv managed to bake pivot into the root joint of the rig. See video.
  5. Hi Can you please update your profile for your C4D version as the advice given can change according to the version you use? Without seeing what this pivot is doing its hard to tell but normally the pivot object gets added after making a motion clip. When you say "pure clip data" do you mean keys? Pivot objects that have keys on can be added to a motion clip so you will need to provide the scene, a video so we can get a more visual idea of what the issue is. Dan
  6. Thanks, I like the night and day mode, that very good option to have.
  7. All sounding pretty good Igor. You have already done a awesome job to where it is now, look forward to seeing the new colour themes. Dan
  8. Hi It looks to me like its just the Dynamic IK. You have some adjustment in the advanced tab of the dynamic IK. Other than the frame update I cant see any issue. Once you turn off Cmotion and play or scrub the time line once the eyes revert back to bind position. In case this is your issue here is a thread on the subject https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/67779-dynamic-ik-priority-issue/ Dan
  9. Hi You didnt mention if you have User Data Sliders? The chances are you may have an expresso already in use in which all you have to do is pick the Range Mapper ad change the Output Upper to a higher percentage. When the slider reaches 100% the morph could be at 400% if you choose. The other way is to edit the User Data slider and increase the Max value past 100%. Range Mapper Math node: See file attachment. Dan Range mapper stronger morphs.c4d
  10. Hello Sol, welcome to the cafe. Its easier than you may think, just learn one bit at a time and your soon be creating cool stuff. Dan
  11. Here is video explaining the issues, and some options to move forward. Dan
  12. Thank you. that helps a great deal. So depending on what results your expecting would be as to what I would advice. In general you have a number of issues that may cause you problems depending on what you after. 1: The mesh is made of all Triangles, this is not ideal for SDS but in this case you may get away with it to some degree 2: Poles. these are 5 or more polygons that share the same vert, this offers bad deformation and smoothing during render time, more so on curved surfaces. 3: Your Uvs are overlapping so you cant apply any maps that use Uvs. As your texture does require UVs to the way in which its set up this wont work for you. I will make a short video showing this and more to get you moving forward. Dan
  13. Show the wires of the object please, looks like you got some bad topology there? If this is the render result then upp the sub d level for displacement. Also add a SDS tag, your get a idea just how much you need to divide it from this and the expected smoothing results. Dan
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