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  1. Yes this is also the case when storing the hair guides, and transferring them to another object and restoring them after rooting them, the hair can go crazy out of position until you rock the timeline forward then back a few frames. Dan
  2. What you have here is two issues from what I can see. 1: dynamics need to be cached for a consistent frame to frame consistency, and 2: the Displacer priority needs to be placed above the hair. After doing this all frames rendered the same as viewport. Dan
  3. I think there are several things that must be considered and to simplify it down there needs to just be more options rather than few. Rent to own has two in one, a rental option, or an ability to move to perpetual. Perpetual still needs a subscription for a cheaper means to upgrade if you chose. Some plugins are so cheap it would not matter if you just purchased a new licence when a new version comes out, while others are just way to expensive given the large scope of users who may use it. The more commercialised plugins become the more expensive they are, and are harder to obtain by the hobbyist or starting freelancer. The other issue is the fact that some features that are supported by plugins should be there in the Core application thus avoiding more pay outs to bolt on features C4D should have. Rent to Own. Pay final fee to convert to perpetual, if you chose. Perpetual with paid for upgrades as and when they are ready. Free compatibility updates within 3 versions, and free bug fixes, why should users pay to fix problems that should not exist anyway? You dont go and buy anything that has a fault and be expected to pay for their error, why should software or plugins be any different. I own plenty of software that gets free bug fixes for free, but lets be honest its not actually free, iv paid for it upfront to have a working piece of software. Games are sold with some bugs, you dont have to pay again to have them be fixed. Being forced into a subscription from perpetual is poor business ethics, and shifting the responsibility onto customers for compatibility changes due to changes of the core with C4D and 3rd party plugin vendors by means of forcing a plugin upgrade with no grace is also poor. As of r21 onward I loose Vray because Im expected to either stay on r20 or rent Vray when I was quite happy to stick to my perpetual, I dont even get a choice to upgrade to a newer perpetual version. That dont only mean I loose Vray I loose all that knowledge and time spent learning it, all the cost of training. The whole system has been made far too complicated. Just give me a serial key, keep your last 3 versions upto date with latest C4D, and produce a worthy upgrade that makes me want to voluntary upgrade because its so good. If it has bugs dont charge your customers to fix them, the customers didnt pay for software that dont fully work as it should, they pay for features added.
  4. If you read the link I added your see the plugin option on page 2, Easy Chesterfield. As to if this works in r19 is another thing. Dan
  5. Ok so this may give you some direction, or a start. Let us know how it goes. Dan
  6. This has come up before, give me a moment and Il find the post. Dan
  7. The way I try to look at things are If I really dont know how something is going to turn and its out of my control, it could go either way, so I rest on hope once I have tried to find the answers first. While Im waiting Im not emotionally working myself up fearing the worse when it could well not happen. Now if the worse does happen I deal with it then, Iv still saved myself a year of complaining, worrying about something I cant control, but maybe take that time to consider my options. If the worse case does not happen then Im thankful I didn't waste time and energy worrying. I know its easier said than done but its much better for the sole in trying to look at the glass half full, even if everyone else is saying otherwise. So while there are many questions unsolved, until then Iv got to crack on, get something done with my time, and spend time making something happen that is in my control. Help other people, get that job done, spend time with kids, family, turn the computer off maybe. Dan
  8. Yes I was quoted £799 plus vat for a upgrade, or £525 for a MSA. This is the same as last year. The upgrade pricing has always been there as a more expensive alternative to the MSA, as such makes the MSA seem very good value given it had Cineversity with it. Being that next year MSA is not in place I cant see how they can ask the current upgrade pricing given the cheaper option has been removed, I doubt they will do that. At worse I think it could be slightly higher than the MSA when you add what ever option they will add for Cineversity, I hope not. While this may be the case, or not, for the fact that the new Subscriptions are laid out, there is now higher expectations of what is going to be offered throughout the year for Subscribers. This will give perpetual licence holders a peek at whats to come to make a more informed decisions if to upgrade. This should also avoid a build up of higher expectations every year at Siggraph. Should we start to see a influx of bigger, and much asked for features due to subscriptions mean while users can still keep the perpetual licences at a reasonable cost and get a look ahead of whats to come things maybe not so bad for perpetual owners. Dan
  9. Sorry Tim, I didnt have time to do a full investigation on ths, was hoping that the connector would do this as it seem to have worked on my test until I downloaded your file. I think the solution foryou will be in expresso. I read a while ago Shrek had a answer to this by means of expresso, something along the lines of removing the Axis from the velocity. Sorry I cant offer more help on this but If I find the post, I think it was in CGTalk Il post it up.
  10. Il try to shed some light on what I see could be the issue. Someone I was talking to recently was quite excited to have access to subscription as his perpetual was too far behind to upgrade. He was excited at the price that is actually billed annually, but thought it was a monthly payment. As soon as I corrected him this instantly changed the affordability for him. This was just after the announcement was made. The website makes it very clear as to whats Monthly and what is Annually. I think its possible that for many the initial expectation before the site was updated was that one could rent C4D out for what we now know to be billed annually. At the live announcement it was said the subscription will be $59 per month, with a yearly commitment. This commitment I guess was not translated as meaning billed annually. Then only moments later it was cleared up, $59.99 for 365 days, 1 year, and $94.99 Monthly, 30 days. What was missing here was the total yearly amount under the yearly price up as only the monthly figure was shown,. Once people started to settle a bit and thought about it a little longer thats when clarity came, you have to pay up front, and the monthly figure was only a breakdown number, not the actual separate payments one was hoping for. If your not a student and are a new user and want to jump on it at $94.99 this maybe too steep when your going to be learning it, not actually getting much use out of it initially. longer trials are needed, and a indie solution is needed. Other than the above mentioned I cant see the issue here, its made clear, if its not affordable to the world, then over the next year the figures will reflect this. As to the other issues brought up, thats something else, and the lack of all the details at hand gave time for speculation to arise, the absence of obvious details what should have been available had escalated anger rightly or wrongly. What is factual is MAXON has not set a upgrade price for perpetual licences from r22 onward. Confusion of this years upgrade cost still remains for some. The upgrade costs for Studio users who did not get a MSA is the same this year as last year, that has not changed, please correct me if Im wrong. You cant compare the upgrade costs against a MSA this year because MSA is still offered until end of August this year. Just because the upgrade costs this year remains the same, this does not mean its the same for r22 as by then there will be no MSA. I even got confused by this a little. As many complained about loosing Cineversity, MAXON have now chosen to re think this for next year based on the feedback they have got, so until we see the actual figures for next year lets not assume anything on that. Enough said on this I think, Iv got productive things to do in C4D, and life, lets at least give MAXON a chance to refine things, and get us a perpetual price for r22 and Cineversity.. Dan
  11. Connectors can be used as forces that effect dynamics. Try adding a box connector and restrict it on the Y axis, I think in the upper limit. Dan
  12. Modo maintenance for existing perpetual licence users is reasonable at £399, more so if they didn't hold you to such harsh consequences for leaving the maintenance by raising it to £599 for life there after. Modo strengths have remained the same for me, its modelling, UV tools, and action centres. Since version 901 I have not seen a single feature or update thats made me sit up and think, "this is the one iv been waiting for" Thats said being that C4D has most of whats missing in Modo iv not been able to say that for C4D either other than a few things here and there since r16. This is is why Modo remains to be in my tool set, it compliments what C4D lacks. Dan
  13. This makes total sense and for this reason I can see how subscription is an advantage, more so for short term projects. I hit the submit button before I had finished writing the full reply above. The additional part simply was to try to understand in what scenario would converting a perpetual licence for rental when the discount works out significant lower than what it would be to just selling his.her licence? Would a 3k piece of software really devalue that much that a user would get less selling it than the discount offered for them two years? Dan
  14. This I assume will only happen if a user has 2 or more people working on the same project at the same time as he would be paying his yearly upgrade for his perpetual licence, plus subscription, I cant see any other reason why anyone would rent if they already own a perpetual licence. I am still trying to work out why anyone would want to give their 3k licence up for a 2 year discount? Even if MAXON was to offer the first 2 years of rental for free that still wouldn't pay for the value of a perpetual licence? Maybe Im missing something on this? Dan
  15. Here is Nvidia video covering Redshift updates for 2019. Link Dan
  16. Looks like id be waiting a very very long time by now to still not have NLA, upgraded hair system, and significant updates to their re topology tool set. I left at Modo 901. Looks like Blender this year has really pushed ahead, and soon Redshift with some cool features. Dan
  17. The only way id ever subscribe would be on a rent to own basis. This is on the reasoning that C4D to me is not just a business tool, but its a personal tool set for my own creative outlet, it serves both purposes. Owning to me is a long term commitment, renting is a temporary one. The only way id subscribe is when something is temporary in use, or it was way too expensive to purchase outright like a house. Id rent a movie for a night, rent a car to cover a short period, rent a house or flat, but software no thanks. I have no issue with any company adding rental system to whats currently on offer, what I do have a problem with is removing or adjusting other options that remove benefits to the current user base that once where in place in order to redirect users to benefit the company outlined plans while pertaining that changes are for the benefit of its user base. I think the wise choice for MAXON to make right now is to be very careful how much they will charge for perpetual upgrades after r21. Given that they are looking for ways for perpetual owners to keep Cineversity it does show they are willing to adjust for their user base, lets hope the upgrade price with Cineversity plans reflects this also. Of course this should have been in place right from the announcement but id imagine that things where significantly more complicated from a business point of view as to why it had to be at Siggraph, Im sure they where well aware. When Vray4C4D was handed over to Chaosgoup it was portrayed as a good news, this came as a huge disappointment to me, many where kicked out of their perpetual software for future versions of C4D from r21 onwards, and the choices that where in place was not realistic for all its users (rental), Chaosgoup certainly caused me some Chaos, I lost my render engine thank you very much. Redshift was my alternitive, but while it certainly is faster at the cost of under a grand for a GFX card upgrade, it certainly dont offer what Vray gave me, so still I await Randomwalk to replace Alsurface. When I hear the chime bells of rental it makes me on edge as I know very well first hand how it can pan out, lets hope MAXON tries to keep the balance that was there because this was one of the reasons I came to C4D in the first place.
  18. Did you sign or enter a contract with your reseller as iv never had such a email from either MAXON or a reseller. It sounds like they have gone ahead and purchased your renewal on your behalf and are billing you for it. Dan
  19. Hi and welcome to the forum. For clarification, on one hand its said you do loose your perpetual licence when converted, yet you can still use your old licences, this seems to contradict each other. Is the answer more like this. You will loose the perpetual licence that gets converted to subscription, but you can use older versions prior to the version you converted, in otherwords, you loose r20 when converted, but r19 or older you cam use but not sell? Dan
  20. I got that from this email as one of the options. "Whilst cheaper than MSA, this option will mean that you’re on a subscription licence and your R20 perpetual licence has been upgraded and is no longer valid. Subscription licences work during the licenced period, but if your subscription ends and you don’t renew, your software will no longer work." It does not say that your perpetual licence becomes active again, or it downgrades or switches back, but it does say that "Your perpetual licence has been upgraded". The key difference here is subscription from a upgraded perpetual licence which offers cheaper prices, or subscription separate from your own perpetual licence. If the perpetual does switch back on if you stop subscribing then this needs to be made clear in the emails. Dan
  21. Yes you can keep your r21 if its perpetual as long as you dont convert that licence to a discounted subscription. This would mean if you want a subscription your pay the full subscription price either annually or monthly while your perpetual falls further and further behind. What you need to keep in mind however is you may get used to or rely on the new features of r22 or higher, so simply reverting back to r21 would mean you loose them features, and any work that made use of them new r22 features. Dan
  22. Substance in C4D would be some serious painting, but the big update is to be coming soon, texturing across texture sets, that's going to be the game changer and one that's been needed for some time. Redshift should be a native part of C4D, forget prorender and just use that, there is no going back. That VR stuff looks amazing, its the future, true hands on. @Igor your post count, has that shot up suddenly or have you been posting more recently? Dan
  23. Im please to hear this Rick. Honestly, Iv learnt so much from Cineversity, there has been features that go way back before I started to use C4D and there is nothing like being able to see how its done, even videos that are older from a older UI. I would go so far as to say its essential for new users, and this is one of the keys as to why C4D is easy and intuitive to learn. There has been times where Iv nearly got what I needed from the manual, but missing just one bit of info, Cineversity gets me there. Dan
  24. Small test showing Ornatrix Hair from mesh in which the mesh is a plane with bend and jiggle deformer applied. https://youtu.be/TOL6Sm25ciA
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