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  1. I am so glad i found this website!

    Hi, and welcome! There is plenty to learn here, and a wide range of skill sets from its users. Dan
  2. @digitvisions you mite be onto something there as long as he can get the weighting to not round off the edges at the bottom, but I guess he could weight the bottom edge to a vertical bone and use a driver for the rotation of the 4 bones to move a centre bone up in the Y axis. Dan
  3. Pose morph only work with rotations based on a two pol axis for things such as a eyelid. What your after is the volume of the sphere to shrink around the inner volume. In order for this to happen the bottom edges must expand around the volume of the inner sphere, and the only way I know how to do this is with the collision deformer. I understand that you have thickness, and the collision deformer will not adjust the whole volume initialy, but think you can adjust this which I will try. The sphere will morph in a linea way as you need it to expand between the morph. The only way then to do this is to use A FFD deformer and make several morph start, middle, and end. If you do this in the mode (in place) your see how the next morph adds to the last. You will then to drive these morphs in expresso. Another thing to try is rigging the half sphere, and use correctional morphs, this does take into account rotation, but the half sphere is not actually rotating, its expanding, and shrinking around its own, or other volume. Dan
  4. Ok so it is how my file was only with thickness. So you need a way to constrain the outside volume to match the inside as its expands. Il have a think on this, and look about. Dan
  5. Are you wanting to have that animate on only that arrow side like a eye lid, do you have a video or animated example of this as that image says to me you want the laft side to only move towards the top pol so your pivot point would be at the bottom back of that sphere? In my initial demo the whole out sphere moves around the inner equaly? Dan
  6. Hmm, would need to see an visual example in order to trigger off any further ideas to be honest. Dan
  7. Is that the result your after though? I see no rotational movment in the pose morph as to where id place the axis points for rotational based morphs? Dan
  8. This this, I think this is what your after? Changing the colllider to inside and adjusting the structure in the advanced tab will get a smoother result on the pol. Dan Rotational Morphs - try.c4d
  9. How to make C4D lip pushing?

    Maybe not the ideal solution but what about a collision deformer. Iv had to use this method once, and it got me by when using a section of the the geometry to act as a collider driven by the same joint. I just mocked this up quicky but with a bit more effort and time with the settings maybe it will be more smoother? I used this on the fingers for self collision with the body in the past. Using a smoothing deformer or delta mush helps a little to soften it. Dan collision lip.c4d
  10. Pole vector problem

    This is rather odd because the character object does it all for you, the pole vectors and controllers are already in the correct hierarchy, and in the case of the controllers they are not only in the correct hierarchy but are joint constrained? You must have done something to the rig after being built from the character object? Dan
  11. Leaving C4D-Land.

    For me there is no other options. C4D ticks too many boxes that no other app can, so even if r20 isnt what I hoped it to be the worse case would be I stick with r20 and leave it at that and not bother to upgrade again. I know people using r10 still and they are doing just fine. I wouldn't take much notice of rumours. Houdini is way to complex for me, id be going backwards making life harder for myself, not easier even if the tools produce better outcomes. Dan
  12. Looking at it them little dots they are not vectors, but when I moved them up the legs flipped. Dan
  13. The Poll Vector is so small its very easy to miss on this rig. Dan
  14. As you have Studio then that opens doors for manual animation anyway, but as Ibatista said it would need to have the same hirachary which Im totally sure it would not have in order to transfer the weighting over. The Vamp tool them becomes your next try found in the character menu. If you intend on using Mocap Mixamo is a best option. Glad you like Tyrion. Dan
  15. Hi Im a little confused maybe you can clear this up for me a bit. So you have key framed animation going on in the scene which is not driven by motion clips, and you have a character that is driven by motions clips? You need to use a Pivot object for motion clips to get them to the correct position. It sounds like you need to work out the timing, or shift the timing of the rest of the animation to match the limitations you have encountered. If you have converted the original animation which was in sync to motion clips then you may need to drag the motion clip length to alter its timing to make up for the blending frames. All you have to do is drag the motion clip longer or shorter to change its speed. If the blending is happening right at the point where the grab action is happening then blending wont be the best option. Dan
  16. Being that you dont own Studio why would you need to change the rig, there would be nothing to gain from it as your need to add controllers to either rig if thats what you wanted to do. Why is it you need to change the rig? Dan
  17. Thank you guys, knew it would be a simple one. Dan
  18. Hi Guys I figure this is a beginners question. I have a rig that has awful name convention. I thought id use the name tool but there is no option to replace the entire name, only parts of it. If you see in the image because there are numbers after the name which are different I cant use the replace with command for that part of the name. It would be easy if I could rename the whole hierarchy say "unnamed" so I could use the replace with command with a prefix using the Name Tool Thanks, Dan
  19. Keyframe questions?

    I tend to only use the view port timeline for individual animations but that are put into a animation layer. Ultimately the animation layout gives you all you need. Expand the hierarchy in the F curve or Dope sheet view and your see everything together, but for deformers the dope sheet is where your see all the keys together. The S and H keys are the ones I use mostly. Dan
  20. Can you post the file?
  21. Hi Iv rigged a character, assigned spline controllers, and put all constraints in place which include PSR, or Positional . I wish to change the size, and rotation of the controllers without effecting the rig in which the constraints has been assigned too, is there a easy way? Each spline controller is set within a hierarchy Shoulder/Forearm/Hand/Fingers If I wish to rotate the controller for the shoulder of course the hierarchy follows as it was intended, can I dissable this without ripping it apart. The constrain in which joint is assigned will not let me rotate of re position a controller even if I uncheck P,S,R and enable Maintain Original Offset. I have to clear the constraint, and re select it for it to apply without altering the joint. To some extent it would also be desirable to replace a controller without one already in place. In Modo this is easy, I can parent in place with one click, maybe here is some things Im missing in C4D? Thanks, Dan
  22. Need help Rigging

    The fast option would mean to re rig your character from scratch using the character tool The character tool gives you the whole lot but you can just add controllers from the character tool. To give you a basic idea of the process here is what you can try on another simple joint chain, be aware that when you have controllers and you wish to use IK and FK things can get rather complex as the controllers get assigned via constraints and the IK cant work while you have constraints unless you assign the IK chain to the controllers, but your soon run into more work as you need the fk controllers to follow along with the joints when you use IK so more constraints are added to maintain their position, but when you switch back to to fK again you need to cancle out the positioin constraints by using expresso via assigning the IK/FK slider to the strength of the constraints. Before long you have a rather complex setup for something that would otherwise assumed was simple. Another thing iv run into last day of so was that you may want to rotate the hand by the IK controller, this means you have assigned a constraint to both the FK and IK controller but only one can work at a time, so you need again to use the IK slider to drive the strength of one constraint on whiile turning the other off. Im not a expert rigger, Im finding my way, so maybe some more advanced riggers can chime in, and correct or find better ways than Im using. Dan
  23. Need help Rigging

    Hi You have a fast option or a longer manual way. You have studio version so you have the character tool that has a pre made rig. I assume you have the joints in your model, if so I can point you in the direction for adding controllers. Dan
  24. Yes indeed this has had me many times, and had took me a long time to find where the break was. I do hope MAXON gets this sorted. Dan
  25. Yea that did the job select all points rotated the controller, done. On the other note about adding a group null between a joint, iv been wanting to do this also such as have the shoulder in a null, forearm, and hand in in their own null. If I add a null in this way the bones vanishes as while the null may act as a bone if it replaces the end joint of the last bone the bone vanishes, is this something that is excepted? Id much rather add constraints to nulls if posible, but at times Im given a rigged model with no controllers and this is where if need to modify this. Thanks Dan