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    UV mapping issue

    Hi It wont matter so much that the mesh in not evenly divided as your issue is down to the Uvs. You haven't shown a image of the Uvs so cant say much other than they are wrong if the image your showing is using the Uvs for that checker pattern. Next step would be for you to either send me the model and il take a look or show me the Uvs. In either case your need to select the seams if they are not already done so well, cut them unfold and relax the Uvs. Dan
  2. Thanks for the clarification, I always use the powershaders myself as it wasnt long after I got C4D than I started using Vray so got used to the vray set up. Dan
  3. Rectro

    Problem with creating hair

    Thats not right send me the file. Dan
  4. Yes the advanced bitmap must be used and no native C4D shader otherwise DR will not render correctly. Vray has its own powershader which has loads of options. I cant imaging that procedurals wont work if they are loaded into a vray shader, but this is not something iv tested. Here is what the user guide says. http://vrayforc4d.net/docs/vrayforc4d-manual/render-settings/v-ray-dr/ Dan
  5. Better Workflow between Zbrush and C4D Stepping into the link between Zbrush and C4D Iv found a much better workflow this time around. I do not bother with maps during the likeness process but duplicate the Zbrush model and delete all levels apart from level 4. I send this over to C4D to check likeness. The lighting, SSS, hair, shadows and certainly the camera perspective can change allot. Dan
  6. Hello all. This is my first project for 2019. My aim is to create a digital double of the actor Charlize Theron. Im in no rush on this one, so will be updating as I go. I will also be happy to answer any questions. Comments, critiques welcome. Im a bit ahead already so here is the start stage modelling the head. I place down the core loops then fill the gaps. Eyes, mouth, muzzle, jaw line, and head centre line along with the big neck muscle Sternocleidomastoid. I will be making the whole entire body, clothes as a complete finished asset.
  7. This is the first main pass for her anatomy, and likeness. The hair was made from hair system using generate polygons from hair, then I run it though Volumes. Im very pleased with the results so far even as a sculpt. The time spent on making a good base mesh has really helped. I also can't over emphasise how good the sculpting tools are in C4D, this is not all Zbrush sculpting. The render below is in C4D using Vray Alsurface, no GI. Il work on this maybe Monday, but its hard to pull myself away when I'm in flow. Dan
  8. Thank you, Im glad you can see she is looking like her.
  9. Rectro

    Glas isn't transparent

    The glass is Transparent, but there is nothing behind it to show it, in other words the environment or another object. The Refraction can be too high which will bend and distort. Try to bring down the refraction and put a object behind it for tests, your see it is transparent. Dan Another thing to note is that glass has thickness, your geometry has non so wont look realistic. In the image below I used extrude with caps turned on then extruded inwards, see the difference.
  10. Here is some updates, until Monday I think, gota spend time with family. Iv made the extras like Eyes, Tongue, Teeth, Tear Ducts, Lashes. This will all help me get the feel for the progress of the look. Next I will make some mock up hair to aid in this. Iv done Uvs in Unfold3D, and have taken her into Zbrush to get the Primary and part of secondary forms, but before I aim for total likeness I use just anatomy forms first, then tweak it. Il stick with these levels for a while as I tweak her likeness, then add detail last.
  11. Rectro

    Vray for C4D now by Chaosgroup

    Hexagon is not a half bad modeller, and its being worked on again.
  12. Rectro

    axis centre

    Hi The Axis of the model is always shown when the model is selected in (Model Mode) Any changes to using the (Axis centre ) are made and seen only in that mode. When you have one of the components selected like edges or polygons, this is a local axis based on the selection for modelling or manipulation. Right clicking on the handle gives you options for the component axis selection. Also you can use the (Axis modification L key) tool to click on any edge polygon or vert to place the axis for manipulation of a polygon for example, this is only temporary. The (Axis Modification) can be used in (object mode ) to do a similar job as the (axis centre) for instance with that on you can make adjustments to the objects axis position but it moves the axis handles instead of the model. Also be aware that at times the axis centre may seem to not work as expected due to there being verts left behind from deleting part of a model, use the Mesh /Commands/Optimize tool to remove these floating verts. Iv made you a quick video to show what iv just mentioned. Give it 15 min to upload. Dan
  13. Thanks, have to keep pushing one self in order to progress much like bodybuilding, progressive overload. Yea its not going to be easy thats for sure, but I will get better with each try. Females apparently are much harder to get likeness. Wouldn't that be good! Im using Vray 3.6, is has the best skin shader options one being ALsurface. Dan
  14. Rectro

    Problem with creating hair

    Try thickness of 0.1 root to 0.05 tip, add kink at about 25%, bring down the spec level much lower, change plane mat colour to a brown. Dan Dan
  15. Ahh that would do it, glad to help. If you run into issues for mirroring PSD morphs check out my Youtube channel CGdreamsTutorials I have a PSD morphs workflow video on there. Dan
  16. Hi Whats the process that your doing. You should be doing as follows. 1: Rig 2: Weight paint 3: Pose the limb, set key frame for convenience. 4: choose points mode, and PSD morphs. Sculpt the geometry. You may need to post the file. The file added below, can you sculpt that? Dan PSD.c4d
  17. Rectro

    Problem with creating hair

    Noticed you have a corona light in there, you didnt mention your using corona. Your need to add a corona hair material to the hair object. Dan
  18. Rectro

    Problem with creating hair

    Can you upload the file please. Dan
  19. Last update for today. Added some details for certain anatomical land marks. This mesh is intended for sculpting use. If I intended this for animation id pay more attention to certain areas but this should get me a decent mesh to work off. I didnt use any reference for body so will do some tweaking to get it more as I want tomorrow If I get time.
  20. Rectro

    Problem with creating hair

    Hi Your hair material has a thickness, bring that down. It may be the case that your rug is very small in real world scale. I helped someone a while back it should at least look like in the pic below which is a towel not a rug.. Also your notice I didn't use hair, I used Fur which seems to offer a nice render if dynamics are not needed. PS: Another thing that causes what you have is within the Generate Tab of the Hair Object under Type, that should be set to none unless you want geometry, again hair thickness controls this too. Dan
  21. Rectro

    Vray for C4D now by Chaosgroup

    It wouldn't be fair for me to comment on Cycles as I haven't used it, but from the first test feedback I saw it seemed it was slower than in Blender. As iv come from Vray what ever I go for has to be equal to it or better. For character work for me the priority is Hair, Skin, UDIM support, and fast CPU base GI rendering. Corona was the closest regarding skin shading, and it exceeded Vray for Hair but its rental. When I look at a new render engine I first see what others can do with it, and what they as artist have done in other engines. If after a few days of research find little evidence of its quality, then I give it at least 6 hours of a demo myself, but If I find ist way off my expectations I wont look no further. Also just as for C4D the community is essential to me in terms of how I could contribute or how others can aid me in my early stages. As for expertise, Im learning, its on going but don't consider myself a expert in rendering, but thanks. Dan
  22. Quick update: Finishing head and body. I apply a smooth deformer at low level to smooth the mesh out, then use C4D sculpting tools to get general form. I make eye lashes from Hair system then converted them to geometry. These are stand in ones for now while I spend the next part getting likeness, and breaking symmetry. From here I will finnish hands and feet the push it over to Zbrush. Dan
  23. Hi Its a organic shape so would be impossible to have the polygons planar, more so when you get the sculpting brush on it. For adding loops I use the (Loop/Path) tool. I would add the essential loops as I extrude with the polypen tool then use the (Loop/Path) tool after. Im going to try to get her likeness in general then I could maybe put her into Character such as Aeon Flux. Thanks, yes I will get there. Thanks. Yea, cant beat the old way, results are always good. Yea I think so too. Iv been meaning to model her for some time. Scarlett Johansson is on my list too.
  24. Good idea. She is going to be a challenge as iv searched through hundreds of images and she looks so different from one set to another, some images it dont even look like her. I think by the time I get there there will be quite a few different versions, its going to take a fair while but its a personal project so as long as I can keep my focus it wont matter. I make the base mesh so its sculptable animatable to a certain degree so I can make these changes as morph targets like I did my last project. Dan
  25. Rectro

    select only visible

    In case I miss understoood you are you saying there is a option called "hide" hidden edge" if so where is this? You may be meaning "Hidden Line" N-F in which case even as I initial thought fixed it, it didnt. I could only come to the conclusion that its best to select in polygon or vert mode then if needed hold ctrl key and covert the selection to edges. Dan