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  1. oh wow that's perfect, exactly what I need. Its the history node that i needed. thanks so much Jed legend! Tom
  2. Hey Guys, I'm sure this should be pretty simple to do but I can't quite get it right. I need some help! My Xpresso knowledge is not terrible but also not great. What I need to script do in Xpresso: Calculate the distance along align to spline tag (% amount should work ok) between current frame and previous frame. Here's the context: I have an object emitting particles. That object has an align to spline tag and is key-framed along its length during the animation - so the object moves fast at some points and slow at others. The speed of the emitted particles is 0 - when they form they stay where they are. This creates a tail of particles. The length of the resulting tail is controlled by the particle's lifespan. A short lifespan means a short tail. The problem i have is when the object slows the tail decreases in length & I want the it to remain a constant length. Therefore, the life of the particle needs to be derived from the speed of the moving object. At faster speeds the lifetime of the particle can decrease. My plan is to derive the speed of the object via the distance it travelled on the last frame. Then plug that into a range mapper and pump out the lifetime of the particle. Just can't work out the setup of deriving the % change across the spline from previous frame to current. I've played around with the time node, spline node and spline tag in Xpresso but no luck. Thanks in advance for the expert input! Cheers, Tom