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  1. Fair question, but I don't actually know!? I thought it looked like a spaceship or a drone of some sort. Let's call it an 'interceptor'. It's really a boolean modeling exercise I banged out in about an hour with Groboto, C4D and Polygnome. Anyone else remember Groboto? I wanted to see what I could do with these things together. I think I could make some more finished looking work than this, but I wanted to share because Polygnome is awesome and I'm having fun with it. Need to make more parts for the junkyard. The assetizer works beautifully too.
  2. Thought I would post one of my first tests with Polygnome. I LOVE this plugin. Amazing addition to the C4D toolkit!
  3. When I visit this section of the store it's empty other than a rotating banner at the top of the page. Is this because there are simply no products right now? Just wondering if I'm seeing the same thing as everyone else. I'm not familiar with what has been offered previously, and thought there was a chance I'm just not seeing whatever is supposed to be there.
  4. Best way i've found to get the animated mesh from c4d to e3d is with r16 and steadybake. It might work in later versions too but i had the best results using r16 for exporting vdb mesh with xparticles. Just remember to also make a giant box geo with it's own material around your whole scene to keep your element 3d animation aligned in the AE/E3D comp.

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