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  1. Great plugin, a timesaver, using it constantly!!!!
  2. I second that. MAXON could do something with Bodypaint.... it is so ancient it has become unworkable.
  3. With Nitroroom one can also build houses and as the plugin says, rooms, interior houses..... It also has a place object tool which you can use for any project. In combination with Nitrobox it is super good. And not expensive as well.
  4. I am on High Sierra. Not on Mojave. Very late reply. Sorry about that!
  5. liseng

    C4D Cafe 2.0!

    Really super!
  6. I am also on a MacPro 2013. Vray, same version as you have, opens up in R20 with me. In R19 as well. I do have the issue of slow rendering though especially when I use the RT. Picture viewer is much faster for test renders. You can use that or the native VDB. With me the interactive RT window doesn't do updates too well anyhow so you could just as well use the VDB /picture viewer. The problem for Mac users is that we do not have these Nvidia Cuda cards that almost all renderers use. (PS. I hardly ever use Vray, but Corona or Arnold instead. They may not have as many gorgeous features, but both are very fast for CPU renders)
  7. This is extremely helpful. I bought many of these tutorials in the past but I can now finally also study how to do it right as I follow along. You are the greatest. Thank you so much!!!
  8. Yes, Arnold has subscription and maintenance (but I had Arnold before it became Autodesk so it might be that new customers can only do subscription now. Don't know about that.
  9. Arnold has both subscription and perpetual. Maxwell is perpetual. Corona so far is free, but I think it will be subscription when it will be official. These are all CPU renderers for now. Redshift is mainly GPU and Nvidia (as you already said yourself - two limitations). Cycles4D and Thea are hybrid renderers, but the CPU rendering is quite good. They are also forever, not the maintenance of course as with all the others. You are so right about that the options seem to be decreasing. Awful really. I would like to choose what is best for me and not what is the trend of the moment.
  10. Cycles does not work with R20 yet. But Insydium made a bridge plugin which does work. You have to copy the following two plugins from the X-Particles plugin folder into the Cycles plugin folder and then it will work fine: To use the Bridge with other plugins copy the two R20 plugins from the latest X-Particles folder (X-Particles.xlib and X-Particles.xdl64) into the Cycles 4D folder (or any R12 to R19 plugins folder).
  11. Corona and Arnold work really well on a Mac and they are fast and CPU based. Vray has issues, can give beautiful renders. Most GPU renderers use Cuda technology to work and work best with Nvidia. Some of them claim they also work with AMD such as Cycles4d (no need to export and it is really a very good renderer supporting CPU as well), but I find using the AMD card for GPU rendering is very buggy! And only works in Prorender (I think Indigo also works with OpenCL but I don't know if anyone uses it). Corona is great for photorealism, but surreal is good as well. Arnold is not really physically correct but absolutely fantastic.....Both are easy to learn.
  12. There is a wonderful plugin by Gamelogicdesign: 4DPublish and in there you can paint, projection paint, import your Mari, Substance Painter, zBrush or 3DCoat textures and paint on them (import UDIMs as well)..... you can paint within the Sculpting Module with a special brush or within Bodypaint itself..... use sculpting masks or regular photoshop masks, paint on layers in several channels and it is works a bit like Mudbox but within Cinema 4d but better. And this is just a summary of all the great much needed features within Cinema4D.... So basically, you can do all your work within Cinema4d and forget about the fact that they do not seem to be interested in developing Bodypaint any further. It is very affordable as well (especially if you only need the paint module of 4DPublish appropriately called 4DPaint...). and I am not affiliated to the Developer, I am just a 3D artist who also happens to be a 2D painter , a visual artist that is.... https://www.4dpublish.com/
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