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  1. Thank you very much, bros! The render setup is pretty normal. The tricky part was to light the scene because I had to paint the ilumination using include and exclude settings. Than I just rendered separated "beauty lights" and common aovs. Than I comped in Fusion, and by the way, I had a lot of issues while rendering the final animation inside Fusion.
  2. Hey, guys! Just sharing a personal project I've been working on. Rendered in Redshift.
  3. wow! this animation looks awesome! Congratulation for finishing your project. It's a huge amount of work!
  4. hey Zullup. When creating a rig is really important to freeze your mesh, controlers, bones and so on. Try to: 01. freeze your assets 02. set yout bind pose 03. scale 04. set yout bind pose again It should work.
  5. if you really want the bones to follow the surface you can try to do this set up but I don't know if your rig gonna break 01. Put a Constraint tag in the bone 02. Set to Clamp, change to Surface, target the mesh, lock the position and than set the distance to zero
  6. Hey man. I think you could try to solve this problem doing some setup changes. 01. Bend the character as you want anbd than freeze the mesh with the Current State to Object. 02. Create a Pose Morph tag, set to points and than target the other mesh. After that you have at least two options: 01. Use a morph deformer and restrict the deformation with a falloff 02. Restrict the Morph points inside the PoseMorh tag I hope it works!
  7. Hey Bro. You welcome! I'm curious to see the result!
  8. Hello Rick, You can use a xpTrailDeformer linked to your spline. I hope it Works.

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