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  1. performance with this characteristics:

    thanks for your answer ... just for a record ... YES is one object ... but have joints to animate the face ..... maybe this joints ? make slower ? here is the video of my project
  2. Hello, I'm working on a mountain with these characteristics: And when I want to rotate the object, it locks a little, Question: Cinema 4D R14 need more RAM or video ram ? Or some idea to improve performance, to modeling my projects ? any help will apreciate so much, THANKS ! .
  3. change color of yellow frame marker

    thanks so much !!!!1
  4. Polygons 'Grow Selection'

    THANKS SO MUCH ... !!!!!!! really thanks .. search for this a lot of days !!!\ thanks
  5. hi ... just a small question .... need some help I use a lot with polygons the shortcut GROW SELECTION ( u + y ) my question is , if there is a way to do in reverse ? I mean decrease or diminish the selection (polygons) picture below ... please i apreciate so much any help
  6. change color of yellow frame marker

    profile updated ! thanks for your help and sorry for the error posting.
  7. Hi just to know on cinema R14 if I can chenge to use 3 different color on frames markers ? here on picture only have yellow, but I need 3 more colores. if this posible ? check the picture below, any help will apreciate so much.
  8. hi again .... :) I am using Cinema 4D and Unity3d programs, and I need to export 95 objects from cinema4D to Unity, in fbx format, I would like to know if it is possible to export them all together, but in separate individual objects (FBX), .... in other words when they open in Unity, that each be totally an FBX format object separately. Is this possible? Thank you very much for any help.
  9. hi ... i am working with joint tools and i need to know if it is posible to save the color weigth selection ..... to modify later it is posible, or another solution to do this ? here is a picture of my work any help will be apreciate so much.
  10. I try this displacer deformer but only work side and top mesh, and I try a gray scale color mask texture, and work , but then how to animate ? again ... thanks a lot for any help. right now i am still trying with joint tool and smooth !
  11. i have this ... will work ?
  12. thanks again ... first i dont know another way to do it ... and second .. i will export the object animated like FBX to unity3d i will be lovely to learn another best and easy way to do this... do you have a name to search a tutorial on youtube to learn this ? ... i will try with the tool weights manager in few hours ... here is 1 AM now but i promise i will try weights manager. Some added advice will always be welcome brother. please. And always grateful. please let me know if more ideas or advice coming to you . hug note: no i dont need external influence by the way. this is just a basic animation looping i need ////
  13. thanks for your time helping me .... I will be waiting anxious And very grateful. Greetings , a hug
  14. Ok first of all thanks for this invaluable help. I really apreciate so much !!!!! . I uploaded my zipped scene. I leave the link to download it, ( click here to dowload scene ) or click here on dropbox download too below : some photos, and a link of a video. let me try to explain my problem please: Ok, let's use our imagination: suppose in space we could animate a gel, a material almost liquid, but thick, and travel in space But it would be moving and constantly animated loop, In a scenario without gravity. I have placed a video of the animated movie monster inc, a character purple, gelatine, well, it is something like that, but more liquid, and i need in space without gravity. This is the link of the video, on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LJ8z7Oi4-8&feature=youtu.be and here, again the pictures of my scene problem.... ( my original scene cinema 4d R14 picture) here is the picture what I reach ... not what i need yet I try 4 days doing this and not reach what i need and .... and here is a picture what i need using bones to animate the gel in the space with 6 or 8 bones again ... any help i will apreciate so much. please i really need help with this. thanks a lot :) /
  15. thansk so much really apreciate the help but i try like you said and is not working maybre i am doing something wrong i try the vertex tool and try all my capacity anothe way to fix this please ? here is a picture my result (no working yet)