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  1. thanks so much
  2. hi there i need to make hair for my character like this please.... is there a way to do this ? thanks for any help
  3. hi avery one is there a way to weld a lots of points and NOT ONE BY ONE ? any help will apreciate so mush ! :)
  4. thanks so much ... i will use zbrush to do it then ... thanks so much
  5. Hi I just need to know if on cinema r14 make a remesh automatically a single object, not in triangles .... only in Qdrangles pelase _ it is posible ? any help will apreciate so mush
  6. Greetings again ... I just wanted to know if it is possible to export all my objects in FBX format, but as individual objects, in other words, create 200 FBX objects in a single folder. is this possible? thanks
  7. thanks ... really thanks.... its working now. not all at ones.. but one by one like this... in 10 minutes all of them . thanks
  8. I have over 200 items, but the axis of each is in a different position. How I can do to move the axis of each object to the bottom right corner, all at once?
  9. Hi. just to know how to move all my objects to 0,0,0 position at same time. now i do one by one, but how can i do all at same time. i need this to export ... all of them at the center on the scene using cinema 4D R12