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  1. It's not related to XParticles and there's no picture viewer being used in my current project. I think it's just some kind of RAM problem, maybe some kind of memory leak. After a while c4d uses a LOT of RAM with some files (different files, but with many objects). Then when I close c4d it takes forever to clear this. You can watch it in the task manager. When it reaches zero the process closes. And if you kill it it's the same result, just faster.
  2. Yes this is happening a lot especially when using it for a while just like grain said. It's pretty annoying, and it gets worse with larger files. It's also useless, the scene is saved and THEN it does this. If I just kill the cinema4d process in windows' task manager it kills it and everything is ok. Cinema should just kill itself whenever it exits ^^ This issue became worse with R17. Sometimes I have to wait a few minutes until it gets better. You also cannot restart the program until it gets rid of all the used RAM which takes forever. If you need to restart it right away you can only, again, kill the process manually IF you can reach the task manager while the system doesn't respond.
  3. I would also try and find a managed dedicated server (managed = you don't have to be a linux admin, with the usual web admin like confixx oder whatever). Of course those things cost money, too. Many of those should have a contract that lets you cancel every month, so if you're serious about this invest the money for a month and try it. Of course you cannot test it publicly with all the users. But to make sure it can run and everything is there... that's possible before you cancel the old one. A german company famous for its reliability and quality is Hetzner (https://www.hetzner.de/gb). But I do not use one of those managed servers. That's just what you can read on forums. Make sure to read all about bandwith, many of the "serious" offers do not offer unlimited free bandwith.
  4. I don't think ipb cannot handle the forum's size. For an established system it should not matter if there are 50.000 posts or 500.000 posts. It's just database access. Do you have some kind of server logs or some visual thing where you can monitor the CPU or RAM load of your servers? (edit: ok you just said the servers are the problem ^^) For me everything is working as expected as long as it's loading. Only problem is that often it just doesn't load, time out, cannot reach... stuff like that.



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