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  1. Thanks for replying:) Are you refering to the tutorials on the Insydium site? Have watched a few but they seem to mostly use cycles for rendering (at least in the ones i've seen so far:))
  2. Sorry yes i meant rendering specifically x-particles:)
  3. Hi guys, I'm struggling with finding some good training/ video tutorials for XP rendering. I can't currenly really afford to get Octane or Redshift as i'm only a hobbiest plus in these uncertain times I'm trying to save money. Which I'm sure we all are:) Can someone point me in the direction please:) Thanks
  4. Hey guys, Really new to x-particles:) I've setup a basic scene with an emitter that i've generated geometry with an xptrail object and xpsplinemesher. I've also got an attractor object in there to pull the splines together. I just can't seem to get the dynamics to work....aka i'm not actually sure which tags etc to use. I've had a good play round for quite a while with different objects but without sucess:( I've attached the scene, but i'm guessing its a pretty straight forward fix i just not getting the right combination of tags and settings etc. Even a link to a tutorial:) Thanks in advance I'm at home for 3 weeks now so you might have to get used to my stupid questions:) spline dynamics.c4d
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