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  1. Hello Deck Thank you for that, I had an area light in the scene, but as I recall I still wasn't seeing any difference to the decals on the keys when it was switched on, so I think I left it switched off although I think its still in the scene. Anyhoo, I'm much obliged to you. I will get working on it and resubmit using the routine to include assets that I overlooked that Cerbera pointed out to me. J
  2. Cerbera hello, Thanks for that info, please note my message crossed with yours, I had posted my last before I saw yours as a reply to Deck. I will have a look at these tomorrow. Thanks guys! J
  3. Hello, Sorry, my bad, I suppose I should have sent the decal png file too. Should I have sent the "back lit" material i made as a separate file for you? I won't be back home at my PC until tomorrow at least. Let me know what you need in the project file and I will resend. I'll also take a look at your file. I'm very grateful to you J
  4. Keypad Alien.c4d Hello again, attached is the C4D project file. I removed the dirt mask, and just left the subsurface scattering material and the decal on one of the cubes(keys) it made no difference other than the weathered look not being on it anymore. I can't for the life of me figure out how it is that I can create a cube from scratch and apply the decal and it comes out in colour, but when I have a material with the SSC effect turned it it comes out monochrome. I obiously missed something. I have it set to UV mapping, thus the reason the decal looks odd. But I have tried the other mapping options, which as I expected are really only settings to do with how the material is wrapped around the object. Any help would be greatfuly appreciated. The image attached is the panel I'm trying to recreate as per Alien movie 1979. Thanks John
  5. Hello, Not at my PC right now will check tomorrow. The other materials are the dirt and grime masks I applied to give the edges of the keys that weathered look. I think I may have tried a different order before but to no avail. Thanks for your interest as I am totally stuck. Will come back to you shortly. John
  6. Hello, I am using the subsurface scattering effect to create a keypad lit from within. The problem is when I apply a PNG color decal to it then it comes out monochrome. The screenshot below shows a test decal with is a red square and green circle on the alpha channel, as you can see the square is black and the circle is transparent. I posted this in the lighting section of the forum too but thought it may be more to do with mapping than lighting. Any ideas anyone? Thanks John
  7. hello again, It seems applying my png image to a new cube works just fine. But an object lit with subsurface scattering is causing the decal image to come out monochrome. Is there a way around this? I've tried all sorts of things but the decals for the keypad are in colour mostly but I think the subsurface scattering is the problem.
  8. After a few more days trying different things it is starting to look back lit. I even added some grunge overlays. However I cant map a decal to the keys without the color turning to black or transparent. You can see a test decal on the key on the right, there is a red square and a green triangle I didn't bother to fix the mapping etc but cant figure out why the Alpha channel comes out this way. I created a new material and used a color channel and an alpha and loaded the png into them. I'm stumped!
  9. I am very greatfull to you for all that info. Not haveing the program in front of my at this moment I will have to try to figure out all thoses procedures you mentioned later. The project file would be great if you can. Im using R21. Again, many thanks for this assistance! John Update: Ok I have tried the subsurface scattering effect which has really helped. But I really am have trouble getting the 4 corner gradient to do anything. when I apply it as a new material it just comes out black and blocks the previous materiel completely. Attached is the keys without the gradient.
  10. Hello All, I am trying to reproduce the keypad panel as per the pic attached. In Cinema 4D R21. It is from the movie Alien of course. As you can see the keypad itself is easy enough to model, but I'm having trouble lighting it as closly to that attached image as possible. I so far have used and omni light under one key on the keypad and used the backlight effect. The problem being it looks either to bright or not bright enough. I was just wonder if there is a very simple procedure to have the keys backlit and add some grime and light aging along the key edges as per the movie? Please note the the pic labeled "Image-asset" is a very impressive 3D model variation on the movie panel that I found online. It is really the right look I'm trying to achive. Many thanks. John
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