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  1. Same thing on this end too (Mac R18). Can anyone shed some light?
  2. Scale on a spline?

    Step effector! I knew there was a simple solution. Thanks AB! Woah, thanks for responding kiwi! Much more efficient.
  3. Scale on a spline?

    Please see attached. I'm trying to scale each sphere along the spline, one larger than the next so that it "tappers from start to finish. I tried a cloner with a random/plain effector, but couldn't figure it out. Is Xpresso the answer? Spline scale v1.c4d
  4. 2 object managers? Isolate CAMS & LIGHTS

    Those are both the answers I've been looking for, thanks! I've started using the layers manager a little bit, but there's a learning curve I need to find time for. Once again, C4D cafe never fails!
  5. I'm knee deep into a large project with a HUGE directory and tons of objects. Is there a way to create a separate object manager for my cameras and lights so that I can locate faster? I've investigated "Scroll to first active", but I filter off my cameras most of the time in the panel tab and does me no good. Any suggestions on how to isolate the cameras and lights better? Thanks!
  6. Using Xpresso to control position

    That's fantastic. It's exactly what I needed! I see what you did with the MATH node. I was assigning to POSITION and didn't think to specifically assign to POSITION X. This really explains a lot in understanding xpresso. I think you're missing an "I" at the end of your name my friend -
  7. Using Xpresso to control position

    Thanks Jed! This community is amazing. What you created is close, but I don't think the xpresso needs to be that complex. I could be wrong though. I just need the object (connector & connector 1) to stay positioned along the spline when I increase or decrease the width parameter in the OM of the spline. As is now, when I change the width, the connectors don't move with it. Thanks again! width_control.c4d
  8. Using Xpresso to control position

    I'm reading over what I wrote and just want to make sure I've explained myself correctly. That's one of the hardest parts about learning xpresso for me. Trying to convey exactly what I'm having issues with...
  9. I have a rectangle spline in a sweep nurbs and as I increase the width property on the spline, I want an objects position to move as I control the width of the spline. I tried using a simple set driver - set driven with the width controller on the spline to the position of the object. That worked once, but when I tried to duplicate it for other objects, the position wasn't aligned along the spline so I think I just got lucky. The width controller would move the second object, but the initial position wasn't where I need it to be. I was using the range mapper to position the object, but I don't think that's right. Right? Any help would be a life saver! -alemundo!
  10. Removing Lines in Cel Render

    Thanks, CBR!
  11. Removing Lines in Cel Render

    Thanks, I appreciate the replies! The problem that I'm finding with S&T is that it takes much longer to render each frame. I'm new to it, so I need to investigate more. The attached is a sample that I did for the client. I need to take this treatment and apply to a 3-5 minute video. I exported 2 pass. Cel shader and standard with a colored luminance channel. Any way to speed up the s&t? I've tried a few ways but it's still can be up to 8 secs/frame and I have fairly fast mac. Thanks! PipeInteg_DRAFTSTYE_v2.mp4
  12. Hello. I have an extruded path that I've made editable and I want to render with the Cel Render. How do remove the triangle polygons to make a smooth polygon face without all the connecting lines/triangles? When I select in polygon mode, the triangles aren't editable so I can't melt or utilize other modeling tools to remove. Any help? Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 1.16.47 PM.pdf
  13. Can't be just the coffee. I've had about 3 cups this morning and I'm still scratching my head over what you did :) You guys got a new fan though, that's for sure!
  14. Beautiful, @bezo! Did you go about the same way CBR suggested?
  15. Thanks CBR, nice to know I"m not the only one that feels this is as challenging as I thought! I've been in C4D for about 5 years but mostly Motion GFX and felt it was a head scratcher. I appreciate the guidance!