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  1. i figured it out yeah i ve done with PLA thank you for helping me i appreciate it. im adding the file if you wanna look it out sarkan.c4d
  2. thank you for quick answer! i want rope to bend as the man slides down. he s a climber and it should be a rope access animation so; i want man slide down when the rope bends in his chest and rope s start and finish should stay straight like in the new file ive attached sarkan.c4d
  3. hello all. in the file ive attached; i want to rope move as the man moves down, is there any practical way to do it except point level animation? i hope my topic is in the right side of the forum. thank you all. ropeduz.c4d
  4. thank you for your answer. it s all fine now
  5. hello all. in the file i attached there is an emitter with sphere inside child of metaball. i add rigid body to sphere and collider to cup but there is no fill. please help me and sorry for my poor english i hope it was clear dolum.c4d
  6. hello all. i hope im at right section to ask. in the file i added there s a soccer ball with following spline. i want to rotate the ball by its axis. is it possible? thakns in advance soccerball.c4d
  7. hi all. in the file i attached there's a ball with xpresso tag that rotates along z axis. but i want to rotate ball also x axiss and z+x axiss. help me with that please thank you in advance Untitled 3.c4d
  8. hi. thank you for your answer. you've already explained my problem in second topic but seems a bit complicated to me. do you mind prepare for me an example scene? thank you
  9. in the file attached; i want to move spheres when the spline moves. at the same time. like they are connected. i know my english terrrible and it s a nooby question but that s the deal. thanks in advance. omer Peeping-eye.c4d
  10. thank you Deck. problem solved!
  11. hello all. i want to make an animation like carrom disc pool https://images.app.goo.gl/iwJkk3tRYdJDBP9V6 i have my floor with collider tag and 4 holes at corners. i have 2 disc with one collider and one rigid. so collider should hit rigid and make it go to hole. but theres a problem. disc hits no where and bumps. if you watch the video or look at file i attached you will see the problem. i want to disc falls into hole carrom-cb.c4d Untitled.mov
  12. thank you for the answer. i'll give it a try!
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