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  1. i figured it out yeah i ve done with PLA thank you for helping me i appreciate it. im adding the file if you wanna look it out sarkan.c4d
  2. thank you for quick answer! i want rope to bend as the man slides down. he s a climber and it should be a rope access animation so; i want man slide down when the rope bends in his chest and rope s start and finish should stay straight like in the new file ive attached sarkan.c4d
  3. hello all. in the file ive attached; i want to rope move as the man moves down, is there any practical way to do it except point level animation? i hope my topic is in the right side of the forum. thank you all. ropeduz.c4d
  4. thank you for your answer. it s all fine now
  5. hello all. in the file i attached there is an emitter with sphere inside child of metaball. i add rigid body to sphere and collider to cup but there is no fill. please help me and sorry for my poor english i hope it was clear dolum.c4d
  6. hello all. i hope im at right section to ask. in the file i added there s a soccer ball with following spline. i want to rotate the ball by its axis. is it possible? thakns in advance soccerball.c4d
  7. hi all. in the file i attached there's a ball with xpresso tag that rotates along z axis. but i want to rotate ball also x axiss and z+x axiss. help me with that please thank you in advance Untitled 3.c4d
  8. hi. thank you for your answer. you've already explained my problem in second topic but seems a bit complicated to me. do you mind prepare for me an example scene? thank you
  9. in the file attached; i want to move spheres when the spline moves. at the same time. like they are connected. i know my english terrrible and it s a nooby question but that s the deal. thanks in advance. omer Peeping-eye.c4d
  10. thank you Deck. problem solved!
  11. hello all. i want to make an animation like carrom disc pool https://images.app.goo.gl/iwJkk3tRYdJDBP9V6 i have my floor with collider tag and 4 holes at corners. i have 2 disc with one collider and one rigid. so collider should hit rigid and make it go to hole. but theres a problem. disc hits no where and bumps. if you watch the video or look at file i attached you will see the problem. i want to disc falls into hole carrom-cb.c4d Untitled.mov
  12. thank you for the answer. i'll give it a try!
  13. hello. to get this kind of result (attachment) which tool should i use? thank you.
  14. hi all. i have my character rigged and when i want to animate the leg i rotate the joint but the result is a bit weird as you can see in the video. sorry if it's a noobish question. and thank you in advance. rigging-problem-2.mov
  15. hi folks. i rigged my character but shoulder joint pulls skull a bit as you can see in the video i uploaded. what do you think about that? i also add weight map and re arrange it. you can see it in picture that i uploaded. thanks in advance. rigging-problem.mov
  16. i uploaded the final animation. thank you so much! dronn.mp4
  17. reversing the animation sequence solves the problem! i iuploaded the result. thank you! dron-wip (Converted).mov
  18. yes, the text spline parallel to the ground. im gonna equal the drone and splines speed. thank you so much.
  19. i'm gonna try this out. thank you. i'll share the result.
  20. hey all. i have my drone model attached on a rope with spline dynamics and constraint i want to make an animation that drone lowers over time while following a spline (spline draws a word-you can watch it in a video that i uploaded) so as the drone lowers, rope should draws the actual word. is that possible? thanks in advance. Untitled.mov
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