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  1. Ok I think I have found the way to do that. I just put a STOP tag on my sweep(mospline) and put the main cloner in the connect and that works... Thanks guys
  2. I have already try this setup but the strange thing is that don't emit from all my clones(think it's because the cube cloner is a child of another cloner with the mospline). Probably not possible to achieve what i want...
  3. Hi everyone, I try to achieve a simple preset. I have a mospline(inside a sweep) and a cloner with a cube(set to one offset -1% to put it a the top of the mospline. Then i put in a null to group and clone this stuff in a grid array to make a floor of flower. I want to generate particles from each cube cloned on the top of the mospline. So I use a matrix object and Xpresso but I'm sure I don't do this correctly. I always get only one cube who generate particles. I attach a test scene. Thanks TestScene.c4d
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