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  1. Not gonna ask why a hobbyst need Redshift twice, but yes, for a hobby or indies, sadly MAXON doesnt have anything to offer. For professionals, though, C4D remains affordable (Houdini, Maya, Max are more expensive). Blender is still free though, but its hard to change the workflow of a company. I mean, letting go an employee who has been in the company more than ten years and is already proficient in C4D is way more expensive.
  2. For what im reading OM is not going away, but Xpresso on the other hand will be redundant once Scene Nodes is fully implemented.
  3. Even if MAXON PAID ME to use Prorender,.... I wouldnt.
  4. Thanks! they look great, and with Viewport Renderer + MBL, its instant rendering for Broadcast News as in my case.
  5. Totally understandable. I also have concerns about pandemic. My advise remains as follow: use blender + eevee. Dont buy the videocard. It would be $ 1200 for very small speed on an already impressive viewport renderer. Of course any work that requires particles will have to wait a little bit, because atm blender particles -while better than c4d native particles, are no match to Insydium, wich you already have. If you have C4D perpetual, keep Insydium, and model / uv in blender. That way you can keep your clients happy and the income stable with a production proven particle p
  6. Unless my math is wrong, Red giant complete is $ 600 redshift is $ 500.. If the three equals 1200, then C4D is $100, way below Houdini indie.
  7. Thats the price for c4d plus red giant ($200-600) + redshift ($500). Indie has its own rules, depending of how much do you earn, you may not qualify. Anyway, its good to know you already decided. Good luck and take care!
  8. I forgot to add, splines in Softimage was the most painful thing to do in the history of 3D apps. Maybe developers thought we designed our logos in Illustrator and then imported then into XSI, who knows? The first time I used C4D, I thought "Thank God, this Is so easy to setup!"
  9. If I remember you pressed F3 to add *primitives from the viewport in ICE. ICE could access even parameters usually hidden from the end user. What Softimage lacked was splines and something like motext. Also, recreating mograph in ICE required a lot of work. While users knew what ICE was for, seems Autodesk didnt, because some guy at Autodesk asked XSI users -myself included- for a list of favorite nodes we used the most because he thought ICE was a particle plugin. He didnt realized ICE was coding with nodes. If someone asked me what is my favorite Visual Basic word, what can I say
  10. Cycles is slow. If you want speed, use Eevee and save the money. The 3080 will gave you negligible speed improvement with Eevee. 2.92 is the future, we can also speculate Redshift RT will be faster than Arnold / Cycles and everything. Only Insidium knows what 2021 xparticles is gonna surprised us with. You need to ask yourself. Right now -not in 2021- are you proficient with C4D?
  11. Maybe its too early to ask.. but it will allow interoperation between xparticles and plugins?
  12. Screen Space Reflections and viewport rendering enhancements (with magic bullet) are welcomem, looks Eevee on steroids but more testing has to be done. Also MAGA (Make animation great again), looks simple to setup and very useful for motion graphics as well. Looking forward for this release. I hope they wont break GoZ. Fingers crossed.
  13. C4D to Unreal Datasmith plugin is production ready. Blender has an unoficial Datasmith export and a coming soon official plugin. You guys should check the C4D datasmith because it even works with custom user data.
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