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  1. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    sorry third post, blender is basically work for free, so kudos to the guy who got hired, GPU Arnold development is going for like two years or more, so the more the better, especially when the competition is aggresively taking the world by a storm, and Arnold has this "slow renderer" reputation (even if version 5.0 is not)
  2. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    About Redshift, at the rate a new GPU is born in the market, I don't think they can buy them all...
  3. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    No, I dont wish it, but Bloomberg article was so vague, every gossip and assumption is fair game. Is what we are are doing it for like five pages now, plus it would be the wise move from Autodesk, wouldnt it?, not that I want them to do it, or that I believe SideFX will sell it. But, they are a smaller company than Nameschek or whatever its called.
  4. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    Yeah, but killing XSI backfired them. So buying then killing C4D is gonna backfired them too.. Instead, buying SideFX is logical, because is the best 3d app available for FX, while C4D is comparable to MASH (I do prefer C4D because MASH has a lot of shortcomings) Plus, they dont really know the motion graphics market, while they do know the FX market, and they are deeply invested in the movie industry. Cutman said it best, people are moving to Houdini.. you dont buy the software they were moving from...
  5. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    Anyway, back to the topic... why Autodesk would want to buy MAXON? If they did people would flock to Houdini, Modo, Blender. Plus, they already have Mash, and actively working to implement it. It doesnt make sense to buy a 3DD app that can do motion graphics to compete with Maya. What they dont have at the moment, is a node based procedural software they could buy that they cant compete with.... I wonder.....
  6. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    I dont remember windows going through dark ages, For 3d work I have used SGI and Intel, Irix, DOS, Windows NT and what we have today. (Explorer, Parallax Matador, Softimage 3D, Alias Wavefront, Maya, 3dstudio 4.0, XSI, and today) Working in Mac never crossed my mind, C4D was the first 3d software I knew that worked on Mac without issues. I bought C4D after XSI went EOL, some forum members bought it too -Noseman made a really cool intro of what C4D was capable of on si-community, Brad from Luxology wrote a love leter to XSI, and Houdini created a forum for people to transition. It was and is still ahead of the competition in many areas but sadly not all of them, it lacks fluids inside the app (and no plugin to compensate). I remember the rumors started on XSI mailing list in 2012, but at the time we got really great updates from Autodesk, including Face Robot (a really expensive plugin) and Lagoa Multiphysics for free at the top of my mind, so many of us didnt believe the rumors. I moved to C4D because of the work I was doing at the time -although I never really left- XSI didnt have a proper Type Tool (If I recall it lacked a lot of functionality), the splines tools were subpar at best (again, no plugin to compensate), and C4D copy/paste from scene to scene helped with my work really fast. Mental Ray was quite slow -and it wasnt the latest version- and Redshift wasnt there at the time (or maybe I didnt knew it existed?). I still miss XSI partition system. As the UI doesnt scale properly, is hard for me to stay working with it (a 4K monitor with XSI is unreadable) Im not even gonna ask what compelled you to talk about C4D being behind Houdini on a Softimage forum hehe. Cheers.
  7. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    Let me ask Cutman, you love Houdini, how come did you never considered XSI? It had ICE since 2010 If I recall correctly, It had passes since forever, and it was non-destructive, yet modelling was faster than Houdini's.
  8. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    As far as I know, Houdini have the Attribute Delete node because -among other reasons- exposing too much parameters slows down the network, so maybe they could create a tag to expose the data, but at the same time they have to implement tools so we can use the data exposed, and without compromising 1) ease of use 2) performance. Is just like creating an asset with Houdini, there is a point when you have to decide "are there too much parameters for the end-user?" XSI had a get data / set data node, but XP isnt nodal based. Fitting Maya into XSI never gonna happened, too many people use Maya and too few XSI.. if they did that, people wouldn't start using XSI just because of that, it would have been a tremendous effort and a huge waste of resources. While XSI has many of the controls Houdini have (and at some point they were equally comparable), most people never seemed to be interested in learning / using ICE, while lots of folks here are going crazy tomorrow with the new update from Insydium. I dont know how the userbase moves, people hate Maya because the UI is a mess, although most use it everyday, they love Houdini even is hard but powerful, they also love C4D because its ease of use but limited power, yet XSI, even when it was easy to use, had a clean interface and was very, very powerful, with low level control, never got the big crowd of artists Maya or C4D has. Tomorrow, I can already predict an influx of random daily stuff with Xparticles, and that is great for advertising MAXON C4D. Maybe more people will buy R19 and if R20 is a hit, we could hit Maya really hard. Or maybe not.
  9. Black Friday 2017 - Post your deals here

    I was caught between moving to a new place with my family so I lost all the discounts... I just bought xparticles today because this week I was able to install my PC
  10. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    Insydium does not have its own render, they have a bridge to Cycles, but they dont develop it. Also, while nodal xparticles is a must buy for me, it is a long way from low level access that Houdini have. I dont even know if MAXON / insydium want or can provide us with the same level of control. Not sure if even Maya can (its seven years after autodesk adquired ICE and they still cant implement it)
  11. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    Well. time will tell. while is easy to remember all the software Autodesk buried and discontinued (my beloved XSI was one of them), we must not rush into a conclusion... the article, while maybe true or not, doesn't indicate Autodesk is gonna buy MAXON. If / when its on sale, who knows? maybe we end up with Blackmagic, Adobe, The Foundry or even SideFX? At least Blackmagic could be good news for us, or an approachable Houdini within a C4D interface? (the pipeline is already there, right?) Lets be optimistic. The first XSI update under Autodesk was good, and is still usable, and lets be realistic, XSI didnt have a huge userbase before Autodesk (although they did nothing to grow the userbase). If Autodesk would want to end MAXON supremacy over ease of use, they should buy Insydium instead.
  12. Houdini 16.5 looks amazing

    So do I
  13. Houdini 16.5 looks amazing

    Various levels of motion graphics? Im eager to know, why Houdini is more "sophisticated" at doing motion graphics? Go back to art school and look for all the different schools of painting, and apply your logic there.. is as if Degas would constantly tell Picasso to stop what he is doing because Realism / Impressionism is more sophisticated while telling their followers their idiots for doing Cubism, or Invader, the french urban artist who spent a lot of money drawing atari space invaders icons all over the world. Im not drawn to Houdini threads... i am drawn to art.. we do art here, call it motion graphics if you want... working with billion particles, or images than move proceduralism isnt better art than working with million particles and limited proceduralism. Composition, color, and the artist hand is what defines "there's motion graphics and there's motion graphics".. not the technical marvel behind, or if the artist / studio knows VEX or MEL or if he spends additional money buying plugins like Insydium, FumeFX, Massive, FaceRobot, etc. "The very high end Mograph studios use techniques more akin to a VFX workflow"... they also choose Maya. Good for them, us freelancers don't. So? You were here for so long, you must know by now C4D is aimed towards solo artists, small studios. Different needs for different markets. Final note, I do think Modo, C4D, Maya are technically behind Houdini / XSI, maybe the difference is like driving a car vs flying a jet. Insecure? No thanks, im pretty confident in my driving skills. "Tell me how ProRender is working out for you all?" ...Please go to your own forum and tell them their idiots for using Redshift instead of Mantra. Or their idiots for using Zbrush instead of the amazing sculpting tool inside Houdini. And their bigger idiots for using Nuke instead of Houdini compositor. And true morons for dare to use Maya for character animation.
  14. Houdini 16.5 looks amazing

    One more thing, maybe this guy isn't an artist because he used legos instead of clay.. like, you know, the real artists do. He/she/they seems to know how to join those bricks , right?
  15. Houdini 16.5 looks amazing

    Sounds as if you believe Mario Tran Phuc or Beeple dont do 'real' motion graphics. Anyway, I dont see Houdini or C4D. I see artists behind those videos. Really great artists. Also, thanks for the videos, what I love about C4D, is that I can see those videos, and not only be amazed by them, or share them to friends or among peers, I love C4D because everytime I see a pretty cool video, I just KNOW how to do many of those effects with C4D -at least almost all from video 3 and some from video 1 are doable by anyone- because xparticles and Realflow 2.0 (for water and softbodies) are really easy to play, use and learn, and I don't need a team of artists behind me or a ton of knowledge to achieve mi heart's desire, and, XP4 seems to be following the ease of use from XP3 with more tools to play with. I hope you also know how to do those sophisticated effects in Houdini as well Kind regards. p.s. if I remember correctly, Christopher Nolan also didnt believe Okja was a 'real' movie.