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  1. Xparticles 4 release date

    I am preordering as well. That im sure. What i am evaluating atm is cycles vs redshift.
  2. is Redshift live?

    Im sorry to ask this.. I was kinda living under a rock the past few weeks. Is it out of beta?
  3. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    I use Redshift at home, but at work, they prefer CPU over GPU. At work im looking forward for the Viewport updates and I will keep and eye on AMD integration, wich I hope is better than a third party renderer
  4. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    I have an i5 6500 / 970 gtx at home wich is somewhat fast for my personal projects, but at work I have a Xeon E5-2650 / Quadro M4000... will that do? because right now, at work, Redshift / octane renders at the same speed than my CPU. There are some additions quite useful for character animation (pose morph tag) and workflow enhancements in general. https://www.MAXON.net/en/products/new-in-release-19/animation/
  5. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    The reason I dont use Nitroman plugins is that I think they arent properly tested. Magic Solo doesnt quite work well with x-particles, but C4D Solo does... I dont think its the same code.
  6. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Voronoi Fracture enhancements seal the deal for me... count me in for R19.
  7. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Either no one noticed that, or integrated =/= free version.
  8. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    They did a public beta testing of Bodypaint, so who knows? perhaps based on people's feedback they had to push back the updates? I didnt participated so I cant tell.
  9. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Come on guys, this attitude doesnt help at all: - A year ago MAXON posted a blog about improvements on Bodypaint and a new partnertship with AMD - MAXON previewed Bodypaint and opened a Beta testing for it. - MAXON previewed AMD Prorender. - MAXON also posted a blog before Siggraph talking about the future. People reaction: We dont have a roadmap. MAXON dont talk to us, they must be embarrased of R19 Am I missing something here? Its no wonder why Srek left.
  10. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Yeah... I hope the next week we get to live to see the new upgrades.
  11. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Yes, but -depending on your needs- you also need to either pay Arnold fees for batch render in Maya, or buy a GPU render engine for both Maya and Houdini, because they are pretty slow render engines.
  12. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Well.. it "only" took them a full year to fix the bugs they introduced in the first place.
  13. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Thats exactly what im thinking about Maya 2018 :D
  14. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Well. they better fix the "make pretty" button in R19.
  15. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Well. the cat is out of the bag for Autodesk Maya, and looks to be the same ugly cat... so a little teaser from MAXON wont hurt us.