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  1. Do you guys happen to know why final render in cycles is a little brighter than live preview?
  2. A couple presentations today focused on after effects + redshift + c4d so.... The plot thickens
  3. so.. do you guys know if Inysidum and Redshift interoperability is great? (sorry cycles!)
  4. Im speechless and at the same time want to ask so many questions about the merge! Well played MAXON!
  5. #### Oh my God MAXON knows when something doesnt work (Pro render, Im looking at you).. .but, what about Insydium Cycles bundle? Does this means Redshift will be in R21 ???
  6. Nodal workflow, and xparticles is basically houdini lite, way easier to work with until c4d can keep up with the speed.
  7. http://www.cgchannel.com/2011/02/video-autodesks-future-of-3ds-max-xbr-webinar/ As you see, this is hardly the first time autodesk talks about a roadmap. In case you guys want to keep believing them...
  8. Autodesk didn't do it. They talked about project Excalibur, yet it was discarded. They also talked - in 2016 - and showed a video of dynamic modeling, yet pixologic zbrush ended doing it and Autodesk either scrapped or is waiting for a 2020 release. What part of the autodesk roadmap actually was implemented? Does anyone know?
  9. Some effectors -like the time effector- dont have a Normal attribute to point them towards a specific direction, only position in space. Perhaps is that?
  10. Excuse for what? If stability is so easy to achieve, then by all means whats the excuse Modo and Maya have to crash so frequently?
  11. Not just more control. Houdini is powerful but tools that work om the fly here simply doesnt exist there and if you are used to them, you have to recreate them and sooner than later you'll need vex. Last time I used Houdini, in order to clone (copy stamp) around polygon center you need to add an attribute wrangle to find the center point of the selected primitive and delete the remaining points using vex, and God I hope they have added a node to orient a clone around a normal instead of using vex or the unintuitive workaround of adding a facet node I believe?
  12. Probably can be faked with AO and noises
  13. To be fair, C4D / Xparticles requires zero knowledge of scripting to be proficient with it.. while Houdini on the other hand....
  14. Node base materials - Same im using Redshift, but hopefully they expand it to Xpresso ProRender - Seems like V 1.0 (last one was alpha/beta) Lets wait and see. Cant hurt another GPU render if they fix the speed. Mograph Field - The whole point of Mograph is to work faster and easier, so its a really great update, one who translates all across C4D into Particles, Deformers, Vertex Maps. Its the reason we use Cinema 4D instead of another 3d app. But, if you prefer animating by hand, by all means go for it. CAD data import - https://www.traceparts.com/en browse them yourself (100 million parts) and see if it doesn't help you at all for modeling. Volume Modeling - Is extensively used in Houdini, so I'm not really sure why are you complaining about this one. From modeling to importing VDB http://www.openvdb.org/download/ MAXON is just starting with this one. You missed Multi-instance cloner, a must if your viewport begs for mercy when using Mograph, some enhancements to Object Tracking, and the long awaited delete polygon + vertex with a single click.
  15. Main difference between Octane / Redshift / Cycles / Arnold and C4D native render are interactive preview, speed and flexibility. Octane / Cycles have some cool glows and color presets that can be done in Post. Even Arnold can be a lot faster than C4D physical render. If you value IPR, speed (workflow and/or render speed) and flexibility, you should get into GPU render or into CPU Arnold. IPR alone let you spend less time setting up your scene mood, and even if the final render is slow, you can let your PC do the work overnight. Octane is going to be free -no release date yet- for users with less than three videocards. Maybe Redshift will follow (they said they will going to add a monthly sub like Octane does).



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