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  1. ? That's not bifrost visual programming, so in the spirit of bringing another app into the discussion, I can do that with c4d standard and Houdini Bridge.
  2. Hopefully never, Bifrost Visual Programming is full of bugs and painfully slow, have you actually use it? I even have trouble finding a tutorial youtube video without "my pc crashed so I paused the video"...
  3. Redshift integrated into C4D, like Arnold with Maya, also... a beefier update, because why are we going into subscription if we dont have features because the devs are waiting for the new core? what are we paying for?
  4. I get that, pretty much goes against the "3d for everyone" motto, right?
  5. If modeling in C4D were faster than other packages, Holger Biebrach wouldnt be selling HB modeling toolkit with at least 80 scripts to improve the amount of clicks one has to do in C4D for basic stuff. Plus, our UV tools, plain suck so that's one big feature we still don't have, how much time would you save there? For me, Blender is faster for modeling than C4D (because for some odd reason, C4D solo mode doesnt work all the time, align normal is accessible only through SRT tools, subdivide requires to turn off, cut loops, turn on, test, and a plethora of reasons that I just find annoying and time consuming in C4D). I can then export any obj I create with UVs into C4D to work with RS + XP. You can give it a try with 2.8 to see if that worflow clicks with you. But, how is a welcome addition something you said yourself wont use often? How on earth can we keep supporting these odd decisions by MAXON? Is it because we create tutorials for C4D? or beta test stuff for them, than we have stopped complaining and defend these decisions? ---- and im not talking about subs, im talking about adding features no one was asking for, where basic features are still missing, like the mentioned UV tools that we have been asking MAXON for almost a decade or more.
  6. In a couple of years Houdini, Maya, Max, and hopefully C4D wont be sleeping without new features while Blender adds everything nodes in 2.83, plus you dont know how fast will it be, what features will it support, how easy or hard to master the new particle system will become. So much unanswered questions. You need to compare the present, not the unwritten future.
  7. But copy paste polygons and welded caps are updates of existing stuff, not new fatures. And while field force is great, you better spent £ 540 on xparticles with a lot of features like fluids, smoke, grains, cloth, dynamics and xp flowfield than £ 3567 perpetual on C4D with field force + minor stuff, or £ 732 sub a year. for the record xpflowfield >= fieldforce, so I prefer money saver than realtime saver, especially since xparticles is so much bigger than flowfield, cost £ 192 less a year and a third of that the next year ( xparticles maintenance: £230.00 , cinema on the other hand is still £ 732 every year) So, not only cinema 4d is competing against Maya, Houdini, or free Blender is also competing against its own plugin, and I dont want to sound rude, but eveyone who thinks is saving money buying C4D R21 , instead of keeping forever R20 + xparticles, is shooting itself in the foot and the wallet at the same time.
  8. Is not a fork, it's RC3, release candidate 3, a stable beta version before 2.8 was officially released. Usually a fork exists to help developers test new features, like a beta beta (sculpting fork from Pablo dobarro, everything nodes fork from Jacques luque), once they are finished and stable most likely they are merged with 2.8 and Blender becomes 2.81 You don't need to use a fork, ever. There are of course forks specialized in different areas - as it is open source people expand the parts they want to work, like bforartists (an enhanced UI version, but 2.8 feels better in my opinion) As I don't use octane , because blender already have eevee and cycles gpu/cpu, I don't know if octane works in 2.8 final.
  9. Do you guys happen to know why final render in cycles is a little brighter than live preview?
  10. A couple presentations today focused on after effects + redshift + c4d so.... The plot thickens
  11. so.. do you guys know if Inysidum and Redshift interoperability is great? (sorry cycles!)
  12. Im speechless and at the same time want to ask so many questions about the merge! Well played MAXON!
  13. #### Oh my God MAXON knows when something doesnt work (Pro render, Im looking at you).. .but, what about Insydium Cycles bundle? Does this means Redshift will be in R21 ???
  14. Nodal workflow, and xparticles is basically houdini lite, way easier to work with until c4d can keep up with the speed.
  15. http://www.cgchannel.com/2011/02/video-autodesks-future-of-3ds-max-xbr-webinar/ As you see, this is hardly the first time autodesk talks about a roadmap. In case you guys want to keep believing them...
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