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  1. Showdown at Europa Moon

    Last update... I did some additional changes on the ground and in the smoke, to make it look as if part of the environment. Hope its better this way. I just need some more sampling and im done. Thanks again
  2. Showdown at Europa Moon

    about the smoke, first I was aiming to tell a story.. a starship crashed on Europa, a couple of astronauts wounded and then the mecha protecting them from the monster that was mostly curious about what happend.... I did some tests but real life caught in the way for a large scale project because of my firstborn who is one year old and learning to walk. I couldnt finish it the way I wanted. I ended up discarding the astronauts (but I will model them later) and changed the story to reflect the monster as some kind of huge polar bat, living in Europa and the mecha being the trespasser, and the conflict resolved through peace instead of heavy tech weaponry, and because I always wanted to do sculptures with a little camera movement (zoom instead of turntables, or like the intro from Black Sails), thats the look the image ended up... so, yeah.. I guess I could just have rendered some layers and composited them together.... Im adding the different passes I used to make it. The total animation is 360 frames, and then im gonna do something else, because I cant wait to go back to the drawing board with a proper story. with proper normal maps, and something that wont change during production thus saving me time for my little one. I aimed for natural colors, to reflect the beauty of the environment and to show the mecha (green / orange) and the smoke as the outsiders. I thought I could make it work, but I still have a lot to learn. Also, I tried to do this project the proper way, because Im a little tired of hearing a lot of people thinking Cinema 4D is "that tool for Motion Graphics", so I composited several AOVs in After Effects. Im adding some AOVs, tomorrow I will uploading the animation and start doing either a tank mecha or a lab... I dont know yet... but I will keep trying to improve thanks to your input guys (composite pass, beauty, depth, puzzlematte of hair, volume fog and volume light)
  3. Showdown at Europa Moon

    ----- nothing to see here ------
  4. Showdown at Europa Moon

    I had another look on the image, also a test with camera movement (no animation). Little tweaks here and there. I wasnt really aiming for a scary look.. the monster is just in his ecosystem, like a lion or a polar bear would do. or react. Perhaps its the lighning on his face that washes away some detail.. I cant do much at this point because the render is taking way too long.. I have two machines (40 minutes on a quadro M 4000 / 17 minutes on an GTX 1070 ti). I had to "reduce" the image size by rendering 1920 x 806 and cheating with a "cinema look" to avoid extra rendering time. Once I figure out how to upload a video, I'll post again.
  5. Showdown at Europa Moon

    last update. I tried your recomendations (as far as my free time allowed me), and I think it look better than before. I also re-light the smoke, to be darker. I still havent worked on the tooth modeling, but I worked a little on the material, and in the eyes of the monster as well. Thanks.
  6. Showdown at Europa Moon

    Thanks for the input, I appreciate the critique. Yes, the teeth was an after-thought because his birthday / deadline was right behind the corner (last 25 april) and he is starting to walk so I had less time to work so I rushed some things that now Im trying to correct. Also, I thought -because the monster was far away- the blur and atmosphere will "hide" the lack of detail, but I really liked the skin so I opted not to blur him too much. I really suck at coloring images (I have a bad habit of using very few colors but I have to improve that also), and because I enjoy a lot more modeling than texturing, I mostly use triplanar and do some texture layering with falloffs, and try to compensate with some lightning and mood in the final composition. I'll be more careful in the future. I did a spaceship for him too.. and yes.. I already bought Legend of Drizzt boardgame and Arkham Horror Living Card Game for when he is ten years old (the last one maybe when he is a little older than that). Edit.. also modeled in Zbrush / C4D, Rendered in Redshift / C4D
  7. Showdown at Europa Moon

    Also, this is the scene in C4D, viewport was very responsive once I separated everything into its own layer and decimated / collapsed some geometry. Hair of the monster wasnt too long to calculate either, I separated all the pieces for animation, but ended discarding the idea.. I just love C4D / zbrush workflow so I will keep doing some sci-fi or whatever.
  8. Showdown at Europa Moon

    this is the mecha textured without color correction / lightning. I believe I did some changes on the feet for the final image, and used a different smooth for the barrel of the gun and some parts, also the texture was a little too strong so I changed that as well for the final image.
  9. Hi, I did this piece for my one year old, at first I was going to do a battle sequence, but after thinking in my little one I thought It would be cool to have a peaceful resolution of the conflict (the mecha is invading the monster world, anyway). I did the sculpting of the mecha and the monster in Zbrush using livebooleans and the improved dynamesh from last patch, and the materials, rendering and lightning and environment were done in Cinema 4D. Smoke was done in X-particles, exported as VDB and composited into the scene to receive some volume lightning, and the post composition in After Effects. The mecha design is inspired by one of the works of artist Jon Lane (a drawing of the front of the mecha that looked really cool), as I couldn't reach him, even if is not for profit, I thought the best approach was to show the backside of the mecha (wich I didn't had reference from the drawing). I hope you guys like it. Animation coming soon, although is just camera animation). Rendering was done in Redshift, 10 minutes average per frame because even decimated I ended up with a really large file (90 mb aprox is the scene size), and C4D is just really great at working with dense geometry. Rocks on the ground were cloned and smoothed, I wanted to add more but the cost benefit of the rendering was not worth it. This is my first work posted here. Be gentle with the critics, but please leave a comment so I can improve my work in the future. Next time i'll just use normal maps instead of just decimating and let C4D handle 9 million polygons.
  10. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    sorry third post, blender is basically work for free, so kudos to the guy who got hired, GPU Arnold development is going for like two years or more, so the more the better, especially when the competition is aggresively taking the world by a storm, and Arnold has this "slow renderer" reputation (even if version 5.0 is not)
  11. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    About Redshift, at the rate a new GPU is born in the market, I don't think they can buy them all...
  12. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    No, I dont wish it, but Bloomberg article was so vague, every gossip and assumption is fair game. Is what we are are doing it for like five pages now, plus it would be the wise move from Autodesk, wouldnt it?, not that I want them to do it, or that I believe SideFX will sell it. But, they are a smaller company than Nameschek or whatever its called.
  13. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    Yeah, but killing XSI backfired them. So buying then killing C4D is gonna backfired them too.. Instead, buying SideFX is logical, because is the best 3d app available for FX, while C4D is comparable to MASH (I do prefer C4D because MASH has a lot of shortcomings) Plus, they dont really know the motion graphics market, while they do know the FX market, and they are deeply invested in the movie industry. Cutman said it best, people are moving to Houdini.. you dont buy the software they were moving from...
  14. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    Anyway, back to the topic... why Autodesk would want to buy MAXON? If they did people would flock to Houdini, Modo, Blender. Plus, they already have Mash, and actively working to implement it. It doesnt make sense to buy a 3DD app that can do motion graphics to compete with Maya. What they dont have at the moment, is a node based procedural software they could buy that they cant compete with.... I wonder.....
  15. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    I dont remember windows going through dark ages, For 3d work I have used SGI and Intel, Irix, DOS, Windows NT and what we have today. (Explorer, Parallax Matador, Softimage 3D, Alias Wavefront, Maya, 3dstudio 4.0, XSI, and today) Working in Mac never crossed my mind, C4D was the first 3d software I knew that worked on Mac without issues. I bought C4D after XSI went EOL, some forum members bought it too -Noseman made a really cool intro of what C4D was capable of on si-community, Brad from Luxology wrote a love leter to XSI, and Houdini created a forum for people to transition. It was and is still ahead of the competition in many areas but sadly not all of them, it lacks fluids inside the app (and no plugin to compensate). I remember the rumors started on XSI mailing list in 2012, but at the time we got really great updates from Autodesk, including Face Robot (a really expensive plugin) and Lagoa Multiphysics for free at the top of my mind, so many of us didnt believe the rumors. I moved to C4D because of the work I was doing at the time -although I never really left- XSI didnt have a proper Type Tool (If I recall it lacked a lot of functionality), the splines tools were subpar at best (again, no plugin to compensate), and C4D copy/paste from scene to scene helped with my work really fast. Mental Ray was quite slow -and it wasnt the latest version- and Redshift wasnt there at the time (or maybe I didnt knew it existed?). I still miss XSI partition system. As the UI doesnt scale properly, is hard for me to stay working with it (a 4K monitor with XSI is unreadable) Im not even gonna ask what compelled you to talk about C4D being behind Houdini on a Softimage forum hehe. Cheers.