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  1. Yes, there are so many renders out there, but also UV solutions as well.. and while sometimes we need to UV an object, we almost always have to light, shade and render said object. I havent used AMD Pro Render, but Redshift / Octane / Arnold / Cycles they all provide camera lenses/bokeh/gobo, light settings (volumetrics), material setting (even nodal material workflow), object tesselation, final render and integration with plugins like X-particles and TFD, so I really have to ask again, to all the people that say R19 will "only" bring a new render engine and minor enhancements... sure, this may not what you want, but does it really look like a minor upgrade to you guys? edit : forgot to add: they also have instances (Arnold ASS) so you dont have to deal with billions of polygons, and they also provide a VDB solution.
  2. Yes, I was looking into GPU and also animation because I do mostly news channel car crash / murder animations, and we need to render them in HD on a daily basis in two hours average -from start to finish. But I always wanted to do some modeling, and I keep coming back to Zbrush on my spare time. Basically from what Im seeing, R19 is exactly what I want.
  3. Side question, does Modo has Non Linear Animation or an equivalent to X-particles or TFD? I love most C4D tools but, doesnt hurt to try new software while I wait for Siggraph.
  4. Because im not talking about people in forums, im talking about official tutorials from Autodesk Maya Learning Channel, like this one: As a user im deeply offended by the constant mentioning of C4D, and also saddened because the author seems to know C4D yet she says certain things aren't possible, but in fact are doable. Especially since GSG and others have done a series of tutorial about the very same topic, with tools we had way before MASH. Marketing wise, this shows a constant trend since the adquisition of MASH, they are not only aiming at MAXON Mograph users, they also try to make believe our software has a lot of limitations (wich would be true if they were talking about native fluids). Lucky for us, because we already know a little of our own roadmap, with AMD pro render we will be able to punch them back with some nice demos that doesn't take forever to render... like, you know.. Arnold. But, who knows what they have under their sleeve. edit... also, I have to add, voxels or not, that is a horrible viewport performance. Cloner + push apart modifier dont take that long either to make them or to playback the result.
  5. Have you seen the latest MASH tutorials for Maya? They kept repeating lies about Cinema 4D "Cinema cant do that, this is impossible to do in Cinema 4D, etc, etc" Imagine what they would do with a roadmap.
  6. I also agree with no roadmap policy.. Everytime I heard people asking about roadmap, I just ask myself "ohh a roadmap like Project Excalibur?" Free GPU render is the coolest upgrade from MAXON in a very long time. If it can cut my renders in half, its a godsend. Besides, paid GPU renders cost an average of ~ $500, so upgrading my MSA is money well invested. Lets hope they can add proper support along the year.
  7. Ok.. now we are reading between lines.. "grass is greener" cant be more far from the truth. Here we have our beloved Nigel and three more people here talking about Modo being stable and impressive, lets see whats behind curtain number 1 (or in this case The Foundry Forums): See? They want to be here, and we want to be there. They have Apples, we have oranges, they have Tor Frik, we have Beeple, and so on so forth.
  8. Huh? We dont have point upgrades because of legal issues? How is that? How does Zbrush do point upgrades? Or many softwares we use, including the OS?
  9. Exactly, its a selling point, because (we all hope) AMD will be fast, while Arnold / Mantra are slow. And im not taking only about rendering, but workflow too.
  10. The inclusion of a new render engine is a big deal for any 3d app. 3dsmax / Maya made a big deal out of Arnold (and before that they have the industry standard Mental Ray), Blender's Cycles GPU engine is a great way to 'sell' their free software. Mantra is recognized as a powerful engine, Zbrush own render engine has a lot of functionality, Poser has Superfly engine, and yet all of them have 3rd party render engines to fill the needs of everyone (Octane / Redshift / Arnold / Furryball / Renderman / Cycles / Keyshot / etc). The fact that some users wont need it because they already have a 3rd party engine, doesnt meant It isnt a great update. We could get Bifrost and Im pretty sure some users wont ever need it, or we can get Maya's nparticles and hopefully I wont be complaining about it because I already have x-particles. You know what is a great update? One that doesn't fill the software with bugs. How many versions has Modo up to this point? 10? 11? Has it ever launched a new version without bugs? Does Maya / 3dsmax fix theirs? One would think after 10+ years they will know how to stop their apps from crashing, right? I mean, it took almost a year and three extensions for Autodesk to fix their own 2017 update, and still has weird issues. Is that what we want? P.s. I use Cinema 4D Takes all the time... pretty strange, because that update sucked, right?
  11. Exactly what Redshift is doing.. with all the time Im in the beta/alpha stage, I already translated most of my everyday tools into redshift assets, so when it goes gold, they have my money.
  12. Thanks for all the tips! Nice to know about having the ability to change V key. When I said presets , I meant to store parameters.. I always tend to use the "Set as Default" option (Arnold Skydome for example, as default is hidden from viewport, samples set to 4, color in texture and linked to a specific HDRI ), with presets, I could store different settings and HDRI paths. PoseMasters looks great, I hope you can also add animations as well as stills. I know I can also drag them to the content browser and get them from there, but... is easier to just do it on the tool itself. Voronoi Cluster/ Glue would be a godsend because at the moment I havent found an easy way to simulate it.
  13. I want (obviously not in r19 and yes, I know some are very hard to do unless a complete rewrite) -Voronoi Fracture Cluster / Glue -Symmetry for modeling. -Enhanced Cloth Dynamics with cloth presets. -Improved rigging controls (face rigging) -Ability to tear up the Viewport filter menu. -Priority selection in the Viewport (joints before geometry) -A proper UV editor (the one we are using needs a complete re-design) -Let us move tags to a custom UI Pallete (It really helps when you often use tags from plugins like xparticles collider) -Move Modeling Axis > Orientation Axis to a Pallete button or to V hotkey. -Let us customize V hotkey menu. -Help Adobe with a Full integration with Fuse (Auto face rig script, like they had with Maya / 3ds max) -A display Take name info next to Layout in the top right corner of the interface would save me a lot of headaches. -Simulation Time Scale for dynamics as a Tag, so we can control it locally instead of globally. -Add a store presets button on every possible menu next to User Data (I know, easier said than done) -Create a New Project option, with subfolders for textures, renders and especially cache (right now we have cache files for : mograph / dynamics / hair / xparticles / realflow / turbulence) -Add something similar to NitroPose plugin, so we can store poses and animation clips from characters with reference icons) -Simplify Frame All / Geometry / Select / Element / Default into one, like Maya does, so when not selecting anything it frames everything and so on (KISS principle) -Let us choose the type of material C4D creates by default when double clicking on Material Manager (so we can add a third party as default like Redshift Material) -Let us cycle the background from dark to light or custom, useful when working with particles. Not sure if im missing something. Thanks.
  14. Wow... XP4 ? count me in! Do you have a vimeo or youtube video from the NAB? or is it in Cineversity?
  15. To clarify, the render itself isnt slow, what is very slow is orbiting the viewport or changing materials / whatever interaction while the IPR is active. In both PC's I have a dual monitor setup.