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  1. Barry BBQ

    Yea i think i might revisit it and make a few tweaks, at the moment i'm working on the design for the next one, a hillbilly riding a pig :D
  2. 2018

  3. Barry BBQ

    Aha i actually had a design i was going to use, that had the space invaders font, and read, womb invades, and it has a little pixelated ******,instead of a spaceship :D firing little pixelated sperms XD
  4. Barry Barbecue is the next in the line of new characters, he loves to drink beer,and bbq, and not much else because he's a bit stupid
  5. Is it worth investing in a VFX school?

    It really depends on what you intend to do. If you intend to learn 3d and have a related job in the industry Some art directors/studios hiring talent will want a university type degree in 3D animation / CG etc. Some won't care, if you can make awesome art, you can make awesome art, it doesn't nessisarily matter where you gained those skills, as long as you do indeed have those skills. Places like Pixar, frame store, the mill etc will hire some talent straight from uni or offer internships to students currently taking associated university degrees. So in that respect getting an official shinny university degree sticker will help you get on your way in some amount, but ultimately it I'll come down to more than what's technically on paper, more your portfolio, and arsnel of assosiated 3d skills that make you valuable. As far as just learning goes. I think teaching yourself could potentially offer alot more advantages over a class room. It will allow you to taper your learning around other things like time constraints and work commitments aswell as give you the opportunity to focus your learning curve on something you specially want to do, rather than learning things you may not need like rigging etc
  6. Final - R8 model

    For the tires, i modelled the whole thing as one piece, although modelling one section cloning, it and wrapping it, is a perfectly good way of doing it, as i only needed quite a basic tread, as the model was being rendered with sketch and toon, i just modelled the entire tire, then for the tire tread, i did a loop selection on loops of polys starting on the outer part of the tire and rotated the whole thing slightly then rotated the next loop the same amount in the opposite direction, then extruded the loops in between to give it some depth
  7. Final - R8 model

    Not too shabby at all, for a good quality car model, detailed with good topo 20 hours is a good number, for one with no interior and minimal exterior detail like this, it would definitely be do able in under that, to put it in perspective this landrover model took 20 hours, and that was with no blueprints, just modelled by eye, and it has quite a lot of exterior details, like rivets, bolts etc, as well as some minimal details underneath, but you've definitely made a good start with this :D
  8. Action

    I find your arrogance quite off-putting, also to be honest, although i have to commend you on the amount of work you've put into this, i found it extremely difficult to watch, and only managed a couple of minutes. You have A LONG way to go, so when someone tries to offer you some friendly constructive criticism, it would probably be a good idea to listen to it, it's all good talking about revolutionary changes, but to do that you would need to have mastered the basics, and by what you've posted here, you clearly haven't, V
  9. A "How Do I Model This" Thread?

    Yea i don't see why not, could be a fun , i think adopting the same sort of rules as the polycount thread would be wise, i.e no tanks, cars or things like that, and dedicating it towards sub d modelling
  10. This is Frank, the second character in this new style, he's also pretty dumb:D high res image, click to view full size :P
  11. Chris Schmidt @NAB

    As Long as he doesn't model anything, we should be good
  12. Peeping Tom wip

    but then his little ears will be cold
  13. Peeping Tom wip

    thanks dan, im on to the next character in the series now, here's what he looks like so far https://gyazo.com/55de2c508342e42cefe8f28cbe95929b
  14. Peeping Tom wip

    yea i thought that too, but was thinking ifi made this into an actual figure it probably look better bulging out