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  1. Yep build it yourself! everything is pretty much plug and play these days, very easy to assemble.
  2. Ugh long story man, kinda sucks but missed all you guys!
  3. Great ideas guys, great to see things progressing in the right direction
  4. Christ... fairly basic shape I'd just model it again
  5. Looking good mate, look forward to seeing the next update! Been ages since I managed to do any more work on my personal projects, so it's nice to see you still cracking them out
  6. Any thing non regular and pointy must be destroyed!
  7. XD i feel like i need to make an actual inquistor character now with the triangle blasting laser set to kill!
  8. @Cerberalooking through an old hard drive earlier, i came across an old model and just had to do a render! click to zoom for 4k, to see it in all it's dirty, finger printy goodness! Intergalactic quad police "Triangulis ad mortem" - Death to triangles
  9. The main focus of this update was to work on the materials, mainly the fabrics, added small amounts of hair to the shirt and pants, low count and short in length, the effect is quite subtle but adds that little bit extra, also built some new shoes for the old boy! click to zoom for the full 4k image
  10. I actually have a few on the inside, but yea that needs tweaking really! i'll add it to the list, currently redoing his shoes :D, yea i'm not sure wether i prefer him black or white, either way his face texturing will be getting some more tonal improvements as well, as for edge flow he's quite simply built, ill throw up some wires with the next update
  11. another small update, head uv'd with density and length maps applied for the facial and head hair aswell as facial detail maps
  12. Yea he's got a moustache that I've not quite nailed yet, I also need to unwrap the head and do maps for the stubble , not sure if the arm hair is staying though
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