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  1. haha, you can't really see here, but it does actually have bearings :D
  2. I feel like it could benefit from a handful of zombies sprawled all over it, with a priest equipped with a high powered rifle by the clock tower there, with a caption "keep off the lawns"
  3. looking good man, only thing i think is the grass looks a little to neat, even for a manor of this magnitude.:)
  4. yea man, keyshot. It's rapidly becoming my preferred render method, mainly for the ease of use, you can produce some decent looking renders with minimal effort and saves a bunch of time not having to mess around tweaking a load of individual settings. it's a little pricey but worth the investment, for me atleast. of course you still need a decent model to start with :)
  5. ha me too probably the the best bit! nice texturing on your project btw ;)
  6. version 2.0 :D having quite a lot of fun breaking away from my usual cartoon styling. (click full size for the 4k render ;) )
  7. Bmx

    thanks Igor, not my usual style but having lots of fun :)
  8. i'd model it in a way that had supporting edge loops in the desired area, do an edge to spline, model a single stitch and drop it in a cloner, and clone it alone that spine, this is what i did for the stitching on this uniform
  9. Bmx

    Few more keyshot tests.
  10. Ah man that sucks. Did you go through the verification process correctly? I'd be more than willing to get this sorted for you right away. I just need a few details for verification purposes, the long 16 digit number across the front of your credit/debit card the expiery date and the last 3 digits of your security number on the back of the card, As well as your mother's maiden name :)
  11. You couldn't help jumping ahead to see what it looks like could you ,)
  12. It's my new favourite toy:D
  13. Thanks man. Rendered it out in keyshot 6 . It's awesome!