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  1. id also add that your site looks quite dated, updating this to a more modern, cleaner layout would present your work far better
  2. Yea im still playing around with all the materials , i already have my next project lined up, made a female base mesh some time ago that has up till now been unused so that should be good :D
  3. :D yea i like the style looks cool :P
  4. wats up guys , so felt like ass last week so didn't make any progress on the Jedi, feeling better now though so moved on to some look dev for the body materials :D (click for full size)
  5. I wouldn't bother using it to block stuff out, the advantage of something like fusion is you can make extremely detailed, and complex hard surface models with out having to worry about topology or polygons or any of that stuff, that's what I'd use it for, things like robot arms or detailed weapons etc, things that would be a headache to sub d model in a traditional poly modelling software
  6. it's more of a warning, for the general population, IF you see a triangle, do not try to tackle it your self or look directly into it's eyes, contact your nearest IQP perimeter outpost for assistance, these are dangerous and should only be confronted by trained IQP officers
  7. Nice work so far DV glad to see you still around :)
  8. Very nice Dan, very nice indeed, I'm guessing you're taking the plunge considering the sale and vast improvement on render times? With a 1070 or 1080 for example I could see you easily half that time again and more
  9. Nice work and breakdown hair looks awesome btw
  10. His left brow is the original height , the right one along with the eyelid has been lowered slightly , just to give slight expression as I'm not sure on the final one yet, arms I didn't want to add any sort of definition there as I don't want to go too detailed with the anatomy, and also didn't want to portray him as overly muscular but I wanted them to be over sized to contrast the size of the legs and give him more of a strong warrior type image, i don't think they're so big to the point they don't fit with the character, if you compare the the upper arm to the size of the hands and forearms, they're not really proportionally much bigger than a normal arm, although i chose to give him a longer forearm and shorter upper arm, so maybe thats whats sticking out for you visually (larger upper arm, spread over a smaller amount of space) the whole arm is just generally larger than you'd expect, but that's mainly due to the style of the character and the proportions i chose to go with.



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