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  1. From the album 2017

    Old school policeman :D
  2. An older character I've had sitting on my drive for a while i never did anything with, time for a new lick of paint c&c welcome. Full size it for your viewing pleasure. I may also add a wire frame later.
  3. Lovely :D
  4. Yea me too! Although I've got an idea in my head of how to approach it. Once I've got the body proportions how I want and the pose I'll be much happier :D I'm thinking really it needs to be uvd, but the thought of unwrapping all those poly feathers makes me want to cry a little inside. Maybe just the head.
  5. New addition to the fat birds family, he's gonna be a biggie. head modelled so far.
  6. No eyes. something about a creature having no eyes that makes it way more scary.
  7. please feel free!, i'd be interested to see your take on a cartoon bird :D
  8. Fatbirds for the win! i think you should make one, "morbidly obese cats"
  9. So i figure we should be in the R20 announcement video/promo ;)
  10. It was a private joke, lol but basically they only choose work from artist they feel will show off their product in the best way, so usually it i'll be from some top artists.
  11. From the album 2017

  12. From the album 2017

  13. From the album 2017