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  1. Creality3D CR - 10S

    looks pretty good to me , how do you think they would fair printing these ( i imagine id have to do a little bit of tweaking to the 3d files to make them right for printing, i did get a little feed back on shapeways warning me of thin wires, like the skinny legs and arms.
  2. Creality3D CR - 10S

    ah. I don't know much about the whole printing process with, how good is this printer with printing small details on smaller objects, I watched a video where this guy was printing large objects but I'm curious to know how well it copes with smaller objects, and if the resolutions is crisp enough to get those finer details the more expensive printers can. I'm planing to print my own toys/ figures in the future probably 6 inches or smaller so if love to hear some feed back related to that and how noticble the marks/imperfections from the printing process are
  3. Creality3D CR - 10S

    pretty awesome , i've been looking at the form 2 and the ultimaker but they're damn expensive, this looks pretty good for the price quality wise though i'd rather have the whole thing enclosed than open like that
  4. Toys

    Thanks bro! really appreciate it :D and it's right next to the make everything perfect quads button :D , can't believe you missed it man :D
  5. Toys

    Giving the apprentice the toy treatment
  6. Ah man, you're too kind! give it a shot man, it's awesome fun, literally the possibilities for characters you can create are endless :D
  7. Personal R&D Series

    No worries man it's all redshift sexyness
  8. Personal R&D Series

    pretty nice stuff all round :D
  9. Modelling

    could be a good one for an Elite challenge some time down the road
  10. Modelling

    sds for me too, pretty much sds for everything, it would be more difficult mainly for the placement of the support loops, but if you where skilled enough i don't see it being much of an issue, low poly model the main forms, then if needed, make it editable on whichever sub d level gives you enough geo, and model in the rest of the details
  11. what he said plus it's not just the house that is too clean, it's everything. i've never seen a road or pavement that clean before, it's the same with the brick house image, nothing in real life let alone something outside exposed to the elements look this clean and uniform, look outside your window, compare that to these 2 images, i know an archviz isn't meant to have rubbish all over the place, but subtle things even some leaves, on the grass or just subtleties like that will add a lot to your image edit ive just seen the 2 new images, but again the same applies whole thing is too clean imo
  12. Modelling

    :D oh you ;) but yes it does seem that way doesn't it
  13. Modelling

    oooh i thought you may have been inspired by my brilliance ;) same approach as me anyway so clearly we're connected on some higher level :D
  14. Modelling

    bloody hell always late to the party! but yep ditch the cylinder, change it up for a disk instead if you look at the object's structure you can see what parts would be supported by the poly flow of a disk, id also try to get most of the base form shapes modelled in while the disk is flat like the holes for example then extrude what's needed afterwards, i'd say the actual modelling part was the easy bit (relatively) it's gonna be how you do your edge loops that will be the most difficult part, imo Edit - i see cbr edited his original post ;)