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  1. ha yea I didn't wana spend anymore time on it, you know how i get otherwise Hey Igor! I'd like to think so!
  2. Had an interesting little job come up the other week, where a client needed a particular nut modelled, i found it quite enjoyable. Definitely not the easiest of shapes but quite pleased with how low poly i managed to get it as always all quads. Anyway thought some of you might find it interesting, V
  3. Nice one bro, characters have really come along over the years
  4. Keep up the good work @Igor
  5. haha ye my friend told me it totally freaked her out
  6. Been working on the helmet and grenade materials, added some more reflection to the shotgun shell materials also
  7. XD the force is strong in this one !
  8. Hey guys what's up, been out for quite a while, thought i'd ease back in by revamping an old model from a few years back, very early stages just playing with materials and lighting, some remodelling has been done already and i'd imagine more will come. I'll also include a shot of the old one for comparison (click for a close up :D)
  9. Looking good bro! Glad to see you're still going with these
  10. Yea to be honest I wouldn't use either of the techniques you provided examples of above flat surface or not, mainly because they're ugly:) one would prefer a nice quad patch like the example @Cerbera provided:D
  11. I feel dirty just looking at these, pure visual filth! love it :DDD
  12. Hey man how's it going? The reason the render is black is because you have a highly reflective material applied to your object, with no background or anything for that object to reflect. If you Create a new basic material through the create tab on the bottom there under your timeline, apply that to your object and you'll see that it now appears when rendered.
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