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  1. ah good luck man, hope it goes well! yea man create some wip threads so we can all take a look :D took me a few hours to work everything out.
  2. there's no need to actually connect them, just having them positioned where they need to be is fine, with the sub d you have to use edge loops to control the sharpness of the edges, i personally would model them separately, rather than try to model the entire thing from one object. ah i see, application ? are you trying to get on a 3d course or something? it's not always the complexity of the model that matters, it's much better to have a simpler model done well than a more difficult/ambitious model done poorly. the example wireframe you posted is okay although there are areas is would do differently. unfortunately the 4x4 is a commission so i can't upload the model or share any full images/wireframes, heres a shot of the wheel/tires to give you an idea of the sort of quality/topology to aim for in terms of keeping it neat/tidy and flowing, keep it up man, we all start from zero :D .
  3. ah that's the audi from irobot ? uhm well i actually just finished modelling a 4x4 and personally i modelled all the panels/doors etc independently, as in real life a car is not one solid object, its made up of many, as for the wheels i made these first, but for your model the geometry looks pretty poor if i'm honest, especially on the back there, there's some triangles and it generally looks quite messy. the way it is at the moment, you don't have enough geometry or the right edge flow to support those shapes and smooth transitions, the way the door cuts in from the rear wing section is gonna be a little tricky, and near impossible to explain how to do without modelling it for you, which i don't have the time to do at the moment, if you're quite new to modelling, a car maybe a bit ambitious, not to discourage you, just that, for it to look right, it has to be modelled correctly , with a good knowledge of sub d modelling and techniques, and that only comes with time.
  4. Looking good man, seeing this makes me really want to get printing some models!
  5. That looks quite good though to be fair. You've got me intrigued now what the wires look like :D
  6. ha you think thats hard wait till you start doing things like this and this
  7. haha its cool, its nearly 2 am and ive work in 4 hours yay! on the up side the 4x4 is looking almost sexual, and i even had a little time to re adjust rory and his logo from the one i posted earlier, there's now less bird poop but it looks better placed over all :D
  8. i'll let you, i've been 4x4 modelling all night yay :D ...ok i couldn't resist, your pretty much back to where you need to be, i havent fixed your geo errors, im also not acknowledging the triangles, as i've averted my eyes :D , i let @Cerbera provide you with a topologically correct version :D model b.c4d ups see he already did :D
  9. final version.
  10. :D
  11. welcome :D yea you could use the deformer, and for a one click fix it works, but it's kinda lazy ;)
  12. dont't have alot of time at the moment, i'll try to explain it as clearly as possible. 1) select all 4 edges 2) go to the bevel tool, with all 4 edges still selected, adjust the amount of sub divisions mines at 5 just for demonstration, left click and drag(keep the left mouse button pressed to adjust the bevel size) release when you satisfied 3) you can leave these, but it's cleaner, and easier to bevel the outer edges later, select the new unwanted edges, dissolve these. 4) loop select the upper and lower edges of the extrude, and apply a bevel, via the bevel tool ( click and drag) 5) repeat the same steps on the outer part of the brick, starting with the 4 vertical edges first, then the upper and lower edges after, again selecting with loop selections.
  13. you can apply a bevel to each of the 4 inner edges(corners), see cerberas example at stage 2, you apply the bevel with a lowish subdivision, which will round the corners off you can then bevel all the edges after that heres a quick example, just using the actual bevel tool bevel example.c4d
  14. you can just bevel the edges manually with the bevel tool
  15. yea its a bit pricey but literally half the price of the other top ones, so it's tempting ;) looking forward to seeing how your models come out :D