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Wanna know the difference between Redshift, Cycles 4D, Octane and ProRenderer then click HERE!  Nerv, one of ours Cafe Contributors made this very useful topic, so feel free to visit and comment. :compEnjoy:


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  1. Fat Brian

    Cheers bro it's getting there
  2. Fat Brian

    update time, started posing him, decided to give him a grumpy/tired expression as well as a tiny umbrella to add to the frustration , will add some rain and probably a small scene/backdrop, click full size for the bigger images
  3. I feel your pain bro, looking much better there already. really digging the details. I'm actually struggling to not add too many details with my fat character.
  4. Afraid not my friend, but then I've always modelled everything myself from scratch so I've never needed to source any :)
  5. have a look on turbo squid they have some freebies on there
  6. Nice work Dan, I think calling the scar lame is a little strong no ? yea the redness could be scaled down some but modelling wise it looks good. hair looks ace too. there's still a little that needs to be done to get the likeness spot on but it's looking great so far
  7. Hide wireframe when selecting?

    'The other guy' is a seasoned pro, so you should show a little respect.
  8. Hide wireframe when selecting?

    Oh dear not another one...sigh kids these days
  9. How can I model a Mobius strip?

    Oh I'm always late to the party
  10. Gun modelling from 2D concept art

    I would do all the parts that look like individual panels separately as well as the arm straps. you could certainly model some of the elements from low poly planes but I wouldn't do the entire body. it really depends how you want to approach it and your level of modelling.
  11. Cheese modeling : anyone knows how?

    it looks pretty sexy though don't it ;)
  12. Cheese modeling : anyone knows how?

    no problem, i started with a low poly cylinder made it roughly equal quad section and made the sub d object editable then just extruded some holes here's the file , like i said that was a quick rough attempt you could spend much more time refining it. cheese.c4d
  13. Cheese modeling : anyone knows how?

    ok so here's a quick sub d effort, now if it were my job i'd spend a lot more time modelling it and refining the hole shapes etc, but this is just a quick test, took about 20 mins, modified my current skin shader into a cheese shader.
  14. Old guy

    not sure yet man id love to have him sat at his computer in an office with a ton of just food and on his desk, but i'll probably just do a simple pose, maybe make a brief case or something for him