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  1. Tie Interceptor -VE Free model download

    No worries man glad you like it :p , renders looking pretty sweet too :D
  2. Tie Interceptor -VE Free model download

    Thanks dude, no worries :)
  3. Worth mentioning that the interceptor model is now available for a free download, there's a lounge thread but i also thought i'd post it here incase anyone misses is https://www.dropbox.com/s/0geu0e4mioodfu3/Interceptor Vector Edition.c4d?dl=0
  4. Tie Interceptor -VE Free model download

    Posted them on deviant, opened them in a separate window then copy and pasted the link.
  5. So been floating the idea around to put this up for free for sometime, finally thought screw it , so here it is the "VE" or Vector Edition of the Tie interceptor, basic form is true to the original with some of my own details chucked in, redesigned centre wing cannons, wing tip blasters, greebles, completely redesigned rear wing panels ( these were painful ) , body details, rear thrusters, etc the ship is also considerably wider than the original, giving it more of an aggressive look I tried to clean up the geo, and reduce the poly count as much as possible, while keeping everything smooth looking, Sub D is off by default, as the ship is 11 million polys plus subdivided! having it set to 2 will give the best smoothing quality, all the geo is grouped together in corresponding nulled hierarchy, i didn't even attempt to name each individual part, but i did combine some of the more detailed areas to make it less hectic , i feel like i probably could have done a few bits better if i were to do it again, especially the edges on the bobbley wing panels , i did these last, so they're a bit rough, but by this time i'd pretty much lost the will to live and they're hidden so i didn't care :D nothing special really just a lot of sub d modelled bits chucked together! The model is for personal use only, so i'd appreciate it, if it didn't end up on turbosquid, unless you wanna send me the money ;) model comes untextured, can't be too generous right? there's some 6k images below so you can see what you're getting before you download it ( just need to click them a few times to view them full size) anyways, links below, V Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0geu0e4mioodfu3/Interceptor Vector Edition.c4d?dl=0
  6. Indeed would be fun to see what it can do. Although I haven't done much of anything 3d lately outside of work this has tempted me to take on another stupidly detailed project, I have a mercersades I started doing some time ago but I think I might pick something else.
  7. Preparing Geometry For 3D Printing

    As far as i'm aware, you only need wall thickness if the objects going to have a cavity inside, if you want to print it as one solid hole piece of plastic/whatever material then you don't need to add any wall thickness you just need to make sure there are no holes anywhere in your mesh and that there is no intersecting geometry, you also need to make sure it has good support structures, especially if it's solid, as to take the weight of the print, for example if you have a character, if the legs are ultra skinny then they're likely not going support the rest of the model.
  8. What direction to go now?

    Learn SDS, Seriously. This should be your main focus if you really are considering making this a career objective. Although saying that you're probably learning the wrong program if that's a serious goal, should be looking at maya or max in those cases, still modelling skills are somewhat transferable so it's not a massive problem. One of the main things a studio, employer, etc will look for is strong subdivision modelling skills, hard surface and organic. As Cerbera mentioned, start simple. It's too easy to jump in and attempt to do difficult objects, in which you will ultimately fail, start with basic shapes, spoons, cutlery, simple objects on your desk, learn to recognise the basic shapes and forms that make up an object. Learn the importance of edge flow and topology, SDS can take a lot of foresight and forward thinking/planning, so recognising what you need to do and when is an important part of the process. Most importantly, practice every day, like anything the more you do it the better you'll get. After a few years you should be in a good position to start tackling some more complex models like cars and more intricate hard surface object like weapons. If you can master SDS modelling then you'll be able to pretty much model anything.
  9. Roland SH-09 Synth

    First 2 be links are broken for me
  10. Big Baby

    Ha, it's a good thing in the long run, but it certainly isn't the best time for another little human, still like you say you can give it back! soon as the little ones in your arms, you'll turn into a soppy mess :P
  11. Big Baby

    Ah man don't i recently discovered to my horror, i have another one on the way, seems i have genetically superior swimmers
  12. Big Baby

    ;) me too although the backlighting is a little strong which making the curvature appear slightly off as the highlight is blending into the white background,probably should have chose a different colour
  13. just a quick one from a few weeks back.
  14. Also the bit with Leia getting blow out the ship, surviving unpretected exposure to space and then just floating her self back in again just did it for me, also po's character was equally as stupid as Finn, why not just tell him about the plan to begin with Instead of letting him try and take control of the ship, and kylo to me just comes off as an angry depressed goth kid who likes to take his anger out on electrical control panels. I just don't know what Disney are doing , I like what they're doing with the marvel side of things, but I think that's mainly due to the guy they have in charge actually knowing what he's doing but this.. star trek doesn't seem to be faring much better either with discovery .