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  1. Pixar's Wall-E - EVE

    Cheers Dan, yea there were tricky !
  2. Can't get it realistic

    should also note the scale looks off to me, the work surface height for a start looks too low, the materials also could do with being better quality, as cerbera pointed out the cupboards never go right to the floor, there's usually a step in at the bottom, everything is uniform, theres no variation even the back wall texture you can see where it repeats/tiles,also its rather empty, so we've not got much to give feedback on
  3. you can use as many as you want, but the aim here is to keep them four sided, with no triangles or ngons :)
  4. Looking pretty good so far :) yep these are fine, just don't post any wires until the final entries thread at the end :D
  5. Pixar's Wall-E - EVE

    Update time :D click full size for full quality
  6. Platypus character

    i modeled the 3 toes then bridged in between, although if i were to model this again now i wouldn't have that 6 point poll where the the ankle is
  7. Platypus character

    Heres some webbed feet from a really old character maybe it'll help https://gyazo.com/42f555f6adca1dcbd0eaaad9ca8408e0
  8. pro render engine

    OOOOH BABY That is sexy as hell!
  9. pro render engine

    oooh baby looking at the asus version right now on amazon, i would choose this over a woman anyday
  10. pro render engine

    Ah man it really was , i remember building my pc at the time and unboxing it, and smashing every single high end game that was out at the time on maximum settings :D talking about this makes me feel old, nearly 6 years old now that card :O
  11. pro render engine

    I'd kill for one 1080 ti, let alone 6! im stuck running a 780 ti, not terrible but it's getting a tad old now, i remember when my old gtx 690 was the sh1t, i remember dropping 900 for that bad boy
  12. My 2 latest film in a festival

    ah nice, i look forward to seeing it :D
  13. 5 minute cartoon

    Nice to see MAXON reconised the awesomeness of this !
  14. My 2 latest film in a festival

    I have to commend you on your consistency with making and finishing these shorts. it's an achievement in it's self just to be able to put together the final article, and having it recognised and shown at a festival is the icing on the cake. just shows that the hard work and dedication really can pay off :)