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  1. Alright, one more before i crack on with the inside, the fun part is definitely playing around with the renders, makes all that tedious panel modelling worth it :D
  2. Nice work Nerv showing us all up again;)
  3. I have a key (c4d st)

    I suspect he didn't purchase this legitimately
  4. Time for the next level!

    damn Jim that dragon print is looking fresh! REALLY NICE QUALITY, looking forward to seeing how the painting comes out, i used to paint models too back in the day
  5. Thanks for the feedback Dave :D funny you should mention Ansel as i've looked at alot of his models on artstation in the past, especially the star destroyers, the sheer scale and amount of detail that guys puts into those is just insane! i'm not sure i could muster that much patience to do anything on that scale, it's been a challenge keeping this going, im quite eager to start a new cartoon character instead :D but i must press on, hopefully the finished product will be something to contend with :D
  6. Thanks man, yea once i've modelled the interior, it i'll be textured and properly lit (not by me) with some nice close up shots of all the panels and little details you can't fully see from these angles, in the meantime i did a couple more, to get a better shot of the front and back.
  7. Put a good stint in over the last couple of evenings, most of the outer ship stuff is done, a few bits of detail still i wana add, but i'll come back to that at the end, next up is a detailed interior, did a few 3k test renders, and a nice close up of the rear panel details, view these full size for your viewing pleasure :D
  8. Update time - pretty much done with the inner wing details, 3k renders attached, click full size and click to zoom to see them full size
  9. Bedroom Interior

    looking better but I'm really not keen on the duvet, it just doesn't look right at the bottom, especially that bottom right corner i would work some nice creases Into it and work on the shaoe in general
  10. Need models will pay!

    pm sent for the character
  11. Making anim. short, topology questions ?

    can you upload the hand and arm section?
  12. Making anim. short, topology questions ?

    topo looks ok id add a couple more for the mouth, so that polys between the edge of the mouth and cheeks are a little more even eyes could also benefit from an extra loop or two although keeping it low poly is a good idea, it's less to weigh later on but it also depends on how much expression you need from the face, also i'd change those irregular polys either side of the nose and turn those into a loop for the mouth area. I'll try and draw something up for an example ( not at the computer) as for the hand topo, it ties back into what I was saying earlier. they are a problem area as the edge/ segment count coming off the hands will be different most of the time to what you have coming off the arms at the wrist. so you need to reduce that either in the palm or on the top/ back of the hand (best to do this in an area that wont deform) so that they match and can be connected can we have a look at what you have so far ?