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    Contest maybe?

    Agreed with Igor there, Cerbera and I tried this fairly recently and it turned out that it wasn't worth the effort and time it took to organise it. When ever a topic like this comes up there's always loads of people showing interest, but when it actually comes to it, and a competition is set up we end up getting 3 or 4 entries from a member base of thousands, unless there's a real show of interest in running a competition i really don't see any point in doing one.

    Star wars

    Anything and everything 3d Star Wars related

    Ealexander Sketch Book

    Nice work on the bot especially, modellings coming along :D

    Cartoon Avatar

    Yep much better looking sweet now!

    Cartoon Avatar

    looking sweet man, one thing that bothers me though is the movement of the jacket, especially noticeable on the left hand side when he's stationary, i think this would look a lot better if it was a bit stiffer


    I can't really tell if you're trolling by your tone, but for someone who's proficient with a good knowledge of maya, which is considered one of the hardest softwares to learn making a transition to cinema should be easy, the same can't be said in reverse, Cinema is way more user friendly, all you have to do is open the 2 programs and compare the user interface, the tools are straightforward to use and alot easier to understand, whilst still being extremely powerful, watch a couple of intro tutorials and you'll be off and running with cinema, back when i started 3d years ago, i got the demo literally watched one 15 minute tutorial on the basic's like extruding, loop selections etc and was able to basically go from there ,good luck doing that with maya, if cinema had animation tools on par with maya's there would be alot more people switching over, especially now with the lack of perpetual licensing, by your original post it seems like you've made your decision already


    Honestly, as with any jump in software there's going to be an adjustment phase, but C4D is one of the most innovative and user friendly packages out there, every time i've looked at maya as an alternative the ui instantly puts me off it's just ugly and needlessly complicated, same goes for blender although i believe the newest version is getting a ui overhaul, it's worth sticking with it honestly
  8. Haha cheers, it's wise to fear Cerbera, never make eye contact!
  9. These people realise it's not real right?
  10. Lmao , sure man no problem , I'm just out at the moment when i get back home I'll send you a link, be warned it's a heavey mesh with sub D on, 11 million polys heavey haha.
  11. VECTOR

    Ealexander Sketch Book

    I'm liking how this one's looking so far :D
  12. VECTOR

    Looking for pricing advice

    Don't let it discourage you, you just have to keep practicing, more practice faster you'll get :D , poly count doesn't necessarily matter persay, c4d can handle pretty heavy scenes, my tie interceptor is 11 million polys lol, there's no real golden number, i just try to model it with enough geo needed to hold the shapes i need to create, even working with subdivision, it can be low poly, or it can be high poly, even medium poly, just because it's sub d doesn't always mean it's gonna be less geo, so don't stress too much about that, just try to construct your model efficiently, topology is an art in it's self, it's always different and pretty much like solving a puzzle every time
  13. VECTOR

    Looking for pricing advice

    what you had before was neater, you could certainly lose some of the edges there, and neaten up that 4th prong on the end where all those extra edges that go to poles
  14. VECTOR

    Looking for pricing advice

    Roughly £500 a day, you could charge upwards of that number , £60, £70 an hour and so on, the problem being, this business is already over saturated with 3d artist and so on, so if you want to be competitive you need to keep your prices reasonable, £500 a day is good money, it takes a lot of people years to be able to reach a level they can charge that sort of cash, unless you're doing freelance work for a bigger studio, a lot of smaller studios and clients won't pay much more an hour than that, as for your models you can certainly make money you just have to think about managing your time, if you spent 16 hours on one model, and you're being paid 200 for it, then your hourly rates works out at 12.50, if you half the time it took you to 8 hours then instantly your hourly rate jumps up to 25, and the other 8 hours you spent could be used to model something else etc. The thing with modelling is it takes years to get proficient, not to say that your current modelling skills aren't good , just that it takes more than just being able to model, you also need to be relatively quick, not saying that you have to speed model everything, just that a quick turn around is a big advantage, and a lot of that as i mentioned in the other post comes from experience, being able to look at a model and know roughly how you're going to do it, how to lay the topology out so that you have loops in the right place to attach something else later or enough geometry to support a certain shape or cutout that needs a hard edge that transitions in to a smooth curved surface etc, having skills like that will instantly increase your turn around, it doesn't always go to plan like that but a lot of the times if you have a good modelling skills you can get around little issues that might come up that you didn't expect. What Vozz was talking about is not selling yourself short, so if you're able to create highly detailed models etc don't then set your rate at £10 an hour, going too cheap does just as much damage to freelancing as being too expensive, just have a look at any of the freelance sites like upwork or cghero, and look at some of the work wanted post's , some of it is borderline insulting, people wanting 10 detailed characters, modelled rigged and textured for £ 500, or cars with a budget of £200, and so on, and people do it, so anyone with a half decent hourly rate doesn't get a look in
  15. VECTOR

    Looking for pricing advice

    Alot depends on experience aswell, I'm in the UK and usually charge around 50 an hour, depending on who the client is and what it is they want, you Also have to take into consideration the back and forth , etc usually I'll add on a couple hours to factor in for revisions and stuff like that into the quote , and any changes after the models been green lit is extra. I did a mascot for a juice company recently and that involved 3 rounds of revisions before the model was accepted and then further changes after, Mirroring what Vozz and Grain said you certainly have to make sure you're charging enough, but at the same time you need to taper that to your skill level. The fork doesn't look too bad topology wise but it could be certainly cleaner, as for the time frame 2 full 8 hour days for a single folk like that is a long time, if you're charging 30 an hour for that you're talking 480...for a single folk, no ones paying that so in cases like this you'd have to lower your rate considerably, a good modeller would have that done easily in a few hours probably half a day at the most.