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  1. whats up guys, so gonna be putting up some free models over the next few weeks, some older ones and some more recent ones, most of these are characters i've either never used or have recently updated, going to take me awhile to clean up and sort through them, but i'll post up some new ones when i can, for the moment here's Hammy, a fat little toon hamster! hammy.c4d
  2. You'll never learn if I do it for you, naughty! And you may now address me as, The Quadfather
  3. Im not sure I can ignore those poles, their begging for half a hexadron sphere on the ends ;)
  4. By rounded edges I'm not sure if he means rounded , like bevelled, he's not very specific in his description
  5. Was gonna comment but I think cbr covered it all
  6. The problem you have here is proportions, this is especially evident when you look at the deltoid in comparison to the bicep/tricep also the shape is off, either make the rest of the upper arm larger or make the deltoid smaller and less rounded at the bottom , the shoulders also look off from the front view, if you're going for the muscular look then these should be more rounded almost sphereical, might be an idea to take a look at some pictures of bodybuilders, so you can see better what I'm referring to, these are about as close to super heros/stylised proportions you're ever gonna get

    Star wars

    Anything and everything 3d Star Wars related
  8. The cuts for the deltoids look off especially, you can certainly have sharp cuts there, but the way it is now doesn't look great, also, personally, in opposition to what cerbera has said, if you're going to have such broad shoulders and upper body then i'd work on the v taper of the character and give him smaller, stubbier legs, and a smaller waist, to accentuate the stylised look more this would give a much nicer look to the overall character.
  9. i loved all of them , 3 robots was hilarious especially :D
  10. this is probably the last update to this character before i move onto something new, played around with the face some more, new eyes, hairline, also finally nailed the afro style hair, switched up his mp3 style player to a minidisc style one instead, and added a little jewellery, more tweaks to the brows also added some lashes :D Edit - this is also raw render, no post work has been added



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