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  1. Christ... fairly basic shape I'd just model it again
  2. Looking good mate, look forward to seeing the next update! Been ages since I managed to do any more work on my personal projects, so it's nice to see you still cracking them out
  3. Any thing non regular and pointy must be destroyed!
  4. XD i feel like i need to make an actual inquistor character now with the triangle blasting laser set to kill!
  5. @Cerberalooking through an old hard drive earlier, i came across an old model and just had to do a render! click to zoom for 4k, to see it in all it's dirty, finger printy goodness! Intergalactic quad police "Triangulis ad mortem" - Death to triangles
  6. The main focus of this update was to work on the materials, mainly the fabrics, added small amounts of hair to the shirt and pants, low count and short in length, the effect is quite subtle but adds that little bit extra, also built some new shoes for the old boy! click to zoom for the full 4k image
  7. I actually have a few on the inside, but yea that needs tweaking really! i'll add it to the list, currently redoing his shoes :D, yea i'm not sure wether i prefer him black or white, either way his face texturing will be getting some more tonal improvements as well, as for edge flow he's quite simply built, ill throw up some wires with the next update
  8. another small update, head uv'd with density and length maps applied for the facial and head hair aswell as facial detail maps
  9. Yea he's got a moustache that I've not quite nailed yet, I also need to unwrap the head and do maps for the stubble , not sure if the arm hair is staying though
  10. taking a break from the hard surface to sproose up an older model work in progress click the bigger half images for a nice close up
  11. VECTOR

    C4D Cafe 2.0!

    thats actually under the asking price for a power cube :D
  12. VECTOR

    Apprentice - smoke

    From the album: Star wars

  13. How's it going man, glad to see you're well, alive and kicking:D nice work there, for brows i just use c4d hair, you can get some quite nice looking brows going
  14. Can you post a screen shot with sub d on/off and shading with lines, not at home so cant view the file, I've also moved your thread to the correct location
  15. VECTOR

    C4D Cafe 2.0!

    Excellent effort there Igor, the Cafe is looking superb, appreciate all the hard work you're doing behind the scenes to improve the Cafe experience for it's members, keep up the great work :DD
  16. Lol, probably because in any cad program you don't have to worry about topology and you can just boole away till your hearts content, unfortunately for you, you can't take this approach when poly modelling, nothing wrong with the tools or the program, cinema is perfectly capable of producing highly detailed, complex models, it's just that you don't posess the nessisary skills to do so, big difference between the two. I would take the time to watch some sub division, hard surface modelling videos, or take a look at @Cerberaexample if he's generous enough to model it for you, before you denounce the program any further
  17. Still too high poly, if you're not going to rig this character , it would be ok to model it 'in pose' but you're not really going to learn the fundamentals this way, I'd watch the tutorials @Cerberasuggested, also download some of the models in my free models thread, this will give you an idea of low poly style character topology and construction https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/106363-free-character-models-n-stuff/
  18. Hey how's it going ? Not sure of your experience level in modelling , but looking at the question and the way you're attempting to do it I'd guess not very, are you planning on using subdivision? If so a capsule isn't the ideal primative to start with, you can use it , but I'd just use a cylinder instead, also the segment count is way too high, I also wouldn't recommend having the two cylinders nested together to form the arm like that, this isn't how you would properly model an arm, personally I would lower the rotational segment count to 8, have a single cut in the middle of the upper arm and loop select the end of the cylinder were it attaches to the shoulder and scale it larger to create the taper, also join another cylinder at the elbow instead of having the 2 pushed together like that, if none of that makes any sense it might be worth looking at a few low poly character modelling tutorials on YouTube
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