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  1. Modelling looking solid bro How long we got left to submit an entry ?
  2. started remodelling this mclaren P1 GTR haven't had much free time to work on it any more but have some time off over Xmas
  3. Might have a car for you to do some look dev on in a few weeks if you fancy it
  4. Agreed. C4d is more than capable of being able to produce models to a high enough standard for detailed product shots and beyond, it all comes down to the users ability in the software and knowledge of modelling as a whole. Yes other softwares may have features cinema doesn't or implements them better but these are mere tools, the actual modelling techniques are transferable. Think of it like this, can you use a spoon to spread butter on your toast ? Yes. Does it work as well as using a knife? Ofcourse not but it's certainly possible and the technique of spreading the butter is the same, only
  5. update time, still not totally happy with the proportions but here's where we're at so far
  6. Ha! Maybe you should finish it:D
  7. Yea, that's exactly what i meant in the original from a front and side view he just has the round eyeball, which works fine in 2d, but when you try and replicate that in 3d it looks weird. I did an alternate version of the head ( below ) trying to replicate that as close as possible. looked great from the side but idk from the front. So i looked online at some Simpsons toys and figured these would be the closest thing to what a 3d Simpsons character would look like, and they did the eyes like this. Plus i kind like that it makes him look even more stupid than he's supposed to be i might
  8. haha cheers man, he's actually quite a difficult character to translate to 3d, still not totally happy with that head, so more tweaking to be done! Ha! Thank you should be a fun one !
  9. Fun little project, this might end up being a free character i post up for download
  10. Considering the other job posts the op has made previously, one for a fairly detailed handbag needed that day, with only one reference image and a low budget it seems to me that their looking to offload the work at as cheap a price as possible while charging their client x amount. If i'm honest it's borderline insulting.
  11. 150 Dollars is a pretty low budget for a 'detailed' 3d model with such a tight deadline. i'll be surprised if you get any takers with that sort of offer.
  12. Probably exceeded your quota of awesome images and the algorithm wants to give everyone else a chance to catch up
  13. Ha! ye i was thinking about making one for it! not sure what yet though
  14. Damn i can't even remember the last time i modelled something with out using subdivision.
  15. Working on some re-renders atm, so whilst waiting for those to render out i did a quick clay render of my old toon car model nothing special just having some fun (open in a new tab for full size)
  16. keep killing it with the content brother !
  17. ha yea I didn't wana spend anymore time on it, you know how i get otherwise Hey Igor! I'd like to think so!
  18. Had an interesting little job come up the other week, where a client needed a particular nut modelled, i found it quite enjoyable. Definitely not the easiest of shapes but quite pleased with how low poly i managed to get it as always all quads. Anyway thought some of you might find it interesting, V
  19. Nice one bro, characters have really come along over the years


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