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  1. Lmao what were they smoking to not accept this lol
  2. Are you forgetting about yourself there lol
  3. No problem :D hopefully they're of some use to people
  4. ;D modelling is fun to learn so try to enjoy it :)
  5. By connect ever fresh means, stitch and sow/ bridge/connect the edges to each other, just pushing 2 object together and doing a connect and delete command, won't do that, it I'll just consolidate those 2 objects into one, and leave a load of overlapping, unconnected internal geometry on the inside of the object.
  6. Bow ones head in shame I'm gonna tell them in the interest of transparency
  7. Sets blaster, from stun, to kill, only joking it's always set to kill :D
  8. You're a non believer thus are talking non sense and are clearly biased towards things uneven and pointy ;) if you get handed a turd, or buy a turd for a nice render, that's one thing but I'd never hand over a turd of my own creation, if someone approaches me for a model, then they are paying for my services and said skills to model said object, if they just want a shiny toaster render they can have your cheap turbo squid model ;) if we're talking strictly as a modeller rather than a freelancing generalist who's being paid to produce a final image from scratch etc, if you're working as a modeller then theres a good chance you're passing that mesh on to someone else to do further work/modifications etc, if you're just handing over a final render, extrude a spline all day long I don't care, I'll sleep like a baby at night knowing it's made up of all things 4 sided and regular :D
  9. Very nice, although the legs might be a little too long for me personally but a very nice effort regardless :D
  10. I wish I had my laptop with me so I could show you all what happens when you abandon the quad religion/cult/secret society, got sent something a week or so ago that almost made me drop my crumpets! Butter side down I might add! I can understand the mind set that leaving this ngon, tri or pole in here is gonna be faster and get the client his toaster model sooner for his hovis bread advert, but to that I say, just get better at modelling ? If modelling is your main area of expertise, like @Cerberayou can model stuff in quads, fast. If someones coming to you for a model, and you're handing over something full of triangles and n gons, regardless of whether it effects the performance of the model, is like presenting a lasagna to a diner at a restaurant that's just been slapped on the plate, "plating up the food is faster this way, don't worry it looks like c*ap but it tastes good!" What's the chances of that person coming back to your restaurant even if it tastes fine, the fact you presented it to a paying customer in that state in the first place says worlds about you, triangulation after is another story but to just hand over stuff like that when it could be easily cleaned up etc is just lazy.
  11. Erm will be in July until then it's hostels ect, I'll be checking in regularly but won't have my laptop with me until I move into the next place in july
  12. No problem man, might be a while before I can upload more as I'm moving out tomorrow
  13. Not a bad effort at all! looks pretty clean, i think i can see a few triangles in there though ;) one thing id adjust is how far set back the eyes are into the skull, i'd bring these out a bit more and make them not quite so flat :)
  14. most welcome :D Off to bed for the night but this i'll be the model coming in the next few days :D
  15. Wats up guys so make sure to check back regularly as i'll be updating the original post with new models (added 5 more tonight), so you don't have to scroll through a million pages :D
  16. whats up guys, so gonna be putting up some free models over the next few weeks, some older ones and some more recent ones, most of these are characters i've either never used or have recently updated, going to take me awhile to clean up and sort through them, but i'll post up some new ones when i can. Hammy cute little cartoon hamster! hammy.c4d Donut Derick fun little character i made a while ago after watching sausage party :D derick donut.c4d Rory the Robin one of my oldest but still one of my favourite toon characters :D rory final 2.c4d Big Ugly Baby its a big ugly baby.. baby final.c4d Brain dead Banana This is what happens when you eat a bananas head! be warned! also comes with my plastic toy shaders ! Brain dead banana final.c4d Fat Brian Another really old model, i put quite a lot of time and detail into this one at the time, and he still holds up 3 years later fat Brian final.c4d watch display.psd
  17. You'll never learn if I do it for you, naughty! And you may now address me as, The Quadfather
  18. Im not sure I can ignore those poles, their begging for half a hexadron sphere on the ends ;)



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