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  1. Looking good bro! Glad to see you're still going with these
  2. Yea to be honest I wouldn't use either of the techniques you provided examples of above flat surface or not, mainly because they're ugly:) one would prefer a nice quad patch like the example @Cerbera provided:D
  3. I feel dirty just looking at these, pure visual filth! love it :DDD
  4. Hey man how's it going? The reason the render is black is because you have a highly reflective material applied to your object, with no background or anything for that object to reflect. If you Create a new basic material through the create tab on the bottom there under your timeline, apply that to your object and you'll see that it now appears when rendered.
  5. I used to love my mad catz rat 9! All I have now is a small crappy hp one
  6. Yea man it definitely does for me. I've tried starting with the palm and extruding the fingers from it, but I never really enjoyed doing it that way. I much prefer wether it's toon or more realistic to start with a single finger, get it how I want it to look then duplicate it etc. Also makes it much easier to position each digit exactly how you want and play with the proportions of the hand before connecting it all
  7. Glad to help my friend, Happy modelling!!
  8. I start off with a hexahedron sphere with 8 segments, I then cut it in half so you're left with a hemisphere shape. You could also use a cylinder for this. I then extrude it to the desired length. I then duplicate that 4 times, Rotating them slightly until they're in the desired position, Then change the length, Thickness etc accordingly. I then drop in an 8 sided disk, Make it all quads by removing the 4 diagonal cuts, Do an inner extrude and delete the centre then extrude 2 edges ether side of the disk around to make the outside of the hand. You now have the basic hand shape. Just a matter of connecting all the pieces together and filling in the top and bottom with polys, And extending the disk into a wrist. If you align everything carefully you should have the correct amount of segments to connect most of it without having to create loads of additional cuts, Although you will have to make a few. Then just add some additional cuts for the joints and the finished product should look something like this, Although i'm sure you can do a better job than my rushed attempt.
  9. Should be back a bit more now I hope
  10. Hey @chrustygesang i'll put a little something together quick to show you how i make a very basic cartoon hand, been a while so might take a minute or two, probably ten :D
  11. Yep build it yourself! everything is pretty much plug and play these days, very easy to assemble.
  12. Ugh long story man, kinda sucks but missed all you guys!
  13. Great ideas guys, great to see things progressing in the right direction
  14. Christ... fairly basic shape I'd just model it again
  15. Looking good mate, look forward to seeing the next update! Been ages since I managed to do any more work on my personal projects, so it's nice to see you still cracking them out
  16. Any thing non regular and pointy must be destroyed!
  17. XD i feel like i need to make an actual inquistor character now with the triangle blasting laser set to kill!
  18. @Cerberalooking through an old hard drive earlier, i came across an old model and just had to do a render! click to zoom for 4k, to see it in all it's dirty, finger printy goodness! Intergalactic quad police "Triangulis ad mortem" - Death to triangles
  19. The main focus of this update was to work on the materials, mainly the fabrics, added small amounts of hair to the shirt and pants, low count and short in length, the effect is quite subtle but adds that little bit extra, also built some new shoes for the old boy! click to zoom for the full 4k image
  20. I actually have a few on the inside, but yea that needs tweaking really! i'll add it to the list, currently redoing his shoes :D, yea i'm not sure wether i prefer him black or white, either way his face texturing will be getting some more tonal improvements as well, as for edge flow he's quite simply built, ill throw up some wires with the next update
  21. another small update, head uv'd with density and length maps applied for the facial and head hair aswell as facial detail maps
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