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  1. Modelling

    I have another modeling question for you all. How in the world would this be modeled (silver base) with clean subdivisions. It's not symmetrical. I tried starting with a tube but cannot figure out how to add the other extrusions. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. catnap
  2. Any ideas on how to model the base

    @Recto, Many thanks for your suggestions! Lathe and the Poly Pen work! Also thanks you to StCanas and westbam. THANK YOU!! catnap.
  3. Hi, I have been struggling for while on how to model the base of this tonearm (circled in red in the attached image) I was trying with booles, but the topology gets all wacky. Does anyone have any ideas on how to model this? catnap
  4. Hi all, I was wondering how I would add additional objects to this set up. As of now it only has cones, but was wondering how to add boxes, spheres.etc to the group. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. catnap Spline XPresso.c4d
  5. Helix wrap around a spline

    I figured it out with this older post from the Cafe. Spline Wrap was on the wrong object, must be the Eclipse warping my brain. ;)
  6. Hi all: I think this is a fairly simple procedure, but I'm stumped. I'm trying to wrap a helix spline around a spline I created. I want the Helix spline to wrap around the center of the spline. I tried putting a Spline wrap on the Spline but the helix is all crazy warped and chunky. Any suggestions? Thanks in advanced. catnap Helix wrap around a spline.c4d
  7. Hi, Does anyone know of a tutorial that would touch on UV mapping, specifically when using a temporary polygonal editable copy? Thank you! catnap
  8. I'll give it a shot, thanks for the suggestion Cerbera! Much appreciated! catnap
  9. Thanks Cerbera. I tried that, but it still moves when it unrolls. I placed the stick texture tag on the sweep. catnap
  10. Does anyone have a suggestion for this? Thank you! Catnap
  11. Bezo! Ahh, I see, thank you, this works. One more question if you have time. As the the carpet unrolls the texture moves with the roll. Is there a way to have it stick (to have no motion as it unrolls)? Thank you! catnap
  12. Hello all, What I'm trying to achieve: Placing a selection tag on the top side of the carpet so I can place a carpet texture on it. So when it unrolls only the top side will have the carpet texture on it. I tried to put a Correction Deformer with a point cache tag on the Sweep that is animating, but I'm having a hell of a time figuring this one out. I attached a C4D file. Any suggestions? As always THANK YOU in advance. catnap. Unrolling carpet.c4d
  13. Hi: I"m new to XPresso, I downloaded this C4D file from the internet and I'm trying to change the height and width of the shape, but the settings are locked (every time I change them they revert back to original ones). Is this something I can change in the XPresso editor window? and if so what node would I apply the changes to? Thank you in advance. catnap Sweep.c4d
  14. Thanks for the explanation guys, I thought that by making it editable it would make it easier to add different colors to the sides and top and bottom. I was trying a gradient to achieve this but wondered if by making it editable it would be easier to add color to the polygons with selection tags. Thanks again. catnap
  15. Hello: When I make this object editable (see attached C4D file) the animation is lost. Is there a way to copy over the animation when the object is made editable? I read on Creative Cow that a point cache tag could be used in conjunction with a correction deformer, but I'm having trouble with the hierarchy. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, catnap Sweep Nurb.c4d