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  1. @everfresh muchas gracias! Really appreciate your time finding this and sharing it once again!!!
  2. @everfresh Thank you! That would be really helpful! I should have made a back up of it back in the day.
  3. Looking for these ziped files from the above post: everfresh_textanim_example.zip everfresh_textanim_lower.zip
  4. I'm trying to download a file that was posted back in 2015. Are those still available to download? I get this Error code: We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2S328/1
  5. Here is a gif of what I'm trying to solve.
  6. I have a dynamic spline with constraints attached to two nulls. On that spline I have a sweep. I have a cloner set to object to that spline set to step, The cloner has what's supposed to be holiday lights. How do I have the sweep(wire) and the lights not pass through the text when I hit play? I know this is a fairly simple process, but I have been trying all different combinations for the simulation tags. Would it be hair colliders or regular collider/rigid tags? I have attached the C4D file. Many thanks in advance!! catnap
  7. @devenjames Really appreciate this!! Thank you! And thanks for sharing!
  8. I wouldn’t consider this topic solved. I found out this rig is now for purchase rather to being shared. I would still like to know the workflow of this if anyone has ideas. thank you! catnap
  9. That is a great suggestion, Just did. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that in the first place.
  10. Hi, I'm looking to build a Christmas string light rig that can be edited, example: When the wire gets longer/shorter the lights grow with it. Also would want the lights to attach from their base to the wire and have a secondary animation when animated on. I found this old post with a link but its dead Anyone on here have experience with this of perhaps point me in the right direction? Much appreciated! catnap.
  11. @Igor I figured it out, I adjusted the Ray epsilon in the Octane settings.
  12. Hey, I have a selection tag on parts of the characters body that shows through the shirt when I animate him. I added a transparent octane material to the that selection, but the render has these rips. Is there a work around for this? I know I can go ahead and delete those selections, but wanted to know if there was a no n destructive way of hiding body geometry.
  13. Thank you!! @bezo This totally makes sense! I really thought it was a Xpresso route, but aligning the joints before the bind is KEY! Thank you for the C4D file and the thorough diagram! Just want to say, this site is really useful!! It's a great community! catnap
  14. Hi, got a question for y'all. I'm trying to rig a banana peeling. I have the joints on the side, but I want them aligned to the polygons to which they are binded to. It was suggested to me that I needed to calculate the normals of the polygons in Xpresso to achieve this. Problem is I have no idea what nodes or order to do this. Any ideas or links to tutorials that cover this topic would be very appreciative Best Catnap Banana peel.c4d
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