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  1. Hi CApruzzese, Thanks for your reply, but I was talking about when using After Effects. I thought this was the correct forum. Thank you.
  2. Hi, Does Apple prores HQ support alpha chanel? I thought it did?
  3. Was wondering if anyone has modeled a fur coat with indents like the attached image. is this something that the base mesh is a main factor, or is there a trick like painting a vertex map (lines) or something? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Catnap
  4. Hello, I need to make a group of shelving with objects placed on them and be able to zoom in and rotate around within the space, but I need to hand it off in AE, Would Element 3D be the best option? Model in C4D then export to Element 3D? Thanks in advance! catnap
  5. Yeah, I right click the window icon and choose sleep in the shut down or sign out section. I have been doing this since I built this PC, then about a week ago the monitors stopped waking up. Any other suggestions?
  6. I was wondering if anyone on this form has encountered this: Out of the blue my two monitors will not wake up/turn back on when I wake up my computer. I need to turn off my computer on the tower and then turn it back on to get the monitors back on... I've looked online and tried everything... is it something in the BIOS? Here are my specs: Intel i7 3.50 GHZ 32 GB RAM 2X Nvidia Geforce 1080ti cards Mother board ASRock FATAL1TY X99X Killer EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2 1000 W 80+ Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!! catnap
  7. CBR Many thanks! As always, your advice worked perfectly!! Thanks for your response! catnap
  8. Hi y'all, I'm trying to clone capsules onto splines for a stitch effect (like the brim on a baseball hat) I can connect all + delete to make all the splines into one spline then use clone to object, but I'm having a difficult time getting the spacing of the capsules right. The smaller the spline the more condensed the points are the closer the capsules are. Ideally I want all the capsule to have all the same amount of spacing on all the splines. Or if anyone has created a stitch effects and would like to share. that would be very appreciative!. Stitch.c4d
  9. Hey Dan, So I was following some tutorials regarding the new Mixamo control rig in R21. Is it possible to add the Mixamo control rig to a t-pose transitioning into an walk cycle and? like in your tutorial Cinema 4D to Mixamo to Marvelous Designer Step by step workflow. Is it possible? I hope I explained this well enough. Thank you!
  10. Thanks Dan! Wow! such a quick response! Your explanation and tutorial of your workflow was extremely helpful! Really appreciate it!! Thank you VERY much!! Oh, would know of any other free MOCAP libraries online?
  11. Hi, I have character that I used the Mixamo website to rig. I imported it and applied the Mixamo character rig to it. I wanted to make the the character start in the T-pose (to export to Marvelous Designer) then animate into the animation from the Mixamo website. I thought it would be simple to select all the weight tags, then click reset the bind pose button and set keyframes, but its not working. Any thoughts on this? Or how I should move forward? Thanks in advance!! I've uploaded the zipped C4D file. Walk.zip
  12. I'm trying to do something like this.
  13. Hi all, I'm having difficult time getting the joints to bend with falloff, I have a weight, skin tag. I was following this tutorial: but I believe its made with R19. Is there something new that needs to be added with R20? Thanks in advance!! joint falloff.c4d
  14. Hey Dan, Thanks for your instructions! it worked perfectly!
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