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  1. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knew how these materials were created. The iridescent glass on the tubes and the blurred light inside I have reached out to creator of this image and he said he used redshift. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bjz75fWgCKy ... _copy_link Thanks in advance. catnap
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows how the trails are being repelled from the sphere in the link attached. I think its a XPFlowfield, but when I try it the trails just fly around the sphere. Any ideas? https://www.instagram.com/p/Bjz75fWgCKy/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  3. Hello: I was wondering if any on this forum had some ideas on how to make this vinyl record material look more like the attached image. I'm working in Octane. I have attached the C4D file I'm working on. I'm wondering how the thicker lines were incorporated with the super fine lines. Is it just one image plugged into a bump node? The image is from a Turbosquid model. It would great if someone here had some ideas, so I don't have to purchase the model to find out ;) Many Thanks In Advance. catnap Record_Material_1.c4d
  4. Hi Cerbera, I'm actually on version R19.053. Also have Octane installed (but don't think that would cause the lagging) Any ideas what this problem could be? Thank you. catnap
  5. Hello cafe: I was wondering if any of you had these problems with their Viewport in C4D. a slow laging viewport at times. When I open my C4D project everything is fine and the navigation in the viewport is smooth, but after some clicks it slows way down. I also have noticed that when I switch between open projects the lagging stops for a while then starts again. It’s so weird and really a burden on the workflow. any ideas what might cause this problem? And how it might be fixed? thansk in advance. catnap
  6. Hey Cafe: Is there a way to adjust the distance between the selected points in the attached image? I want to make all the distances shorter. When I select all of them and scale them they all move toward the center of the screen. I've also tried holding down the shift key then grabbing XYZ handles and doing that, but it doesn't work. Any idea's? catnap.
  7. Hi, I have been trying to recreate a noise texture that was originally created in native C4D. I'm new to Octane and am having trouble. I know Octane has it's own Noise selection, but none of them have this speckled look. Do I have to make an image of a texture in Photoshop to recreate this texture in Octane? I have attached a rendered sample and the C4D file with the C4D texture included. Many Thanks In Advance. catnap . Material sample.c4d
  8. Digitvisions, Way over and above my expectations! Thank you! I really want to know how you did this. I think you made the Character object editable, then in the Object hierarchy made the Hat a child of the Head joint? Did you alter anything else? Again, thank you!! catnap
  9. Wouter, Many thanks for your suggestion! I tried using the hair constraint tag and the spline dynamics tag, but found that they flopped around allot. Even when more than one hair constraint tag was applied. I came up with a more stable option using joints but I'm not to sure how to get the hat back on Mr. Stay Puffts head. Do you have any ideas on how to achieve this? Or does anyone here have any clues? Thank you! catnap STAY_PUFF_walk_2.c4d
  10. Hello, I'm trying to have a section of clothing that is attached to a hat move accordingly when the characters heads moves side to side. I have attached the C4D file. I tried the jiggle deformer with no success, What I'm trying to achieve is a swaying back and forth motion for the ribbon that follows the heads movement. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! catnap. STAY_PUFF_12_walk_1.c4d
  11. Anthony, Yes I have viewed that tutorial, but I can't seem to figure out how this would help me smooth the mesh of my character. Where as I'm not using any values(black and white) The attached image shows the same character the one on the right has a Subdivision surface the one on the left does not. If you think I'm missing something please let me know. My initial problem was that when there was a Subdivision surface applied to my character the Octane renders were really slow, but then I applied the Octane object tag and bumped up the Subdiv to 3 and it was pretty much the same quality as the Native C4D Subdivision surface. Thanks again for sending the tutorial, ans also thanks Grain for your thoughts! catnap
  12. HI Anthony, so the displacement node in octane will suddivide? Are you saying it works like a Subdivision Surface in C4D? I have a Octane Object Tag on my character now with the Subdivision Surface unchecked and its smoothing out the mesh alright, you can still see some sharp edges, but it renders a heck of allot faster.
  13. Thanks Anthony, I checked out the otoy forum, I believe it had to do with the Subdivision Surface I had the character mesh in. Once I disabled it each frame took a second to render. I guess I need to use the Re: Octane Object Tag. Has anyone else ran into this problem when using Subdivision Surfaces in octane? catnap.
  14. Hi all, I have a rather simple yet unanswered question. Why is it that Octane renders out a still image really fast, a couple of seconds, but when I go to render out a animation each frame takes about 20 seconds. Is there something in the render settings within Octane that would increase the render time? I have two GTX Geforce 1080ti's 32 GB ram i7 3.5 GHz Intel Thank you. catnap



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