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  1. Answered my own question... The mix node!
  2. @Rectro@everfresh Really appreciate your suggestions! Thank you! I tried both of your suggestions but still it was not working out. I ended up saving the shoe weights from the Mixamo weighted rig and loading them to the rig I made myself, it worked (kinda)
  3. This must be a simple action, but my nubbie experience with Xpresso is apparent. I already have the individual fingers set up. Now I'm trying to have a slider to control all of them at the same time. (I already made a user data slider). Thanks in advance. catnap.
  4. Hi, Was wondering if anyone on here has weight painted shoes? And has any tips on achieving smooth deformations. I have tried manually painting and auto weight, but still running into jagged deformations. Note: I did run this character through Mixamo and the shoes were really smooth when they bent. Is there a way to copy Mixamo generated weights to other rigs? I apologize if this is not in the correct forum.
  5. I kinda thought so, but wanted to ask, retopology it is... Thank you CBR!
  6. Hi, I have downloaded a simple walk cycle from Mixamo and added a Mixamo control rig to it. When I play the animation it’s not true to the frame rate. My character is a combination of my own modelling (the character’s body) and the shoes that I purchased online. I noticed when I delete the shoes from the character the animation plays pretty much in real time. The shoes were modelled in 3Dmax, I downloaded a OBJ of it. There are a crazy amount of polygons... besides repotology and poly reduction, or working with layers, are there any other ways to reduce the amount of geometry, or have the animation play in real time? Thanks in advance! catnap
  7. HippodasTamus: Attached is the scene file with the parent constraint. The wrist goal has been rotated -90 degrees. I have set up some Xpresso for the three forearm joints to follow the wrist, but with the parent constraint its not allowing it. Wrist axis_parent constraint.c4d
  8. Yeah, but does the forearm joints work? do they rotate with the wrist joint?
  9. Thanks for your advice! when I swap out the PSR for the Parent I loose the connection(rotation) to the forearm joints. Unchecking the the local rotation did the trick. thanks again
  10. Hello. I have been trying to figure this one out, but with no solutions. The wrist control on my rig turns the wrist the wrong direction. When I turn the controller up and down the hand turns left and right... Any ideas what could be causing this? Wrist axis.c4d
  11. Cairlyn, thank you, I'll give it a shot! Thanks again!
  12. Hi! I'm trying to make a HUD slider from a Bend Object (Degrees). When I right click on the strength parameter of the Bend Object to add to HUD I get a degree HUD, if I add a widget to it the slider is available, but there is a crazy amount space on the left and right of the slider. Is this possible?
  13. What happened to the True Symmetry plug in? Is it not available to download anymore from this site?
  14. Cerbera Many thanks! That Mix node worked great! Thanks again! catnap
  15. I tried to do that. I have the both eyes controlling the two sliders, but now the Left and right eye's are not working... Eye Control.c4d
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