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  1. @devenjames Really appreciate this!! Thank you! And thanks for sharing!
  2. I wouldn’t consider this topic solved. I found out this rig is now for purchase rather to being shared. I would still like to know the workflow of this if anyone has ideas. thank you! catnap
  3. That is a great suggestion, Just did. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that in the first place.
  4. Hi, I'm looking to build a Christmas string light rig that can be edited, example: When the wire gets longer/shorter the lights grow with it. Also would want the lights to attach from their base to the wire and have a secondary animation when animated on. I found this old post with a link but its dead Anyone on here have experience with this of perhaps point me in the right direction? Much appreciated! catnap.
  5. @Igor I figured it out, I adjusted the Ray epsilon in the Octane settings.
  6. Hey, I have a selection tag on parts of the characters body that shows through the shirt when I animate him. I added a transparent octane material to the that selection, but the render has these rips. Is there a work around for this? I know I can go ahead and delete those selections, but wanted to know if there was a no n destructive way of hiding body geometry.
  7. Thank you!! @bezo This totally makes sense! I really thought it was a Xpresso route, but aligning the joints before the bind is KEY! Thank you for the C4D file and the thorough diagram! Just want to say, this site is really useful!! It's a great community! catnap
  8. Hi, got a question for y'all. I'm trying to rig a banana peeling. I have the joints on the side, but I want them aligned to the polygons to which they are binded to. It was suggested to me that I needed to calculate the normals of the polygons in Xpresso to achieve this. Problem is I have no idea what nodes or order to do this. Any ideas or links to tutorials that cover this topic would be very appreciative Best Catnap Banana peel.c4d
  9. Yes very interesting! Thank you both @Jops @jed
  10. @Jops This is wonderful! really nice! I learned something new. I never knew there was a memory node or a vector split. Thanks again for your help.
  11. I have tried the moinstance object, but unable to control the distance between each instance. There is no option to do so. Thats why I wanted to try the Xpresso route.
  12. I asked on the GSG slack channel how to recreate this effect in C4D. Someone suggested this option with Xpresso bellow: “tie the position and rotation properties offset in time with Xpresso.” the problem is I have no clue how to set it up. I didn’t think xpresso generated new geometry. if any one has a quick minute to illustrate the Xpresso setup, it would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Found this over on the GSG slack channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1tqKg-jYcw&feature=youtu.be
  14. I'm trying to make something similar to this effect that was made in After Effects.
  15. Yeah, I tried another method, a spline dynamic with a cloner. It kinda works but the left and right rotations do not work. What other methods might achieve this? Wavy Spline Dynamic.c4d
  16. Hello Cafe. I have a wavy text question for ya. Currently I have a wind deformer in some Motext. I was wondering how it's possible to get the animation to flow in the X direction when the text is rotated from left to right. To have it react to the rotation animation. I tried using a Hair spline dynamic and clones. I set a constraint to a null but lost the ability to rotate in the X direction. Any Ides?
  17. @Rectro@everfresh Really appreciate your suggestions! Thank you! I tried both of your suggestions but still it was not working out. I ended up saving the shoe weights from the Mixamo weighted rig and loading them to the rig I made myself, it worked (kinda)
  18. This must be a simple action, but my nubbie experience with Xpresso is apparent. I already have the individual fingers set up. Now I'm trying to have a slider to control all of them at the same time. (I already made a user data slider). Thanks in advance. catnap.
  19. Hi, Was wondering if anyone on here has weight painted shoes? And has any tips on achieving smooth deformations. I have tried manually painting and auto weight, but still running into jagged deformations. Note: I did run this character through Mixamo and the shoes were really smooth when they bent. Is there a way to copy Mixamo generated weights to other rigs? I apologize if this is not in the correct forum.
  20. I kinda thought so, but wanted to ask, retopology it is... Thank you CBR!
  21. Hi, I have downloaded a simple walk cycle from Mixamo and added a Mixamo control rig to it. When I play the animation it’s not true to the frame rate. My character is a combination of my own modelling (the character’s body) and the shoes that I purchased online. I noticed when I delete the shoes from the character the animation plays pretty much in real time. The shoes were modelled in 3Dmax, I downloaded a OBJ of it. There are a crazy amount of polygons... besides repotology and poly reduction, or working with layers, are there any other ways to reduce the amou
  22. HippodasTamus: Attached is the scene file with the parent constraint. The wrist goal has been rotated -90 degrees. I have set up some Xpresso for the three forearm joints to follow the wrist, but with the parent constraint its not allowing it. Wrist axis_parent constraint.c4d
  23. Yeah, but does the forearm joints work? do they rotate with the wrist joint?
  24. Thanks for your advice! when I swap out the PSR for the Parent I loose the connection(rotation) to the forearm joints. Unchecking the the local rotation did the trick. thanks again
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