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  1. Black Friday Sales

    RebusFarm just announced a black friday special. no details on the deal yet. 25.-28.th

    Thank you for all the information and for the many, many videos on MAXON, Cineversity, and so on. Great way to communicate with your customers. I think R18 Feels a lot more advanced and i really dig that you made updates and new features in many aspects of Cinema. Great Job guys!!

    For me this is a very cool Release. Love the mograph and knife tools. A lot of very useful features.
  4. Very interesting. Looking forward to better Fire and Smoke inside X-Particles. http://3.x-particles.com/insydium-ltd-has-purchased-explosiafx-from-blackcore/
  5. How do you handle your environments?

    I use Forester and it's a very cool tool. You have a lot of controll over the plants and trees and the plants have a function called hyperwind. But i would not recomend it for Photorealistic hero trees or very large scenes. And Forester does not create the Landscape itself. For large Landscapes with a lot of vegetation i would take a look at vue. I will. They also have a version that plugs directly into C4D vue xstream. but it's not cheap. I did not knew the Infinite Series. Looks interesting. Thanks
  6. Heat haze??

    +1 for Videocopilots Heat Distortion plugin. very fast and useful 25 Dollar
  7. Vray DR Texture error

    Im glad that it's working now. Looks good, maybe a little bit noisy and sharp in the metal areas. I like the plastic. Good Job!
  8. Vray DR Texture error

    that's strange, because this happens if you use some Cinema Shaders which vray can't render. Try this: Go to the vray Render Settings - options - then set the Convert C4D Bitmaps and C4D 2D Shaders to always let me know if this helps. and make sure the enable asset sending to all slaves is turned on (vr DR tab)
  9. autodesk bought Arnold render :(

    np. Yes we will see. I am more worried about a price or rental only change.
  10. autodesk bought Arnold render :(

    Im positive about MAXON and the future of Cinema. Have no doubts. My comment was only about the Arnold Renderer for Cinema not Cinema itself. Since Autodesk bought Arnold i wonder if and how the pricing model will change (more expensive, rental,..) In the Interview at least they said they won't pull the Cinema and the other versions out of the market. i know, i know... but it sounds believable to me.
  11. autodesk bought Arnold render :(

    could be, it's a shame what they did to Softimage I would not put a bet on that statement. so you are positive that the C4D version is here to stay? If yes, why do you think that? I really love the look of Arnold, the Preview and the open VDB Renderings.
  12. Sure no problem. Done.
  13. I can help if you like, just tell me what to do.
  14. Very good work on the forum and i like the youtube channel. thank you!