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  1. We should not confound inability with motiv. They did exactly what they wanted to do. For the user it's a very bad situation. (offline for security reasons/connection availability,..) With online activation, online help and double accounts (eportfolio/mymaxon) it makes the situation worse... for us at least. (by the way i would recommend to download all versions and every single update in case the e-portolio get's retired in the future)
  2. That's very sad to hear, but i totally understand. I will stay on R19 & R20 for some time. (Wont't even install my MSA R21 for now.) I bought seamilar some time ago but i also never heard fromt the other plugins. Ordering now. Thank you very much for your super helpfull plugins and the nice offer. But it's a sad occasion for this sale. all the best Jörg
  3. What happens to MSA contracts with local distributors? I guess they are automatic canceled.... right? (No word from my reseller so far)
  4. I really feel empty today and i lost trust in MAXON. I work with Cinema since 2001. First in different agencies and then on my own. As a MSA and Studio customer i feel i’m no longer valuable to MAXON. I’m fine with the money i spent for Cinema Studio and all the MSA fees until R20. Fantastic Software overall and perpetual license. Now i feel totally ripped off. This is why i feel this way. First of all i paid MSA for R21, and this release is poisoned with online activation. This is not what i expected and as a customer i feel they do not deliver what i paid for. This is not real perpetual. If in the future they choose to deactivate licenses which are a little bit behind. I can do nothing against it. MAXON forces me to make a bad decision, no matter what. 1. go subscription - I spent thousands of dollars to buy Studio and MSA. If i go subscription i will loose my perpetual license. This is crazy and this won’t happen. Please MAXON fix this. This is like you take away my car and tell me it’s better for me to rent i from you. I would consider subscription if i could fall back on R20/21. - all the subscriptions are adding up really fast. If at one point you have a bad time with your business,… well you’re out of the game. 2. stay with perpetual license We will see what the upgrade prices will be and how long the offer perpetual licenses. But with online activation it is no longer real perpetual. (see above) I have to carefully think what i will do. At the moment it looks like i am forced to stay with R19/R20 as long as i can install it on MAC OSX. But i got a bad feeling it might be locked out sooner than i like. I really love C4D and i make my money with it. I was fine with studio and MSA costs. no problem at all. But you are saying you don’t force us into subscription - well then don’t! When i look at the weak features in R21 and the new subscription model i got a strong feeling that you holding back features which could have been ready for R21. Just to release these features for subscribers this fall or winter and lure us in. I hope i am wrong and i hope MAXON will listen to our feedback. This is a bad day for me personally. I am invested in C4D with plugins, libraries and first and foremost with my heart.
  5. I can help if you like, just tell me what to do.
  6. Very good work on the forum and i like the youtube channel. thank you!
  7. Thank you very much for sharing the files. very helpful for learning.
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