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  1. We should not confound inability with motiv. They did exactly what they wanted to do. For the user it's a very bad situation. (offline for security reasons/connection availability,..) With online activation, online help and double accounts (eportfolio/mymaxon) it makes the situation worse... for us at least. (by the way i would recommend to download all versions and every single update in case the e-portolio get's retired in the future)
  2. That's very sad to hear, but i totally understand. I will stay on R19 & R20 for some time. (Wont't even install my MSA R21 for now.) I bought seamilar some time ago but i also never heard fromt the other plugins. Ordering now. Thank you very much for your super helpfull plugins and the nice offer. But it's a sad occasion for this sale. all the best Jörg
  3. What happens to MSA contracts with local distributors? I guess they are automatic canceled.... right? (No word from my reseller so far)
  4. I really feel empty today and i lost trust in MAXON. I work with Cinema since 2001. First in different agencies and then on my own. As a MSA and Studio customer i feel i’m no longer valuable to MAXON. I’m fine with the money i spent for Cinema Studio and all the MSA fees until R20. Fantastic Software overall and perpetual license. Now i feel totally ripped off. This is why i feel this way. First of all i paid MSA for R21, and this release is poisoned with online activation. This is not what i expected and as a customer i feel they do not
  5. I can help if you like, just tell me what to do.
  6. Very good work on the forum and i like the youtube channel. thank you!
  7. Thank you very much for sharing the files. very helpful for learning.
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