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  1. Black Friday Sales

    RebusFarm just announced a black friday special. no details on the deal yet. 25.-28.th

    Thank you for all the information and for the many, many videos on MAXON, Cineversity, and so on. Great way to communicate with your customers. I think R18 Feels a lot more advanced and i really dig that you made updates and new features in many aspects of Cinema. Great Job guys!!

    For me this is a very cool Release. Love the mograph and knife tools. A lot of very useful features.
  4. Very interesting. Looking forward to better Fire and Smoke inside X-Particles. http://3.x-particles.com/insydium-ltd-has-purchased-explosiafx-from-blackcore/
  5. Sure no problem. Done.
  6. I can help if you like, just tell me what to do.
  7. Very good work on the forum and i like the youtube channel. thank you!
  8. Characters

  9. Real Flow Cinema 4d

    Me too, i really would love to ad some serious Fluid Simulation to my Toolset. Did not hear about the update pricing, seems very high to me. Maintenace will be 295.- as far as i can see. If you are right about the update price then i'm out. I have an MSA for C4D, im fine with that. But i won't pay Maintenace for every plugin i buy. I simply won't. Maybe i take a gamble and buy the early bird and stick with that as long as i can. BtwI think the update and maintenance prices are quite high in relation to the product price. Product 800.- (normal price) Maintenace 300.- Update 600.-
  10. Real Flow Cinema 4d

    What do you guys think of the price now that there are more informations available. Here is the comparison of the functions (bottom of the page) http://www.toolfarm.com/buy/next_limit_realflow_cinema_4d Maybe someone familiar with Realflow can tune in and tell us what the restricitons mean regarding workflow and possibilities. No Hybrido, no RealWave On the plus side it looks like all Render Engines that are there for C4D would work, and the spline function look very handy. second video: http://www.realflow.com/product/realflow_cinema4d
  11. C4D Cafe lost and new files,free to use!

    Thank you very much for sharing the files. very helpful for learning.