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  1. Ha thanks so much guys, those are nice comments! There is a chance I will soon do a commercial project in this style for a client so hopefully I can share some more soon!
  2. Call me Wes ;) Yes that is all Octane, little to no Photoshop after to push the contrast of the colors a bit. Thanks man, appreciate it!
  3. Some experiments trying to learn sss in Octane, whole series in highres here!
  4. Some experiments with animation/loops from the past few weeks: LOOPED • Explorations 3
  5. Had so much fun with these for Star Wars Day 2017!! Lightabers modeled with official blueprints.. A lot of highres, closeups, clayrenders here! There is a second jedi version also but I can't seem to add it here - check the link ;) thanks!
  6. ^ Thanks Sigor!! First client neon I did with Octane - very happy with the result - had some time for this so worked on adding more details/remodeled the parts I've been using for a while.. Animation and more high res renders here!
  7. Quiet week in between commercial projects so found some time to do some personal explorations with colors and shapes TYPE - Explorations 2 (click for highres)
  8. Full project for 36daysoftype 2017 online HERE - Color & Dark version (Color Vray/Dark Octane)
  9. Seems there was an issue with the link posted above, fixed it!
  10. Thanks!! Output was 1400x787 - 4000 samples, around 15minutes I believe..
  11. Thanks man!!! Just posted the first commercial work I've done with Octane! More shots on the link.. NIKE • Air Max Day '17
  12. @nerv Thankssss! Doing this years 36daysoftype with a lot of bended explorations - so far only on > https://www.instagram.com/creamdesign/
  13. ^ Thanks!! Collection of explorations with bended techniques here!
  14. New Nike project online - more variations and gifs on the link! NIKE • Ultimate Deception
  15. New typo project for ShowUsYourType's Seoul edition, experimenting with blended materials.. All highres shots here