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  1. CREAM wip

    Illustrations and typography for Nike Air Max Day 2018 A lot more renders/Work in progress/timelapse video and more HERE :)
  2. CREAM wip

    GDPR editorial typography for Proximus Full project
  3. Looking for somebody who could help me out with sculpting something for a commercial project asap Please email creamdesign@me.com for more info
  4. I had found it earlier already but that was indeed the solution Cerbera, thanks for replying though!
  5. I have 4 spheres in an invisible sphere with dynamics, I want the state of those 4 spheres in an object but no matter how I do it they will always be the 4 original spheres without how the dynamics have transformed them. Current state to object obviously doesn't work - I have also tried backing them through the timeline with All Parameters enabled but they only had the movement backed into them. Thanks!! Screenshot of how I would need them with another screenshot of how the tags are set up on the objects:
  6. CREAM wip

    Finished some illustrations I had been playing with for a while, more close-ups and clayrenders HERE
  7. CREAM wip

    Typography for Workbook's 40th anniversary, more shots and close-ups here
  8. CREAM wip

    Network infographic/editorial for Proximus ONE MagazineLot's more highres shots/pictures here
  9. CREAM wip

    Officially done working for 2017!! More close-ups here
  10. CREAM wip

    Some recent personal explorations with C4D/Octane. A lot more shots on THIS link ^^
  11. CREAM wip

    "Internet of things" editorial for Proximus ONE Magazine Lot's more highres shots/pictures here
  12. CREAM wip

    New editorial work online for a Belgian newspaper, article about "Pixar, the animation factory" All renders and pictures here
  13. CREAM wip

    New work online for Penguin Random House, more shots and gifs on the link :)
  14. CREAM wip

    ACE typography for Axoo, South-Korea - more highres shots here!
  15. CREAM wip

    Some recent personal late night explorations, all 7 different ones in highres here!