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  1. ^ Thanks Sigor!! First client neon I did with Octane - very happy with the result - had some time for this so worked on adding more details/remodeled the parts I've been using for a while.. Animation and more high res renders here!
  2. Quiet week in between commercial projects so found some time to do some personal explorations with colors and shapes TYPE - Explorations 2 (click for highres)
  3. Full project for 36daysoftype 2017 online HERE - Color & Dark version (Color Vray/Dark Octane)
  4. Seems there was an issue with the link posted above, fixed it!
  5. Thanks!! Output was 1400x787 - 4000 samples, around 15minutes I believe..
  6. Thanks man!!! Just posted the first commercial work I've done with Octane! More shots on the link.. NIKE • Air Max Day '17
  7. @nerv Thankssss! Doing this years 36daysoftype with a lot of bended explorations - so far only on >
  8. ^ Thanks!! Collection of explorations with bended techniques here!
  9. New Nike project online - more variations and gifs on the link! NIKE • Ultimate Deception
  10. New typo project for ShowUsYourType's Seoul edition, experimenting with blended materials.. All highres shots here
  11. Thanks @southpaw !! Some explorations in between commercial stuff, more shots on the link
  12. "Tolerance" typography in duotone for the new Memovoco calendar, all highres shots here..
  13. Thanks @nerv !! Quickie for Fortune Magazine's 40 Under 40, more shots here.
  14. Found it, for those interested : Instead of placing your .lib4d files into the browser folder of the application set them into the browser folder found in your own preferences. Any library wich is still locked can be easily locked in the browser in C4D by rightclicking and disabling read-only..
  15. Like most people I've made several custom libraries and have some downloaded in there as well. I'd like to clean the names up so they would be somewhat categorized and easier/faster to work with. However when I right-click on the folder it says "read-only" and the rename option is disabled (see screenshot). I've checked the library folder in my finder and it is set to "read & write" so permissions in the finder can't be the problem.. R17 installed on Mac (10.11.6) Thanks!