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  1. Been a while since I've been here, guess my topic and all posts got deleted when the new forum came so here I go again ^^ Just posted some new work for Jean Paul Gaultier, more highres angles on my portfolio.
  2. CREAM wip

    GDPR editorial typography for Proximus Full project
  3. Looking for somebody who could help me out with sculpting something for a commercial project asap Please email creamdesign@me.com for more info
  4. I had found it earlier already but that was indeed the solution Cerbera, thanks for replying though!
  5. I have 4 spheres in an invisible sphere with dynamics, I want the state of those 4 spheres in an object but no matter how I do it they will always be the 4 original spheres without how the dynamics have transformed them. Current state to object obviously doesn't work - I have also tried backing them through the timeline with All Parameters enabled but they only had the movement backed into them. Thanks!! Screenshot of how I would need them with another screenshot of how the tags are set up on the objects:
  6. CREAM wip

    Finished some illustrations I had been playing with for a while, more close-ups and clayrenders HERE
  7. CREAM wip

    Typography for Workbook's 40th anniversary, more shots and close-ups here
  8. CREAM wip

    Network infographic/editorial for Proximus ONE MagazineLot's more highres shots/pictures here
  9. CREAM wip

    Officially done working for 2017!! More close-ups here
  10. CREAM wip

    Some recent personal explorations with C4D/Octane. A lot more shots on THIS link ^^
  11. CREAM wip

    "Internet of things" editorial for Proximus ONE Magazine Lot's more highres shots/pictures here
  12. CREAM wip

    New editorial work online for a Belgian newspaper, article about "Pixar, the animation factory" All renders and pictures here
  13. CREAM wip

    New work online for Penguin Random House, more shots and gifs on the link :)
  14. CREAM wip

    ACE typography for Axoo, South-Korea - more highres shots here!
  15. CREAM wip

    Some recent personal late night explorations, all 7 different ones in highres here!
  16. CREAM wip

    ^ Thanksss!! Some new personal explorations from the last few weeks, a lot more in highres here
  17. CREAM wip

    ^^ Thanks man, appreciate it! I'm really starting to feel comfortable working in Octane. It took a while to get into the node editor but it makes so more sense doing it like that, loving how straightforward it all works and of course the liveviewer is just crazy with the instant feedback. Finished an X this morning, I think I will do the rest for next year's 36daysoftype edition!
  18. CREAM wip

    Worked on these in between commercial stuff the last few weeks, not sure what to do with these yet but loving the concept :)
  19. CREAM wip

    Thanks!! Yeah I'm often very happy with the projects I get, 75% of commercial stuff is unfortunately very different and doesn't make it to my portfolio :)
  20. CREAM wip

    Good call, tried giving it a little bit of texture but since the client wanted a dark/grungy room around it it got a bit lost in the bg - they went for the version without where the weights stood out a bit more
  21. CREAM wip

    Forgot the link with al the renders! https://www.behance.net/gallery/54257063/RSAR-Impossible-Weightlifting
  22. CREAM wip

    Editorial Illustration about weightlifting
  23. CREAM wip

    Ha thanks so much guys, those are nice comments! There is a chance I will soon do a commercial project in this style for a client so hopefully I can share some more soon!
  24. CREAM wip

    Call me Wes ;) Yes that is all Octane, little to no Photoshop after to push the contrast of the colors a bit. Thanks man, appreciate it!
  25. CREAM wip

    Some experiments trying to learn sss in Octane, whole series in highres here!