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  1. I consistently have this issue with bevels I am trying to do, and always have to make all the surrounding geometry Ngons. Normally I am fine with it and isn't a bad thing..... except when it is. Naturally Ngons create their own problems, usually things I can foresee and take care of, except this: It's like... an inverted bevel of sorts. What am I missing here? I feel like there has to be a good method that I am completely ignorant to.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to write all this up for me. It was extremely helpful and enlightening.
  3. I have made a few attempts at this point to try and learn this new(ish) material system and cannot seem to figure it out. As I am just mostly a hobbyist and never work with other people or programs, I don't see the point to make myself learn this new system unless it actually gives better results. Basically, If I have two examples: a weathered metal material via the classic system, versus the same weathered metal material via the newer Nodal system... In the final render, is the nodal material actually outputting better results? From what I loosely understand of rendering, I doesn'
  4. Ah ha! So that's the trick, I needed to subdivide that sphere. Those videos were perfect. Thank you!
  5. Shoot. I was hoping no one would ask for the scene haha. I closed it out without saving since I hadn't really done much worth saving. I'll redo it real quick. What I did: used a cloner on a hexagon in a honeycomb array, then I used the Shrink Wrap modifier over a sphere. I am hoping someone can tell me a better, more proper method to create such a model, as this technique is just messy and unpleasant. Edit: Attached the scene. HexScene.c4d
  6. I am currently trying to make a sort of dome made up of hexagonal segments. The only way I can currently think of is with some modifiers, but I know that is not nearly the same, nor a correct result/technique. I am not trying to achieve a full sphere, just a hemisphere.
  7. Oh man, yes. Thank you! I tried to find these pages earlier but was not having any success for some reason in locating them.
  8. Hello everyone. So I am about to get the latest release of Cinema4D and am wondering what changes I can expect in regards to tools or other basic functionalities being updated over the years. I am aware of the really new stuff (improvements made in the R20 release) and have read all about them. It's the improvements between R17 to R19 that I am really looking for. Last time I made a big jump, it was from R13 to R17 and that was a really dramatic shift. This time I would just like to be aware of how things have changed and where they have changed ahead of time. I am just looking for
  9. It this addon for blender that allows you to do measurements like it is a technical drawing.
  10. So right now I am trying to learn about Normal Maps and creating them inside Cinema 4D and came across this short video tutorial. To sum it up in case you don't want to watch it, he is demonstrating how to bake a high poly object normal map on to a low poly object without having to UV both of them to be perfectly the same. Only the Low is UV'd. He proceeds to prove that only the Low is UV mapped while the high poly is in it's original messy state, and then bakes it. The specific function is found within the bake tag in the 'Normal' option as 'Ray Casting'. Time stamp is 3
  11. Wow, this is really clever. I never would have thought to utilize the boole this way. I will also give this a try. Thanks!
  12. This is amazing. Thank you everyone that took the time to respond and help me with this. So I think I am starting to get the hang of it, there are some some minor errors that I need to work out, but I am figuring it out as I go. Now, I'd like to ask, what is the process for you guys on this? I know everyone tends to have a different way of doing things, i'd just like to know all the options available to me. For example, one of the two scene files (Vector's), it looks like one was a cylinder that (I think?) was joined with something else and then worked on from there? It's hard to t
  13. Hopefully one of the many Subdivision gods here can help me with this. I am revisiting an old project and am having the hardest time recreating something I did using a boolean. Can anyone give me some topology tips on how to achieve this? This is an oldie of mine that I managed to create using a boolean; I am trying to do this with SDS modelling now. I included the scene file in case anyone wanted to look at it for whatever reason. Untitled 7.c4d
  14. Whoops, sorry. I was blindly quoting the original source. Also, I was unaware, mostly, of these clubs. I knew they existed, but didn't know they actually did anything. Guess I should go poke around.
  15. Yeah, I agree. I figured you guys would know the best guidelines to lay out for everyone to follow.
  16. Could we perhaps start a pinned thread similar to the one over at Polycount, but on the forums here at the Cafe? I know that Anyone from any 3D program can go over there and get assistance since all modelling techniques are generally the same and carry over, but I think it'd be cool if we had one here that is even more focused for C4D, and would help anyone inquiring about a shape even more so than someone showing you how to do it in another modelling program. This way specific steps using specific tools and objects can be given. Also, One does not need to try and search the forums for a simil
  17. I have started the long and slow progress of modeling out the symbols, individually. Here is a before and after with the placeholders and the finals, respectively. Only have three done so far.
  18. Yes, Currently they are just floating geometry. I had just finished making all the symbols' paths and put them all in an extrude for the moment. I'm still trying to figure out how I can possibly get the patience to model all 39+3 symbols. As for this boolean plugin you mentioned, I wouldn't mind giving it a try if you show it to me. My issue with booleans is the horrendous mess it makes of the mesh. I used to live by that dang tool. These days I can't stand having my models topology being in such a state anymore. Everything has to be clean. Ooph, man. Dont get me started on thos
  19. Things are coming along really nicely, and i'm starting to get kind of excited with the overall result. But this update was more about the inner radius details. Additionally, if you compare to the previous post, you will notice I have completely redone the Square decorations. I spent some time and got a much better and more accurate end-result. So those inner ring details I had a long internal debate over. I really wanted to keep things pretty well under control polycount-wise, but I also wanted to have the kind of visual appeal and quality that you get from having the details actua
  20. Was busy and been away for a while, but here's an update! Starting to get the details filled in. I've pretty much given up on trying to make it a 100% accurate replica. For one, it's hard finding really good, highly detailed reference images. And second, a lot of the details are beyond my current capability. I got those "arch" decorations laid down and cut out (Boolean free this time!) For my next trick, the weird square twist decorations need to be cut out. After that I plan to do the gate symbols. That thus far has proved to be troublesome. Those I wanted to at least be full-accu
  21. So, the segments cloned perfectly into a radius and works beautifully. Cannot even tell. Beyond the Chevron itself, I haven't done any subdivision yet, that's going to be in the final phase. The greebles I am kind of hating (Outer-edge ring & underneath chevron). In the meantime I did a sort of placeholder until I can get around to doing them all properly. For now I just split the needed surface area off, then subdivided and chose random patterns with the occasional diagonal cut. Though, I only need to do one section and let it be cloned, it is still going to be sl
  22. Anyone have any quick-n-easy ideas on how to do this greebling? I would like to not go through and do it all be hand. But that's the only option I am looking at right now.
  23. Yeah. I believe they dropped something in water, and then captured that footage from underwater. Unfortunately I am not that dedicated... nor equipped. So, an update. I started working on the ring sections(s). I decided to split it up into three rings not including the 'dialing ring': An outer, a middle, and an inner ring. Then I segmented said rings so that when the time comes, I will just clone it 9 times in a radius. When I started, I made the mistake of not making the ring count divisible by a factor of nine, then to make matters worse, not realizing this until I was
  24. That's awesome! I'm curious, as to how are you going about doing those? I have been thinking about how to do those effects and don't have any ideas beyond "take it from the show."
  25. So, many many years ago (2012-ish) in my early days of Cinema 4D, I had taken on a project of making the Stargate from the TV series Stargate SG-1 (It's my favorite show). I used to think what I did was really great work... until I dug it up and opened it recently... hhhoman is it messy. I think around the time of it's making, I had recently discovered the boolean and went nuts with that tool. Needless to say, nowadays I will never touch that tool unless I am absolutely forced to. Fastforward to today, with the soft-return of the Stargate franchise (Stargate: Origin


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