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  1. Such good logic Thanks @jed and @jmarco Now working with jed's python script to add in some functionality, when i get it sorted, i'll post back here for the community. Tah
  2. Hi @jed Amazing, gonna have a play with this tonight. Thanks so much... Ps. I'm on R20, guess I should update my profile
  3. Hi Cafe Another day another question... I have some Motext which uses a Volume to recreate the text from a cloner object. All fine and dandy. What i'd like to experiment with it changing the size of the font depending on how many letters there are in the MoText. Currently the font size is 20, with 6 letters in the first line, if I add extra letters to the Motext those letter disappear off the edge of the screen. Ideally some script says that that if there are more than 6 letters, 8 for example, reduce the font size to 15, which would allow all 8 letters to fit within the frame. There would need to be a min and max font size too, but right now i'm just wondering if and where the solution might lie. Would this be something Xpresso could handle? Any thoughts very welcome File attached Cafe File.c4d
  4. Hey @Fastbee That's very community of you to do that. I found a guy who made a really nice material, which works a treat. His knowledge of materials was wellll beyond mine. Anyone interested, here is that material, my little effort to return the favour to the cafe. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nedb6tux6hwah26/Amber Glass CafeC4D.c4d?dl=0 I'll leave it there for a bit but if the link is broken just message me Tah
  5. Hi @Keignthanks, lovely work, i've bookmarked you and will never look at an egg the same way again! Cheers Alex
  6. Hey @natevplas I did get a couple of DM's so I think i have it sorted, but thanks for your kind offer. Have you migrated to Redshift? Seems like there is a bit of a trend for that at the moment...
  7. Hi Looking for a C4D operator who's a real wizz on Octane, specifically on material creation. First challenge is making a material like the attached images, a lamp shade. Ideally someone who is available for on-going Octane freelancing. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi @3DKiwi Thanks so much, the deformation of the reflections is down to a very nearly unnoticeable level and the small bevels that are now being added help the reflection flow around the hole cut. thanks
  9. Hi @natevplas thanks for your message. You'll see from the file attached there is a hole punched into cone form, a naturally tricky bit of geometry in real life and with the poly world. Yes, i'm using sub-divisions, but i've taken those off in the model attached. I'll have a search on the tube cheers Alex 190102 C4DCafe.c4d
  10. Happy New Year Cafe Would be great to get some opinions on a niggle i have... I have a poly model created from scratch using a CAD model as a guide. It is all really nice, but i have this niggle with the reflections across a hole punch in the geometry. The edge will eventually have a small radius/bevel, but it seems the polygons are effecting the reflection in an area which in real life should have perfect reflections. The buildings are obviously straight-edged but you can see some small curve in the rendering reflections, when the corresponding polygons begin to change to accommodate the circular cut. Is this just a degree of perfection difficult to achieve with poly-modelling or is there a trick i'm missing? Modelled in C4D, rendered in Octane Any thoughts very welcome Cheers
  11. Dang! Ok, I'll go back and look at Octane and possible niggles it has. While I'm here and kindly have the attention of you two. A General question... I planned to be using this CAD-MOI3D-C4D workflow a lot in the coming months. Octane problems aside, the little annoying problems I'm getting with the meshes and funny poly imports, do you think it would it make my life easier just to rebuild all the models in native C4D poly? Non are super complex and I have a feeling the next items on my list to sort (UV's, Animations & Unity export) will have challenges too using a non native mesh. Your wisdom, very much appreciated Cheers Alex
  12. Hey @rfanoni Stripped down the scene and deleted the normal maps, still misbehaving.... Any other thoughts - file attached. Thanks in advance Alex For cafe.c4d
  13. Hey @bezo Thanks, i've lined up those vids. I watched them before but perhaps there is something specific to this problem that i missed previously @rfanoni- below are the drop box folder links, i'll get the file scene trimmed down and posted over the weekend, its a bit fat right now to post! https://www.dropbox.com/s/rbcp9g23cvbn5oj/Screenshot 2018-10-26 10.13.54 copy.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ql3der2f4z2uxl/Screenshot 2018-10-26 10.14.10 copy.jpg?dl=0 Cheers
  14. Hi Cafe I have a series of models from CAD that i'm importing to C4D via Moi3d as OBJ's Moi3d is great, and everything has been impressive so far. I've run into a problem but i think it is more of a problem with my understanding of polys in C4D rather than the export process from Moi. ( I think) Attached are two screen shots. 1 - The base of this (fairly low poly) product with a nice gold texture, the texture and reflections look good to me. 2 - Exactly the same setup but with a radial brushed effect. When i connect the bump channel in the material it all goes to pot and you can see the polys? Can any clever heads out there explain this? Is there something i'm doing wrong? Thanks (Ps. I know the import from MOI3D isn'y always perfect and might need some rebuilding but generally they come in just fine... until i want the bump/normal)
  15. Dude! F***ing genius!! - thank you. To be honest I don't quite understand how C4D is working this out, but it's working. THANK YOU!



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