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  1. It would have been easier for this particular scene, but it's a learning curve for future images that I want to apply the same process to.
  2. Morning... Thanks for your comments and suggestions @BigAl3D@Rectro So with a clear head this morning i found a work around, it is cheating but it works for this particular image. - Plane one has the image on the camera focal plane with a rectangular hole cut out around the text area. - The curved text sits behind that place within the hole - Plane two patches the hole with a 'camera facing' image projection. to match that of plane 1 For this workflow i need large numbers of variants all produced in C4D. It's a side project that is finally getting some of my attention while the world is on pause. Thanks kindly for your help. When i get it up and running, i'll drop you both a link to get your thoughts! Stay safe Alex
  3. Hi This is the scene file https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-6knOUFMk1o_3HE4gL91WTo08i-UNJo8?usp=sharing In the tex folder you'll see the original photo and the retouched one. On the original you'll see the F and V letters to the left drift out of focus, the rest is sharp. If you then reference the C4D file, it might make a bit more sense. It's quite a headache (at least i'm finding it) To match the DOF, i'd want the image plane to be angled through the 3D text. One work around i have so far is to take the photo again without DOF. Then add in all DOF within C4D by angling the image plane. Not ideal but perhaps a sort of solution
  4. Yeah, I know its a weird thing i'm trying to do but if this doesn't work i'll look at redshift/octane etc cheers Alex
  5. @rectro Thank for your suggestions, but i need to find a way to do it in-render (in C4D) The search continues A
  6. @Rectro Hi - the goal is to do this all in-render as it'll be processed 100's of times with different labels/words etc. I'm trying to avoid a heap of back and forwards with Photoshop. The CG scene isn't adding anything to the background photo it is literally just a plate. Cheers
  7. @RectroI have a series of bottles of product photographed together. This photo is the background to my scene. On the bottle nearest the camera i have removed the current label wording in Photoshop and want to be able to replace that label with one created in C4D. Then render out so it looks like a single photo again. To add maximum realism i'd like the C4D object to have a little DOF so it sits well in the background image. I can create the correct DOF effect on the C4D Label but then the background is also effected by the DOF and so the effect looks weird. I suppose what i need is a background photo without DOF in the first place. Which is maybe what i need to do... ..unless there is a way to eliminate the background image from having the DOF effect applied?
  8. scrap that - that idea applies two lots of DOF effect to the background plate. Back to asking for ideas...
  9. hang on... what if i applied Frontal projection to the plane, then angled to by eye to match the DOF of the image?? Might that work? ...this sounds like the internal dialogue of a crazy person.... I'll try it and report back
  10. Is there any way for the back-plate image which is currently applied to a plane to be applied to a background or foreground and eliminate that from the camera DOF?
  11. Hi Bigal3D Thanks, although it's part of a workflow that needs to be entirely in-render. Any other ideas? Alex
  12. Hi cafe I am trying to composite 3D elements into a photo. All fine, with the placement etc. What i would like is to be able to reproduce the DOF effect for just the 3D element only so the 3D element is effected with blur.. The backplate image already has DOF and so to really get it to sit well together, i need to DOF one but not the other. - make sense? I feel there might be a simple solution, but so far i'm failing to find it. Using Physical, but could use standard or 3rd party renders if really necessary. Is the solution in the compositing tag? All pointers very welcome. Cheers Alex
  13. Hi I need some help. Looking for some C4D + redshift support for a day or two in North London, UK, (seven sisters tube) I need a good generalist for creating a series of sample scenes for a pitch. Must be a good generalist. C4D PC and software here, I just need a person. Ideally next week 16th/17th October if possible. please message if interested with availability and day rate Cheers Alex
  14. @danijelk Thanks - That's pretty smooth, but your computer is beefier than mine... @Arte I'll look into layers, see if that help Thanks Cafe
  15. Hi @CApruzzese, @Cerbera @danijelk Thanks for your comments. The scene is heavy, lots of particles via a fracture object with lots of deformers etc. There is no doubt that the scene and effect could be build more efficiently, the job is now done and so if I had time i should try rebuilding it, but to be honest that's unlikely to happen. Today i'm on my 13inch MBP with the same file, which still gets a useable 10fps. Without wanting to get involved in a PC v MAC debate, I can't help feeling something on the PC just isn't working right? MAXON drew a blank and all other pointers suggest the PC is running well? Incase anyone fancies it the file it here, it's 400mb+ so please don't feel obliged, but it you fancy can you tell me what FPS you are getting? I've stripped out all materials but it was setup for Redshift Thanks Alex https://www.dropbox.com/s/fpgqc8qxhluv0d7/Lag Scene.c4d?dl=0
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