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  1. Hi I need some help. Looking for some C4D + redshift support for a day or two in North London, UK, (seven sisters tube) I need a good generalist for creating a series of sample scenes for a pitch. Must be a good generalist. C4D PC and software here, I just need a person. Ideally next week 16th/17th October if possible. please message if interested with availability and day rate Cheers Alex
  2. @danijelk Thanks - That's pretty smooth, but your computer is beefier than mine... @Arte I'll look into layers, see if that help Thanks Cafe
  3. Hi @CApruzzese, @Cerbera @danijelk Thanks for your comments. The scene is heavy, lots of particles via a fracture object with lots of deformers etc. There is no doubt that the scene and effect could be build more efficiently, the job is now done and so if I had time i should try rebuilding it, but to be honest that's unlikely to happen. Today i'm on my 13inch MBP with the same file, which still gets a useable 10fps. Without wanting to get involved in a PC v MAC debate, I can't help feeling something on the PC just isn't working right? MAXON drew a blank and all other pointers suggest the PC is running well? Incase anyone fancies it the file it here, it's 400mb+ so please don't feel obliged, but it you fancy can you tell me what FPS you are getting? I've stripped out all materials but it was setup for Redshift Thanks Alex https://www.dropbox.com/s/fpgqc8qxhluv0d7/Lag Scene.c4d?dl=0
  4. Hi I have a medium weight scene which really lags on my PC (decent i7 6800 processor + 2 x 1080ti's) - it drags along at about 4FPS The same scene on a 7 year old imac gets 15+ FPS. The Pc renders well, clearly using both GPUs. Any ideas anyone? I've tried playing with the Open GL tickbox, but that doesn't change anything... Suggestions? Thanks Alex
  5. @hrvoje Thanks, i realised i was a long way out of my depth and given it to someone far more skilled! (pretty good reputation score you have there!!) A
  6. Hi Everyone I've stumbled across the adobe Mixamo resource and now want to play with that character animation acting as an effector within a clone of spheres Any pointers? I can add the standard C4d Figure as 'figure' falloff within the plain effector - is there a way to add the animated Mixamo man? Thanks Alex
  7. @admin Thanks for the tip, i found a Redshift guru who worked his magic on my problem. Incase anyone wants to know, the solution is here. https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/25606/ Its clever stuff...
  8. Correct my C4D version. Thanks for moving the post, i'll check it there
  9. Hi This might be one for the Redshift forum, but thought i'd try here first. I have a V.Fractured plane with an attractor pulling the pieces over time. I would like to change the material of the fragments using a field as it gets closer to the Attractor. I found a great tutorial from YellowDog which talks about how to do it for a Cloner, but with the fracture it doesn't seem to play ball. Simplified file attached, any pointers gratefully received. Cheers ps. the tutorial i mentioned incase anyone is interested Colour Fields Test 1.c4d
  10. @CerberaThanks for your thoughts, i feared that would be the feedback for this particular challenge. If I do find any worthwhile solutions i'll post them back here Cheers
  11. Morning Cafe I'm trying to .... find a font that I can sweep shapes along. Ideally a handwriting font that is a continuous line. On googling some people call it a plotter font, engravers font on a single line font. Whatever the name does anyone know of such a font, alternatively a method in C4D for achieving this effect? Found one here - https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/engravingfonts which showed promise, but loads into C4D a bit funny These work, although are very basic fonts - http://www.mrrace.com/CamBam_Fonts/ Ideally a font like this but with just the centreline swept - see image attached The goal is to make text that looks like piped icing writing on a cake, using a parametric method Does that make sense? Any thoughts very welcome
  12. Such good logic Thanks @jed and @jmarco Now working with jed's python script to add in some functionality, when i get it sorted, i'll post back here for the community. Tah
  13. Hi @jed Amazing, gonna have a play with this tonight. Thanks so much... Ps. I'm on R20, guess I should update my profile
  14. Hi Cafe Another day another question... I have some Motext which uses a Volume to recreate the text from a cloner object. All fine and dandy. What i'd like to experiment with it changing the size of the font depending on how many letters there are in the MoText. Currently the font size is 20, with 6 letters in the first line, if I add extra letters to the Motext those letter disappear off the edge of the screen. Ideally some script says that that if there are more than 6 letters, 8 for example, reduce the font size to 15, which would allow all 8 letters to fit within the frame. There would need to be a min and max font size too, but right now i'm just wondering if and where the solution might lie. Would this be something Xpresso could handle? Any thoughts very welcome File attached Cafe File.c4d
  15. Hey @Fastbee That's very community of you to do that. I found a guy who made a really nice material, which works a treat. His knowledge of materials was wellll beyond mine. Anyone interested, here is that material, my little effort to return the favour to the cafe. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nedb6tux6hwah26/Amber Glass CafeC4D.c4d?dl=0 I'll leave it there for a bit but if the link is broken just message me Tah

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