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  1. Render sketch and toon

    Hi There are several possible ways to achive this effect. The one i know best is : You make two different render passes. One is kinda shadow pass with no outlines, only light/shadow information. The other pass is the lines only , black lines white background. With these two passes you can comp it in after fx or other software, and you use the shadow pass to mask the lines pass and then you invert the colors. I would do it that way. But i guess there are other techniques as well. cheers
  2. Hi normal move modelling tool. The best way to apply it it's to create a correction deformer and then use the normal move tool. That way you can keep that effect parametric.
  3. Why does Xpresso ruin model?

    Hi I think it's a matter of object zero-position. You can try after deleting the xpresso rig apply RESET PSR your objects or controls. That will make it go the their original frozen positions. If your object coordinates are not frozen, then you have a problem, but the then you have to freeze the coordenates before deleting the rig. After that you can erase every xpresso setup and your objects will remain in their original positions. If it doesn't help please upload a file with the problem
  4. Have you tried Cinema 4d r19 prior to version 19.053 (19.024). It's unusual, but this new service update is giving some problems to some people (including me). Perhaps the previous version is working better.
  5. Point Cache Problem

    Hi Did you turn of the deformers that were previously deforming the mesh? That's a common error. After you point cache your mesh you have to turn off everything else. cheers
  6. Rigging a Rocker Bogie

    Hi I tried using the stretch/squash in your IK tags. That way there is no offset. Check if that helps cheers rockerBogie_Rig.c4d
  7. How to achieve this effect

    Hi I think traditional modelling with a bit of detail in the wrinkles would be the best way. Actually is not a very complicated model so i think you can do it quite easily.
  8. Face Rigging Problem

    Hi The problem with the offset mesh is easy to tackle. Actually is the skin that is causing that issue. Try on and off the skin deformer and see what happens. The best way to solve this issue is to reset the bind pose of your skin. And that you do in your weight TAG in your body object. You have to reset and then set bind the skin. Then i realised another thing. All your bones need to be freeze transformed in order to create their own zero point coordenates. Thats a must-do before skinning. I sent you a file with a corrected skin binding. Check if that works. Cheers Lumberjack Rigg_fix.c4d
  9. C4D viewport reference image?

    If it is an image, you can always make a Hardware render from a single frame. It's very fast and for referencing purposes usually works.
  10. Selecting object selects it's child keys

    I use r18 and that behaves that way in this version. Probably you have to try different settings.
  11. Selecting object selects it's child keys

    Try to activate View > Link > Link view to object manager. Might help because you can select from your object manager.
  12. Great movie! Very well done and fun to watch.
  13. Selecting object selects it's child keys

    Hi Check if you have view > automatic mode on (alt+a). that option usually selects children also.
  14. Hey A very fast way to solve that issue is to use mograph. Create a cloner and distribute the clones through your particle system. With that you can select the up vector and have lot more options with the effectors to do quick stuff (randoms etc). cheers
  15. Hi A great deal of knowledge about rigging is universal and in theory you can translate the same techniques between softwares. You can learn how to rig in Maya or in C4d and apply the same principles. The big difference is that Maya has more information about that kind of work and c4d has not, but that doesn't mean c4d is inferior. C4d has very nice tools to help you rig, that Maya simply doesn't have (exp: reset PSR, freeze transforms) and if you understand some Xpresso principles you can go way further into rigging unlike Maya , that forces you to use and learn code (MEL or python) and that will be a slower process. In r19 you have new great weight tools and MAXON is pushing more stuff into the next releases since this is a market they want to invest. If you really want to invest more in c4d rigging try to learn some Xpresso. That will give you very good basis to almost everything in rigging. cheers