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  1. Great Plugin! Very usefull! Thank you!
  2. HI There is also another solution if you wish to try. You can create an edge along the middle of your geometry. select that edge and convert it into a spline, and then : menu > character > convert > convert spline to joints. (each point will get a joint) If the alignment of the joints is not good, run the character/commands/joint align tool command. hope it helps cheers
  3. Hi In your emmiter object > object tab > emmiter sub-tab you find a check box called stick particle to source object. it's simple to find. hope it helps cheers
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Hello ABC Loop is a very simple Xpresso tool that allow us to loop an abc file inside Cinema4d. Sometimes we need to loop only a certain portion of the abc sequence. With this simple tool we can create that sequence by selecting the starting frame in the alembic and a loop time span. The Xpresso does the rest. I've tested the tool and so far is working fine. Instructions: The scene file contains two null with additional controls. A simple and a more complex version. Each ABC file needs one of command null to generate a loop. Hope it helps
  5. Hi The issue with the sculpting module performance doesn't seem to be solved. i've tried sculpting a small object with 6 million polys and the performance is not very good. In R21 the performance is still better. The main issue is that the brush gets really slow when stroking the object surface and in the end becomes really bad to use. Each time i press the brush this message appears -initializing vertex buffer object -for 1-2 secs and in that time the brush doesnt work so it becomes really anoying. I really like these sculpting tools and i would like to see this issue
  6. hi. The easiest way to do that is to animate the object visbility (viewport and render) . In each shape create two frames: - default and off an then place them in the timeline where you want it. The complex but also more advanced way is to build an xpresso along with a menu with some radio buttons where you control all the shapes on and offs . it will require more prep time but in the end you only animate one object, wich is the menu selector. search in google for c4d radio buttons and how set them up in xpresso. if you run into some problems ask here again in the
  7. Hi Thanks. I've joined this studio (glimpsevfx) recently (september 2019) and besides rigging and animation i'm also a generalist so i've to do a lot of stuff. The studio uses 3ds max + vray for rendering and ornatrix in this case for the grooming. I'm actually the only one that uses c4d over there and we are a team of 6 (2 artists in 3ds max, 1 in c4d, and 3 houdini artists). But because i know a little more of rigging and animation, i'm now in charge of that dpt. I believe that this project could have been done easily in c4d, even with native grooming, but since the other
  8. i agree 100% with this statement and i want to add a litte more. Even if the tools in c4d seem outdated (and in many aspects they are) try to check some making ofs from big anmation studios. Most of the time they are using old versions of maya , some of them are like maya 2012 or similar. Of course they have TD's in their pipeline to solve and implement custom tools but the the core is always something that they rely on instead of the newest release. C4d sometimes behaves like houdini. We can try and mix diferent modules to enhance certain capabilities. That means that we have to create m
  9. Hey! Actually my technical references are pretty basic. i've watched some tutorials for maya, mostly about multiple joint chains in character limbs and such. From there i learned to replicate that in c4d but those were technical concepts since i've no intereset to work with maya. i've also checked some tutorials from cineversity but i found those a bit superficial. Cinema 4d has some interesting rigged human models you can find in the content browser, plus they added some cartoon models from Ace5 Studios that have a different type of rig, much simpler, and also a facial rig that
  10. Unfortunatly i also find very few tuts on this subject. Most of my rigging solutions are a translate from other softwares but with a lot of tweaking by my self. Also, most advanced stuff is difficult to find anywhere else. I can still find some stuff for human rigging but for other type of animals or creatures its almost impossible. I have already rigged a bird and that was crazy difficult because of the wing feathers . I found nothing usefull on that subject. I feel that if we want to create more advanced solutions we have to find ourselves the way to do it.
  11. Didn't know about that issue with those rigs. That problem should be reported (even if someone already did it) to MAXON. we can't afford to have broken tools instead of reliable ones.
  12. Hi There. This is a possible way. However, did you tried using a cloner for the book? With a few deformers and a nicely setup cloner, i think you can manage to create this effect very easily and cleaner. It might no be the most realistic but it works well. There are also a few other tuts about book rigging and other products like preset tools. https://giannilorusso.com/2015/02/16/realbook-preset-the-best-book-rig-for-c4d/ cheers
  13. Hey. I saw your file. In this case since you are using the sweep generator, you cant bake it's animation because the generator is constatly generating more and more geometry. The better way to "bake" this is through a conversion. In other words export an abc (alembic) file of your animation and it will behave as a bake. You can also make an OBJ sequence or use the Nitro 4d. Bake animation is used mainly to bake some deformers and PSR animations. In this case (generators) it might not work as expected.
  14. Cinema 4d has good tools for rigging. Besides 3ds max and a bit of maya i dont know much about other packages but i feel very confortable rigging in this one. Obvisously i would like some improvements in the skinning system, maybe a multi layer system for the weight painting and a better constraint system that wasn't much of a drag with priorities. Unfortunately i'm mainly a generalist and i only rig occasionally, so there are a lot of skills (including learning python) that i miss. However it's good to work in a system that have such potencial and it helps a lot professionals like me th
  15. Hi. For this kind of simple issue i would solve it in comp. So: 1 - Render your object with an id and a background. 2 - Render a background without object 3 - In comp use the object matte to separate it from the background. Then u can use the render of your background without shadow and comp it with opacity, as you like.
  16. Hi. My first guess is that your ram usage might be increasing due to the videos caching. There might be some solutions to solve that issue. 1. try to separate the render in blocks of 30 seconds . you can use takes to make it easier. that way, you avoid memory build up. 2. in the preferences try to alocate more ram into your picture viewer. it's a long shot but sometimes it also helps a little. 3. Check your video resolution. sometimes video formats have direct influence. jpeg sequences usually are fast but beware quicktimes, mp4, avi. 4. Have you tried rendering in Hardwa
  17. Sry everyone. My bad, my confusion. (by the way i do not work for MAXON). What i mean is perpetual can stil be upgraded even if msa is gone. That's what i meant to say, but choose bad words. So wat i really wanted to say is, if you have a Perpetual license and if you plan to use your software in a long term, i think is still worth the upgrade. sry again, poor choice of words. and by the way, if i was someone working for MAXON, i defininitly should be recomending you to go to subsciption, and also that S22 is a great release when in reality it is not, just to clear some
  18. I really think people shouldn't drop their MSA, or strike deals with MAXON just because they're releasing a subscription only update. In fact MSA's can be renewed after the release of R22 like always. For new users subscription is probably a more interesting option, but for old time users with MSA, things didnt change that much (probably prices). This S22 actually is more of a beta than a production ready version. It's filled with bugs and performance issues , so i don't recomend professionals to use it and to rely on it. Bugs like the sculpt system that is completly messed up (sen
  19. Windows has other options. It could either evolve to directx like 3ds max , or vulkan.
  20. Well, i hope when it comes to august during the R22 release (for everyone) they fix and correct some of these isues i mentioned before. I dont think its good pratice to replace old technology with some new tech that dont bring any significant improvement. I really like their uv update, but uvs for me it's just 5 to 4% of my total work in c4d, and looking to a crowded viewport is 90%. So i'm biased to say that i really prefer viewport performace, and not this. The sculpting module for instance, it's terrible! a simple sphere with 2mil and it almost doesnt work! what have they done? w
  21. These numbers between versions are very weird. For an instance, i have an Intel i7 5280K at 4.2 (OC) 64 gigs RAM, Nvidia 1070 Ti 8gb + 970gtx (for gpu render aux) with latest drivers, plus 2 ssds to installation and cache . It's a decent machine, not brand new but i find weird that i have much better performance in other modules of r21 than in s22. Problems i found so far: i found that the new modelling core doesn't include the sculpt system. Somehow the sculpting in s22 it's very bad with +2milion pollygons. In r21 i can sculpt with 4million super smooth and sometimes in
  22. I've tested S22 along with r21 in terms of performance. I think both viewports are equally matched. R21 sometimes seems faster and sometimes S22 behaves a little better. I also confirm that both versions provide different values in HUD triangle count and that seems strange. I've uploaded a simple test file. its a sculpt head cloned in a 150x150 grid. The FPS from R21 were about 4.4 against 3.3 from S22 (all frames off). The same file was used in both versions Also the viewport quality didnt seem to be that good. It's a little better perhaps, but not enough to be m
  23. Are these viewport enhancements also available for pc users or its just metal/ mac users?
  24. Hi You can use two different techniques to achieving that result. You can use joints with envelopes (fields in R20/R21) and its basically managing field size. The other technique is the one Cerbera mentioned. You paint the weights / influences of the joints in the mesh. That approach is better in my opinion. Joint envelopes are useful when you have a system already weighted and you need an additional joint influence . you can use the envelope without disturbing the remaining weight painting. cheers
  25. Hi Well actually you said the character tools in c4d are "horrid". I would classify that as bad. But it is your professional opinion. Pros use the tools that are better for their skillsets and project demands. If you have to rig and animate characters extremely complex (hollywood production level) then perhaps you have to choose a different tool and learn a different set of skills . The performance issue with c4d is well knowed but it affects everything, not only character animation. So since it's a soft issue there are tons of workarounds to make it a little easier.


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