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  1. I added joints into the model the band is supposed to go over it and bend the bottom legs. So I added joints through out the model for them to bend at the bottom and for some reason when I rotate or spin the model the joint does a weird rotation rather than rotating with the model,. I have tired changing joint properties and skin properties but I cant really figure out what the hell I'm doing . for some reason the legs aren't bending in until the last two frames and the animation is slightly missed but one problem at a time. file is to big to attach so I cant do much there. Thank you so much
  2. Thank you, Yeah I'm starting to find that out. Every time I build a PC I think It's going to be 20x faster and that I can make anything without limitations but I guess the problem lies in the architecture of the software.
  3. OH MY GOD. I always try to over complicate things! I was adding the random effector from C4D. Its so weird though because the Random effector in C4D will control the position but not the scale. I think this option should definitely be in the Emitter tab as well. Thank you so much but I still find it strange why I can't effect the size with c4d random effector. I even after putting it in the emissions modifiers tab. This will definitely work for now. Again thank you!
  4. Hi, I'm having an issue which I don't think should be an issue. I'm trying to set my particle size to random. I've used the random effector, xp scale, even used fracture and I can't seem to make the particles random in size. I can easily change the position with the random effector but not size. I know it's possible, I've done it before but this has stumped me for the past 3 days and I'm hoping it's something my dumb ass is over seeing. I hope someone can help to keep me from throwing my machine out the window. Thank you in advance. I attached the file for reference. Charlie 3 Cros
  5. Thank you, I didn't know that I could do that, I will definitely look into that but I don't think that's it. I tried doing a boole on a simple model today and the viewport was lagging a lot, somethings up but I'm not sure where to pin it.
  6. I Just built a fast machine i-9 9900k, GTX 2080ti, 128gb RAM. I'm running R21 and octane/redshift. When I set up a simple animation with about 20 soft body colliders I get a serious 3 second lag in the live viewer window making it difficult to see what my animation looks like in real time. I tried messing around with open GL but there isn't really an on and off setting anymore. and yes I have paused the renderer button in Octane. Also when I open up task manager and hit the play button in C4D It shows my CPU usage at around 6% and my GPU at about 2%, C4D is hardly using any of the computing p
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