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  1. Thank you, Yeah I'm starting to find that out. Every time I build a PC I think It's going to be 20x faster and that I can make anything without limitations but I guess the problem lies in the architecture of the software.
  2. OH MY GOD. I always try to over complicate things! I was adding the random effector from C4D. Its so weird though because the Random effector in C4D will control the position but not the scale. I think this option should definitely be in the Emitter tab as well. Thank you so much but I still find it strange why I can't effect the size with c4d random effector. I even after putting it in the emissions modifiers tab. This will definitely work for now. Again thank you!
  3. Hi, I'm having an issue which I don't think should be an issue. I'm trying to set my particle size to random. I've used the random effector, xp scale, even used fracture and I can't seem to make the particles random in size. I can easily change the position with the random effector but not size. I know it's possible, I've done it before but this has stumped me for the past 3 days and I'm hoping it's something my dumb ass is over seeing. I hope someone can help to keep me from throwing my machine out the window. Thank you in advance. I attached the file for reference. Charlie 3 Cross- Random scale effector not working.c4d
  4. Thank you, I didn't know that I could do that, I will definitely look into that but I don't think that's it. I tried doing a boole on a simple model today and the viewport was lagging a lot, somethings up but I'm not sure where to pin it.
  5. I Just built a fast machine i-9 9900k, GTX 2080ti, 128gb RAM. I'm running R21 and octane/redshift. When I set up a simple animation with about 20 soft body colliders I get a serious 3 second lag in the live viewer window making it difficult to see what my animation looks like in real time. I tried messing around with open GL but there isn't really an on and off setting anymore. and yes I have paused the renderer button in Octane. Also when I open up task manager and hit the play button in C4D It shows my CPU usage at around 6% and my GPU at about 2%, C4D is hardly using any of the computing power.. any thoughts on how to get the most out of my machine and to get smooth animations in the viewport for pre-viz? I linked a video of the animation for reference on what I'm doing
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