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  1. Can we keep this open and maybe someone else can chime in on this??
  2. could you explain how it works?
  3. Hey guys, Is it just me or the xpresso workflow to extract strength out of the sound effector with 'Sample node' doesn't work anymore on R20?? I tried multiple different formats and they work on the mograph cloner, but the workflow with sample node just returns zero.
  4. Hello guys, I noticed that reloading xref motion systems it overwrites animation done on the scene, is there something I can do to avoid this?
  5. Hey, i will suggest just weighting it without smoothing first in the front view. Then once every point of the mesh ir normalized (doesn't have unassigned weights) select all the bones in weight manager and smooth it through there. There is no workaround for this as far as i know. Also, i made a tutorial series on showing the process of rigging, and i have similar character with very dense mesh there.
  6. Soooo, just incase anyone is looking, i achieved success by taking my head mesh and projecting maps via xnormal to the body mesh, then blending between two maps in photoshop. For connecting meshes, i aligned both meshes vertexes on the same position, then used connect object to merge phong. Now, the blendshapes were still affecting vertexes that were connecting with the body, so i used 'Morph' deformer and restricted it only to the vertexes that are connecting to the body (via vertex map). Then you have to make sure that the vertexes on the connection part weighted the same as the ones on the body. Took me awhile to get it right, but oh well :)
  7. So i have a big scene, and it has bunch of timeline markers, for some reason when i zoom in some of my markers disappear but then reappear when zoomed out. Anyone has solutions?
  8. Hello, i've been rigging for a while, but still couldn't figure best workflow for merging two meshes of a character together. I would like to merge head that is rigged with blendshapes together with the body. Both of them have separate UV's and textures. Is there any workflow in Cinema that could work?



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