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  1. Hi, I have several projects I created using Quicktime Animation codec material textures with alpha (many, so conversion would be painful). They still run fine on R18, but the material channels in R19 now indicate there is a "file format error" and won't use those same files when opening up my R18 projects in R19. Reverting to R18 solves the issue. Yes, I have graduated to using image sequences, but I am wondering this is a bug, if R19 dropped support for QT Animation codec or what. Any info would be appreciated. BTW, the video files themselves play fine on my iMAC (Sierra OS).
  2. Creating Cells-Clipping Cells messages

    Hi, if I did that, I would be back to my original unfractured object I think. I did have close holes and optimize on Voronoi fracture setting. I do believe I found the culprit however, in that when I made by fracture editable, I put the original Voronoi fracture in a hidden null as backup, as is my habit. Turns out, with the default Voronoi Auto-update on, when the file is loaded, it starts cutting and clipping from scratch, and being such a complex object, takes about 10 minutes to complete...and MAXON recommends not doing anything interactive while Voronoi is chopping stuff up. So I turned off the auto-update in my hidden Voronoi, and that seemed to solve the issue on start-up, with just a much more abbreviated clipping cells message. So mystery solved I think. Thanks all for your replies. Jeff
  3. Creating Cells-Clipping Cells messages

    Thanks for reply--still get that sequence of messages even after baking a la Lester and/or making fracture editable.
  4. Hi all, I have a projects that has an object with a mesh much denser than I normally work with (over 1 mil polygons), made more complex by breaking it up with Voronoi fracture and adding effectors. However, even if I make the fracture editable and isolate the object in its own project, I still get the issue below. When I first open the project, down in the lower left hadn't corner next to the progress bar I am getting the following sequence of messages: Creating input points, creating cells Step 1/2, clipping cells Step 2/2. I have never seen that before and it take about 10 minutes to complete the process before I am able to play the project in the viewport and work on it. Perhaps I turned something on by mistake, or this is the norm for high-poly objects (btw, I have tried poly reduction, but my object quality suffers as I zoom in on it). Any insights on what this may be related to, and if there were a way to avoid (for example bake something) would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff