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  1. I try to light a scene with an hdri image in a sky object. I have a sphere with a chrome material in the scene and a sky object with a hdri applied to it in the luminance channel. In the render settings GI is turned on. In the viewport I can see the HDRI texture reflected in the sphere but in de final render the texture is not visible. What am I missing here?
  2. 10 min keynote from the new MAXON ceo! Just announce the big news and wrap it up. I like his style! Tim Cook can learn something from this.
  3. Thx again for narrowing the problem down to the Tile setting in the texture tag, Bezo! Now the problem is totally solved.
  4. hey Dan, Just reapplying the texture tag didnt work for me. Only remapping the UV's worked. (or changing the projection type in the texture tag as Bezo said)
  5. Thx a lot Bezo! That explained and solved the problem.
  6. Does anyone has a solution or workaround for this Edge bevel shading bug: After beveling an edge, part of the newly created polygons will be transparant. This bug is present in both the Bevel tool as in the bevel deformer. You can see the problem in the screenshot or in the attached file. Edge bevel shading bug.tif Edge bevel shading bug.c4d
  7. This is something that's on my wishlist for C4D for a long time. There's a plugin (Nitro Falloff) that you can try. We need a 'fit to selection' button for deformers, similar to the 'fit to parent' we allready have. It would make all deformers at once very powerfull modelling tools. You can do it now but it's just too cumbersome to manually adjust the cage to your selection.
  8. Apple has announced a new Mac Pro for 2019. This machine should finally turn around the neglect high end Mac users have suffered the last 8 years. If possible I would wait for this machine, but this can be another 12 months and this may not be possible for you. Right now the iMac pro is the best Apple has to offer for 3D.
  9. Make the plane smaller so the image (and alpha) covers the whole area.
  10. I think he meant the 32core threadripper 2990WX CPU (not video card). For around 3000 euro you can build a render node with a Cinebench score of 5000. This is really great value. Building a render node with Xeon processors with similar performance you would need a dual processor machine that costs more than twice that. This way you dont have to switch to a third party renderer and can keep rendering in Physical Render. With Team Render you can combine the CPU power of your iMac pro and the render node. You will be able to render 3 to 4 times as fast as you do now.
  11. Working with instances in the Volume Builder (or linking objects which is similar) is really buggy in my experience. I only work with objects as childs of the Volume Builder. Because if I use instances or link objects sooner or later C4D will crash or the viewport will be messed up. Objects you have set to Subtract will suddenly render as Union. Or some object in the Volume Builder will not render in the Viewport anymore. I'm still a big fan of Volumes but I hope MAXON can fix these bugs because for now only objects as childs of the builder are stable to work with. And that's a shame because a lot is possible when you can have a hierarchy of objects and link these objects into several different Volume Builders.
  12. first slant the cube and then use the loop cut tool to make the 3 subdivisions hold shift to make a center cut and then press the plus once to make three evenly spaced cuts
  13. In stead of investing in plugins like X-particles and an external renderer I would also suggest you invest that money in a hardware upgrade. If you are working in C4D on a 13 inch screen you will spend most of your time opening and closing windows and menu's... and scrolling in the object manager. At the very least buy a big external screen.
  14. I also tried to find a way to do that but also didn't succeed. I was hoping to do it by applying a vertex color tag to the Volume Mesher. The objects you use in the Volume builder could then be used as fields to color the final mesh. Unfortunately you cannot apply a vertex color tag to the Volume Mesher. Lets hope this can be added in a future update.



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