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  1. The mesh shown is one subdivision higher than its lowest poly form, which is the form I am wanting to animate with. I decided to use this one as the one lower seems like it is too blocky. The total poly count for the character, including clothing, is somewhere around 35k. He will be the only character in the scene. The seams are being caused by the points in which the islands come together, at least I think they are? In this image, I've marked down where the seams are actually occurring vs. the sweater seam being recreated by the normal map.
  2. Hello all! So I have had this issue for a while now, and I have no idea how to fix it. I am hoping someone here can help me, because this is the last part of my pipeline that I can seem to figure out and its driving me crazy. I have googled and researched and toiled for multiple hours trying to find a solution. I am trying to make animatable characters for fun short films. Everytime I go through the process, the f'n maps ruin everything. since the characters need to be animated, I am retopolgizing everything to a lower poly count, and then baking out the maps to reapply detail. I can never seem to get this process correct. I always have seams. Always. It doesnt matter how I cut my UVs, or how many times I bake out the maps, or what programs I use to generate the maps. they are always there, somewhere. Here are some images demonstrating my problem. What am I doing wrong? Can someone please help me? The normal maps seem to be causing the issue, specifically on the UV island cuts. Is there a reason my UV islands are causing seams? I Sculpted the model in Zbrush, retopo'd and UV'd in 3Dcoat, then baking out maps in xNormals, and finally viewing/trying to animate in C4D. Maybe I am missing a step somewhere in my process? Maybe I am misunderstanding a step in the process? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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