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  1. I think it's a great start. You ould probably push the intensity up a bit. A lot of the neon lights I just looked at online seem to be more white and bright in the center...with the color emanating from the edges and more apparent in the glow. You could also mess with adding a fresnel in the luminance to make the intensity more centered? Just might give it some dimension? Are you using the physical renderer or a third party like octane? Also in order to get that good shine on the wall you'll need to use global illumination. Crank up the lights and work on the textures on the wall. Then you could enhance the glow in photoshop or after effects. Just my two cents! Looking good though!
  2. Thanks for the votes of confidence. Here is the negative clip. I had to use ReelSmart Motion Blur becuase for some reason I just can't get Octanes Motion Blur to work with the skinner in Xparticles. Video Link
  3. Working on a project at work. It's due tomorrow. Working on setting up and rendering all night tonight. I started on Tuesday. It's a product that stops leaks in hoses. Here is a section showing how a leak "kind of" happens lol. Not scientific at all. Can't show frames with the product in it yet since the commercial hasn't aired. But it looks the same. It's going to be a split screen. Currently rendering 1280x720 out of Octane. Pathtracing. The water sim is taking about 45 seconds to a minute to cache before EACH frame so timewise I'm not able to render out at the full 1080 for my deadline. But I think I've been able to uprez to 1080 in After Effects successfully enough. Water sim done with xparticles. It's not perfect. Having to just leave or deal with some issues due to my deadline. I have a bit of stretching with the mold texture on the white part and the water itself isn't "spray-like" enough for my taste but it gets the point across. Not sure if I can get that realistic with xparticles. Thoughts/Questions?
  4. I don't see anything either.
  5. Oh...I thought he wanted the bottle to look the way it does...but keep the light off the floor.
  6. Add a compositing tag to the light. Select the tab labeled "Exclusion." Make sure the mode is set to "exclude" and then drop your floor object, plane or whatever into the box. That should do it.
  7. This probably isn't what you are looking for but you can do it directly in C4D without any plugin. The Landscape primitve will help you model it. You can get it a good bit of the way. Then if you need more control you could start using the sculpting tools. Then either use body paint to paint on the textures. Or perhaps download some textures and edit them in Photoshop? Plus, if Im not mistaken, there is a displacement option in the native C4D shaders. So you could just use that.
  8. Oh man. Thanks, Nick. I appreciate your feedback. It makes me so happy to hear that other 3D artists like my work. I work from home and don't get lots of feedback from my bosses, lol. I'll send you a PM so as not to derail the thread here with Octane mumbo jumbo. lol
  9. Hey, thanks! I do have to say that having a background in production has really benefited me. I use Octane as my main renderer and approaching my 3D scenes the same way I would a location shoot has been really helpful.
  10. I actually went to college for Media Broadcasting. I worked for MTV, even won an Emmy. Then parted ways and started working as a D.P. I always loved post production and got to the point that I no longer wanted the type of lifestyle befitting a traveling D.P. Through college and after I spent loads of freetime learning after effects etc. Never branched out into 3D. Didn't have access to the software. Then about 5 years ago I downloaded Blender and was hooked. I took a job in post production that allowed me to grow my After Effects skills while I dabbled in 3D for fun on nights and weekends. Three years into that job my company shut down it's production/media department. Through contacts that I had made at said company I was offered a position as an editor at a new company. They saw some of my side 3D work and loved it. That was April of 2015. They bought C4D for me and told me that they wanted me to be their full time in house 3D/VFX artist. I said yeah I can totally do that (while I was actually thinking what the hell are you doing you've never done any commercial work before). It's been awesome. So my story seems to lean towards what Cerbera warned against. And while I do agree with him in part on a few things I do think that you can do anything you put your mind to. If you have the drive and determination you can succeed. I've asked for pointers a few times and hope it didn't come across as deadline-based. LoL. But I do see where he is coming from. In my first year I literally worked 7 days a week up to 22 hours a day to get stuff done. It was trial by fire. It's still that way sometimes and I am FAR from an EXPERT. But I have a solid fundamental understanding and always have ideas on where to start. This makes it easier for me to find out how to do stuff by creative problem solving. I also have a strong support system that I've been lucky to be a part of. i found an awesome group in my area called CAVEMODE (Charlotte Area Visual Effects and Motion Design) and have made so many awesome contacts. Good friends that I can call or message if I'm in a bind that are happy to help or let me pick their brain. Find a good community, get involved. You'll make friends that are invested in your success that are willing to put in the effort to help. Also, my case is kind of rare though with regards to my company. They are totally supportive and to a very specific and small level has a bit of understanding that I'm not an artist with 15 years experience. They do still require and expect the world from me. It's hard being directly managed by someone who has no clue what goes into 3D work. I rambled on long enough. But I wasn't classically trained. I am self taught. I spend ridiculous amounts of time reading, watching tutorials and doing everything possible to get my work done. And in doing so I am learning my way through C4D. If you find someone willing to pay you to for your work and there is a very clear understanding on what you could provide I say go for it. No matter how much experience you have. Doing client work is SO much different than playing with tutorials on your own. Here's a few pieces that I worked on through this past year. They aren't amazing but I am super proud of them. My name is Matt. I'm a full time 3D Artist and the sole artist for my entire company. I've been a professional artist for about a year and a half and will never do anything else.
  11. NO NO NO!!!.....Im so sorry. I edited my post. It's supposed to say "your post made me laugh out loud!" I changed it right after I posted it but it must not have come through before you saw it. Not mad at all I thought it was funny.
  12. Cerbera I don't know why but your post actually made me laugh out loud! I imagine you saying this while shaking a pointed finger, lol. BalCalistan, I'm not going to touch the "Pirated Software" aspect of this other than to say...if you are wanting to learn C4D and don't have the money to buy it there are a couple things I would suggest. Besides pirating it. #1 Obviously download the trial. When it's done download it again with another e-mail. I mean it works. Or #2. Contact MAXON and just ask if you can get an extended trial. They do this. They are nice. It works. I actually got an ENTIRE full NFR license of Nuke to play with simply by contacting and chatting up a sales guy for the Foundry. I'm not saying you pirated...I'm just saying man there are so many other alternatives if you just want to learn the software. And you'll have the most recent version too. SOOOOOO much has changed since R13. But I digress. Back to the original nature of the post. The question you are asking is so far beyond simple. If you had spent even 2 minutes watching ANY tutorial on would have figured out the answer to your own question. Furthurmore posting "Help!!!!!!" as the sole title of your thread is a bit excessive. We are all here to help each other but brother you need to do a bit of leg work yourself too. Check this out...I'm going to blow your mind: ****First Day In C4D Tutorial*** All The Best!
  13. TerminatorJQ. I'm not sure what type of work you do but I have been very happy with C4D. I find it very stable, intuitive and gets about 90% of the job done with included options. I do have Studio though. With Xparticles (and Octane but that's not necessary) I feel like its a great choice. But again without knowing the type of work you do I can't offer specific bonuses.
  14. Absolutely amazing. I'd love more info about this as well. Renderer etc?
  15. Thanks, Guys. I work for a production company that does high end ASOTV commercials. Think Proactive type spots. I am the sole 3D /VFX artist. This was a typical commercial. 2 minutes in length. The offer, which is the end where they have a call to action, was about 30 seconds of the entire spot. This was all done 3D. It's cheaper than hiring a full crew to shoot multiple days for this type of shot. I used Octane for this render. We have (x5) 980ti cards. For this specific 'dark' version I had to up the samples pretty high to get a clean/noise free image. I used Pathtracing, 5000 sample with diffuse and specular depth set at 16. This resolved in about 2:15 seconds per frame on the five cards at 1920x1080. I still had some fireflies in the floor to deal with but they were out of the main action area so a small blur in After Effects got rid of them good enough. The modelling was pretty straight forward. The bottle and wipes were simple. I created the bottle and cap. Then I loop selected some of the polygons around the center of the bottle and split them. Then I just extruded those a bit to create the lable paper. Just to give it some depth. The lamp was more difficult. I can't show specifics on that because of the NDA. It's one of the secrets of the product. The global lighting and reflections are driven by an HDRI map. I had the flag the heck out of it in order to keep the floor and background clean of anything. I was going for that nice dark but reflective look. I started out in my career as a D.O.P. so i figured I'd just try to approach the lighting like I would have on set somewhere. Not sure if there is an easier way but unfortunately the amazing/handy compositing tag is not compatible with Octane. So no way to select which objects effect what with regards to reflection etc. Then I started creating area lights to add highlights to things. Back lights, rim lights etc. Also the light hit on the background behind the product is the result of one area light. While I'm on that I'll quickly explain the BG setup. It took me awhile to get something I liked figured out. What I do is crate a HUGE floor plane. Like massive. Then duplicate it and rotate it so that it's sitting vertical. Then I move it back in the Z axis REALLY far away. I make the texture in the back wall a diffuse material (rough) and then I make the floor a glossy material. Then what happens is that because the back wall is so far away, when you add the slightest bit of depth of field, the seam between the floor and wall disappears. Then throw a light on it like a spot and boom. Textures. They are all pretty basic. The flags are straight up diffuse textures with a black as the color and everything else turned off. The equivalent in a native C4D shader would be turning everything off. Most are simple glossy materials with different values in the roughness node. The texture for the bottle cap is the same thing with a bit of bump. The edges of the wipes also have some ribbed bump map to try to give it the look and feel of the type of wetnap packaging material. If there's anything that I didn't cover that you guys are interested in let me know.