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  1. 3D Modelers Wanted

    Hi All. I work for a company called Hutton Miller. We produce national television spots for ASOTV [As Seen On TV] products. I am looking for some talented 3D Modelers that can alleviate some of my workload. Projects will be on a per project freelance basis. We are wanting to find some people proficient in hard surface product modelling. Some minor rigging might be required. We won't need any texturing, lighting or animating. 100% modeling. You can check out some of our spots on our website: http://huttonmiller.com/ The ideal candidate can work within tight deadlines and provide clean meshes as well as organzied C4D Project files ready for animating. Many of the products we shoot spots for are prototypes so therefore you will need to e able to work using images and measurements to recreate the product. Most projects require a 2 to 3 day turn around. The images that I have uploaded are some of the product animations that I have modeled and animated for some reference as to the types of models we need. We work on a very wide variety of products. If you are interested send me your reel [or a current collection of product stills] and your rate to Matthew@huttonmiller.com
  2. I've been wanting to look into getting a server rack that can hold up to like 8 GPU's to serve as a render computer. I currently have two desktops but each only hold 3 cards. I'd love to be able to just have one desktop and then add server racks when I want more GPUs. Every thing I find online is related to bitcoin mining.Anyone have any experience with building a server rack for rendering or know of any companies that provide a build service?
  3. Error On Project Close

    Thanks. I updated the drivers and it seems to have fixed it.
  4. Hi all. After Windows 10 did one of it's annoying auto updates the other day C4D started showing this error anytime I close a project. Any ideas on what's causing this? I don't even use pro-renderer.
  5. Extruding Geometry from Cap Surface

    Hey hey hey. Take a look! Funky Cap.c4d
  6. Extruding Geometry from Cap Surface

    Oh okay. Interesting. Looks like I didn't start with enough rotation segments. Thanks I'm going to redo and replicate what you started.
  7. Extruding Geometry from Cap Surface

    Cerbera. Yeah I completely agree. I'm actually currently doing exactly what you mentioned. I started with a disc. Deleted the interior faces and retopo'd it to fit a regular grid as much as possible. I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to refrain from having a few triangles this way it seems. PLEASE PLEASE don't tell the IQP. I just finished paying off my fine from my last project that included triangles. Think this is gonna work?
  8. Hey All. So this is one of the biggest things I struggle with modelling wise. It doesn't matter what I'm trying to model. I can never get good intersections when trying to add something to a cylindrical cap. I tried modelling with shapes and the boole. I tried modelling with splines and the loft. I'd normally start with a low poly disc and move from there. But what do you do when your geometry on the top doesn't along with the sides of the cylinder? Does that make sense? Thought's? How would you go about something like this. See attached image.
  9. Hi All, So I am wondering. Is there a way to be able to have a render que that you keep adding stuff to that will work on whatever is in there? So it's inactive when nothing is in there but goes active when a job is sent to it? That way multiple people on a network can just send jobs and they line up and get knocked out one at a time? Way back in the day I remember before team render there was net render. Could you do that with netrender? Is it still available? What are my choices? As simple as possible would be great. I've seen things like dealine and smedge but those seem to complicated. Thoughts?
  10. Spline Wrap Question

    Interesting. How would I set that up? Essentially just adding that "head" to the other end as well? Can you drive the whole thing with expresso? Or would I need to keyframe the sweep for each individually?
  11. Spline Wrap Question

    I think it is. My object has a fixed object on both ends. So the same issue applies to both sides.
  12. Spline Wrap Question

    Oh cool thanks. Ill google the arrow thing too and see if I come across it as well.
  13. Spline Wrap Question

    Thanks Cerbera. So Im animating a pipe snake that clears drain clogs. I have a spline to designate the path of the hose through the pipe. When the pipe snake gets pulled out of the drain I have it essentially coiling. Check out the new sample attached. You'll see how the end "head" warps to follow the spline. I was intially going to try to align the head to the spline separately but I'm not able to animate the head "align to spline" and the hose "spline wrap" accurate enough to make it seem like they are connected. Each tag animates a bit differently. Spline wrap allows me to animate past the spline and align to spline doesn't etc. Spline Wrap Q 3.c4d
  14. Spline Wrap Question

    So I'm trying to animate something like a hose coiling up. The issue I'm running into is that the metal "head" of my hose is deforming with the spline like the hose part along the spline. Is there a way that I can tell C4D too keep the shape of certain objects that are wrapped to the spline and not others? Spline Wrap Q.c4d
  15. Attach Object To Object With Deformer

    Sweet thanks Ill check it out!