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  1. Spline Wrap Question

    Interesting. How would I set that up? Essentially just adding that "head" to the other end as well? Can you drive the whole thing with expresso? Or would I need to keyframe the sweep for each individually?
  2. Spline Wrap Question

    I think it is. My object has a fixed object on both ends. So the same issue applies to both sides.
  3. Spline Wrap Question

    Oh cool thanks. Ill google the arrow thing too and see if I come across it as well.
  4. Spline Wrap Question

    Thanks Cerbera. So Im animating a pipe snake that clears drain clogs. I have a spline to designate the path of the hose through the pipe. When the pipe snake gets pulled out of the drain I have it essentially coiling. Check out the new sample attached. You'll see how the end "head" warps to follow the spline. I was intially going to try to align the head to the spline separately but I'm not able to animate the head "align to spline" and the hose "spline wrap" accurate enough to make it seem like they are connected. Each tag animates a bit differently. Spline wrap allows me to animate past the spline and align to spline doesn't etc. Spline Wrap Q 3.c4d
  5. Spline Wrap Question

    So I'm trying to animate something like a hose coiling up. The issue I'm running into is that the metal "head" of my hose is deforming with the spline like the hose part along the spline. Is there a way that I can tell C4D too keep the shape of certain objects that are wrapped to the spline and not others? Spline Wrap Q.c4d
  6. Attach Object To Object With Deformer

    Sweet thanks Ill check it out!
  7. So I'm trying to make the ball stick to the end of the cylinder once the cylinder gets up to it. And then as the cylinder moves away it pulls the ball with it. I've messed with Constraint tags. I tried adding some simple expresso. Added a null and tried to clamp it to a point on the end of the cylinder. Then used a constraint tag to animate the "connection". But I just can't figure it out. The bend deformer seems to be causing issues. Grab Ball.c4d
  8. Dual GPU Workstation query

    I second the previous statement. SLI doesn't really help with much in terms of graphics computing. Time to get octane ;)
  9. FiNAL room render

    Looks great. The only thing that I initally noticed was it almost looks like the carpet is sunken into the floor. Maybe give the carpet some more thickness? It could just be optical illusion but the side of the carpet closest to the kitchen looks like the hardwood floor. Have you thought about adding a bit more contrast to the scene? Less ambient lighting? Looks great!
  10. Music video I made in C4D!

    Great stuff. Just awesome! Cool song too.
  11. Interesting Indention

    Oh god hahahaha....when I saw the word "Triangle" in SIgors post I just knew Captain Vector of the IQP would get involved ;) Guess I have to figure out how-to get those damn things outta there now. I hope the Lord of Polygons will have mercy upon my not worthy soul.
  12. Interesting Indention

    To be fair...there are only 3 triangles...
  13. Interesting Indention

    I absolutely love this site. I'm self taught and work from home so I don't have the luxury of bouncing ideas off coworkers and asking other more experienced artists how they would approach things. This is the next best thing! In learning the best approach on how to model this shape..I am now more familiar with the polygon pen. I have a feeling I'll be using it all of the time. As usual thanks to SIgor for his awesome help. He's never let me down. Here it is!!!!! Included a C4D file too for perusing. Indention 3.c4d
  14. Interesting Indention

    Great stuff. Perfect. Thanks again.
  15. Interesting Indention

    Thanks, awesome! Going to give it a watch right now.