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  1. Absolutely amazing. I'd love more info about this as well. Renderer etc?
  2. Thanks, Guys. I work for a production company that does high end ASOTV commercials. Think Proactive type spots. I am the sole 3D /VFX artist. This was a typical commercial. 2 minutes in length. The offer, which is the end where they have a call to action, was about 30 seconds of the entire spot. This was all done 3D. It's cheaper than hiring a full crew to shoot multiple days for this type of shot. I used Octane for this render. We have (x5) 980ti cards. For this specific 'dark' version I had to up the samples pretty high to get a clean/noise free image. I used Pathtracing, 5000 sample with diffuse and specular depth set at 16. This resolved in about 2:15 seconds per frame on the five cards at 1920x1080. I still had some fireflies in the floor to deal with but they were out of the main action area so a small blur in After Effects got rid of them good enough. The modelling was pretty straight forward. The bottle and wipes were simple. I created the bottle and cap. Then I loop selected some of the polygons around the center of the bottle and split them. Then I just extruded those a bit to create the lable paper. Just to give it some depth. The lamp was more difficult. I can't show specifics on that because of the NDA. It's one of the secrets of the product. The global lighting and reflections are driven by an HDRI map. I had the flag the heck out of it in order to keep the floor and background clean of anything. I was going for that nice dark but reflective look. I started out in my career as a D.O.P. so i figured I'd just try to approach the lighting like I would have on set somewhere. Not sure if there is an easier way but unfortunately the amazing/handy compositing tag is not compatible with Octane. So no way to select which objects effect what with regards to reflection etc. Then I started creating area lights to add highlights to things. Back lights, rim lights etc. Also the light hit on the background behind the product is the result of one area light. While I'm on that I'll quickly explain the BG setup. It took me awhile to get something I liked figured out. What I do is crate a HUGE floor plane. Like massive. Then duplicate it and rotate it so that it's sitting vertical. Then I move it back in the Z axis REALLY far away. I make the texture in the back wall a diffuse material (rough) and then I make the floor a glossy material. Then what happens is that because the back wall is so far away, when you add the slightest bit of depth of field, the seam between the floor and wall disappears. Then throw a light on it like a spot and boom. Textures. They are all pretty basic. The flags are straight up diffuse textures with a black as the color and everything else turned off. The equivalent in a native C4D shader would be turning everything off. Most are simple glossy materials with different values in the roughness node. The texture for the bottle cap is the same thing with a bit of bump. The edges of the wipes also have some ribbed bump map to try to give it the look and feel of the type of wetnap packaging material. If there's anything that I didn't cover that you guys are interested in let me know.
  3. Here's still from a design/animation that I did for a tv commercial. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out. CC is welcome. I'm always looking to grow. This was not the final approved version hence the noise level. Rendered just enough to get the point across.
  4. I've started this shape at least 5 times. It's really throwing me for a loop. the fact that it's shaped like a cylinder but the top is rounded is causing problems. I've tried starting with both a cube and a cylinder but can't seem to get it right. Thoughts? I do plan on only modelling half though and throwing it in a symmetry object. I have to start adding loops to get the edges of the top sharp but when I do I lose the roundness of the base.
  5. Inspirational stuff.
  6. I use xparticles in almost every project I do in some way or another! It's awesome. It's not just for things like abstracts, sand, smoke etc. I use it to animate objects too. Take a look at this animation. I used Xparticles to animate the cereal that is being picked up into the vacuum thing. Best purchase so far for me...besides Octane
  7. I don't know if this works for all deformers but when I want 1 deformer to effect multiple objects (like the bend deformer)...i put all of the objects in a null. Make sure the axis is centered where ever you need it. Then drop that null into another null. Add the deformer to that outside null as well right above the null containing all of your objects. Doing this makes the deformer effect everything inside of that null. Make sense? It's also important to note that if all of your objects have axis points at different coordinates they will all be effected differently.
  8. Good start. I feel like your mesh is way too dense though. Also, I generally approach anything that's symmetrical from the perspective that I am going to model half of it and then use a symmetry object to create the other side. Start with as little geometry as necessary and only add just as much as you need to get your shape. Good luck!
  9. Okay, I got the main shape done!!!! Shew, C4D file uploaded below for you guys to check out. This file doesn't include the original work to wrap the formula spline around the sphere...but that's relatively easy to do...just following the instructions above. It's not perfect but I think once I put the metallic texture on it and zoom out you won't notice. In real life it's only about 1cm in diameter. Now to try and get some realistic creases in it with the sculpting tools. I'm not very versed in them so we'll see. Bead_001.c4d
  10. My math was off earlier. The [0,90,180,270] That wasn't 1/1 step. It was skipping space that's why the instances weren't lining up. So I adjusted and now am doing increments of 30 degrees and it might work. Here's a shot of one of the spline things with all of the ffd's.
  11. Thanks teknow....that's cool but I can't seem to get the flexibility with that that I need. I need to be able to over under stuff. I think I have a recipe that might work. But I'll have to work through it to see....what I have so far...cliff notes.... 1: Create Formula Spline. Get the scale right. 2: Throw a warp deformer on the spline. Set to Spherical. Set Longitude start to 0 making a full sphere. 3: Current State to Object the spline. Fix the end. Close spline. Set spline to bspline. 4: Create a long skinny rectangle. 5: Throw an Spline Wrap deformer on it. Drop spline in. 6: Here's the step that I think will give me the manipulation I want. Add SSD deformers to each section right before the turn. This will allow me to make the rectangle bow in or out to give the weaved look. But it's gonna take LOTS of tweaking. 7: Then duplate object so you have 4 of them. Offset each's rotation in the [H:] by 90 degrees. So you have one at [0], [90], [180], [270] I tried using instances for the additional three. So that I only had to make the over/under changes once. But for some reason it's not lining up properly. Images to come.
  12. Initial testing with the formula spline is promising! Utilizing it with a Wrap deformer seems to work nicely. Then I just duplicated it 4 times and rotated. I have to go back and make some tweak to the spline. But it's moving in the right direction I think. I just placed a sphere inside to take the spot as the base...
  13. Thanks guys for the input. I'm going to look into all of the options. It's actually a charm like what you would find on a pandora bracelet. I've never heard of the formula spline...
  14. How would you approach modeling this? I'm trying to spend some time every day working on my modelling...picking random things around the house that look difficult to practice on. When I look at this I don't even know where to begin. Thoughts?
  15. Grain, thanks so much for your feedback. It's GREATLY appreciated. I do feel like I need to spend some time trying to hone my texturing. I do get a little bit of push back from my bosses. Just like you said they're like "no it needs to look perfect. I don't want there to be fingerprints on it." lol. I'd LOVE to look into substance designer. It's a little pricey. I'm the sole bread winner and have two kids. ;) I purchased Quixel on black friday but I hate it. It's sucks. It's way too confusing I just can't wrap my mind around it.