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  1. Looks great. The only thing that I initally noticed was it almost looks like the carpet is sunken into the floor. Maybe give the carpet some more thickness? It could just be optical illusion but the side of the carpet closest to the kitchen looks like the hardwood floor. Have you thought about adding a bit more contrast to the scene? Less ambient lighting? Looks great!
  2. Great stuff. Just awesome! Cool song too.
  3. Oh god hahahaha....when I saw the word "Triangle" in SIgors post I just knew Captain Vector of the IQP would get involved ;) Guess I have to figure out how-to get those damn things outta there now. I hope the Lord of Polygons will have mercy upon my not worthy soul.
  4. To be fair...there are only 3 triangles...
  5. I absolutely love this site. I'm self taught and work from home so I don't have the luxury of bouncing ideas off coworkers and asking other more experienced artists how they would approach things. This is the next best thing! In learning the best approach on how to model this shape..I am now more familiar with the polygon pen. I have a feeling I'll be using it all of the time. As usual thanks to SIgor for his awesome help. He's never let me down. Here it is!!!!! Included a C4D file too for perusing. Indention 3.c4d
  6. Great stuff. Perfect. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks, awesome! Going to give it a watch right now.
  8. If I do a bit more rotating I get closer. But then I start pinching the inside corner. Take a look. I mean if you have time that's cool. Indention 2.c4d The only issue I have, Sigor, with the file you posted earlier is that I need it to be one piece and not have a seam between the raised part and the bottom. If you look closely you'll see that I also have to done some inner extruding to the outside rim to give it that notched look. I can't do that if it's two different pieces.
  9. Hmm it's not is it. Cuh-rap. lol
  10. Hey thanks! I actually figured it out just by breaking it down. Starting with a cylinder. Figured out how many sides it needed to be. Then I added two loop cuts inside. One to denote the center circle and then one to run along the center of teh shape to add that curved aspect to the sides. Then I just rotated those loops! And then I extruded up! Ended up working like a charm! Here is a c4d file to look at. Indention.c4d
  11. Hi All, so I am wanting to try to recreate this indention you see in the pic. The black part. Initially I was thinking to create some splines in Illustrator of the shapes and bring them into C4d and put in a loft but that doesn't seem to work the way I imagined. How would you approach modelling the curved recesses into this? I'm stumped.
  12. I work from a home office. Running two desktops with a total of (x5) 980ti's. Im my opinion 2 gpu's might not be fast enough epending on the speed of your work environment. I work in television advertising where they always need the animations yesterday. They want it looking good but fast. Most of my animations range between like 200 frames and 500 frames. I always render with Pathracing at a minimum of 2048 samples. That being said on most of my animations, with 5 cards, my render times run from about 4 hours up to 10 hours. So you are going to be able to take your time on projects Spend weeks and weekd working out the kinks and be able to allow yourself a couple days to render each product 2 cards might be okay. But if you have tight deadlines and turn over animations every few days you'll need more. The problem with Octane is that enough is never enough. If you buy it to get work done faster you'll be disappointed. You end up spending the same amount of time on stuff as you always just looks better ;) Just my opinion and experience. happy to help any way I can if you have any questions. I have two systems: Both have the Intel Core's an octacore. Running at stock speed. 64GB ram. One tower has two of the EVGA Superclocked 980ti cards and teh other machine has three of the 980ti hybrid cards. Those are BAD A$$$$. Get those if you can find them. Just foud them on Amazon. Seriously they are amazing. I render constantly and they never get over like 42 degrees. And they are crazy quiet. You want to be very careful when doing 3d work with stock gpus on air cooling (the non hybrid cards). You dont want to slot them side by side. They wont be able to get enough air to properly cool. You wont be able to get a many cards in a system but you wont run the risk of burning something out as fast. If you have the money look into getting a solid working desktop and then get a rack mounted gpu server. Ive been looking at those lately and they are amazing. Some can old up to like 8 gpus! Hello insane electric bill.
  13. I think it's a great start. You ould probably push the intensity up a bit. A lot of the neon lights I just looked at online seem to be more white and bright in the center...with the color emanating from the edges and more apparent in the glow. You could also mess with adding a fresnel in the luminance to make the intensity more centered? Just might give it some dimension? Are you using the physical renderer or a third party like octane? Also in order to get that good shine on the wall you'll need to use global illumination. Crank up the lights and work on the textures on the wall. Then you could enhance the glow in photoshop or after effects. Just my two cents! Looking good though!
  14. Thanks for the votes of confidence. Here is the negative clip. I had to use ReelSmart Motion Blur becuase for some reason I just can't get Octanes Motion Blur to work with the skinner in Xparticles. Video Link
  15. Working on a project at work. It's due tomorrow. Working on setting up and rendering all night tonight. I started on Tuesday. It's a product that stops leaks in hoses. Here is a section showing how a leak "kind of" happens lol. Not scientific at all. Can't show frames with the product in it yet since the commercial hasn't aired. But it looks the same. It's going to be a split screen. Currently rendering 1280x720 out of Octane. Pathtracing. The water sim is taking about 45 seconds to a minute to cache before EACH frame so timewise I'm not able to render out at the full 1080 for my deadline. But I think I've been able to uprez to 1080 in After Effects successfully enough. Water sim done with xparticles. It's not perfect. Having to just leave or deal with some issues due to my deadline. I have a bit of stretching with the mold texture on the white part and the water itself isn't "spray-like" enough for my taste but it gets the point across. Not sure if I can get that realistic with xparticles. Thoughts/Questions?