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  1. It's hard to see what's going on without actually looking through the project. Booles are terrible. Sometimes you have to use them I get it but they NEVER work well for me. Take a look at this example that I worked up. See if there's something different about what I'm doing vs. what you are doing. Boole Sample.c4d
  2. HERE HE IS!!!!! This guy is insane. https://www.johannesl.se/
  3. I think it looks awesome! I agree that you should work on adding micro detail to give it a more realistic texture. I also agree maybe bringing your camera down a bit to get a bit more of the floor and lose some of the ceiling. A friend of mine told me about this amazing Archviz guy (I can't remember who he is...I'll try to find him) he overexposes the windows to try and give it a hint of realism. Lowers the contrast. I tried to emulate that. I just quickly rendered this out..it's faaaar from perfect....but you'll see what I mean about the windows.
  4. Thanks, guys. I'm going to look at everything and then I'll be back.
  5. @southpaw I don't see a step rotation value spot in my clone's object tag. Take a look at this scene. See how I have an effector making the pieces fly up? As this is happening I want the pieces to start vortexing. What I am then planning to do is animate them to come back down to make it look like they are coming down in a different spot. So the puzzle will have one image..then the pieces fly up and rotate..and then look like they are coming back down in a different order. Im going to fade my puzzle texture from one to another in the midst of the pieces moving in mid air. This is an early test that I made with just a few pieces. But my boss didn't like how much the pieces all flew up at the same time. So I need to be able to use an effector to do the spinning. 001.c4d
  6. Check this out my dude! You can adjust the frequency and stuff inside of the formula deformer. What I did: (1) Create a cube and add a lot of subdivisions (2) Add Formula deformer and tweak until it had about the right movement. Then turn it off for the time being. (3) Added the "snake" texture to the cube...projected it flat. So that it's showing on the front and then streaking along the sides. (4) Add the "Stick texture tag" to the cube. (5) Turn back on your formula deformer. (6) Create floor and texture (7) Boom you're done. If you want the floor texture to move just animate its position in the texture tag. Looks like you'll have to do some polygon selection tags with a couple different textures to get the movement direction different in those different spots. Hope this helps :) Snake.zip
  7. Hi All! Is there a way to change the axis in which my clones rotate when I use an effector? I'm wanting to rotate all the clones around the same axis to make like a tornado...instead obviously they are just rotating around their own individual axis. I was to be able to use the falloff on the effector...which is why I am trying to do it this way. Is this possible?
  8. Here is a sample of the way that I worked it up....thoughts?
  9. Here I simplified the scene to try and work on the animation of it. Luckily the pieces I am working with are all the same shape. Thank GOD. I figured out a way that I could do what I was wanting...it would just take FOREVER. Thats why I was hoping someone might have an idea of a different way to do it... Here's what I figured out would work: I could create a mograph selection tag for each piece. Then I could create a plain effector for each of those selections/piece. And adjust that to move the piece where I want it to be at the end. Then animate the falloff of said plain effector. But again that would require a TON of tags, effectors, and time. Right now I'm trying to figure out a work around. Ive created this animation where the pieces fly up in the air and while they are in the air they spin so fast that you wont see that im fading between two textures [hopefully motion blur in octane will make this passable]. Puzzle Pieces.c4d
  10. Hey guys. I'm trying to dive into mograph and the cloners etc. I have a puzzle that I've created by popping a spline into an extrude to make one piece. Then I have that inside a cloner. Everything looks great. I added a plain effector and a random effector and I have this cool transtion where the pieces come down on the paper in order. Easy and great. But now what I want to do is reverse it. Pieces all put together....the falloff is animated so the pieces fly up in the air and jumble up. I've got that no problem. BUT NOW I want to be able to have them come back down and land in a different spot that I chose. The puzzle pieces can be shifted around tho make different images. Is this possible? There are 869 pieces so I really would like to be able to just place the pieces once and be able to control the movement all at one time. Does that make sense? So..... Pieces are at position 1 Falloff is animated so that they fly up in the air and are randomized and jumbled Then the pieces come back down and settle into position 2
  11. Yeah I have everything turned on I think....
  12. Yeah. Weirdly enough I could use them for team rendering and octane network rendering...but I was never able to access other files from each computer. But for some reason all of a sudden it stopped working. Maybe I should get a cheap router to use as a go between...even if I don't plan on using the internet?
  13. I have a little gigabit switch I could pop in between them I think. would that help?
  14. I'm not using a router. Im connected straight from one computer to another via Cat6 cable.



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