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  1. Yarko


    Thanks to all for your answers !!!! I have all plugins upgraded with latest versions. I think my scene is not so big, i see on youtube a lot of examples more complexes than mine and the render is so fast. I know i have an old graphic card, but...35 minutes to render that ??? Well...Finally i installed VRay for C4D. I think i will cancel my subscription to Ocane. Yarko.
  2. Yarko


    Hello, i am new using octane render. I am working on a typical interior scene, not big...but my render time is SO SLOW. As you can see on the attached image the max samples are 300 and the render time is about 35 minutes. What am i doing wrong ??? I use a GTX 980 Ti 6 GB Cinema 4D r20 Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2 Mac Pro 3,3 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon Thanks. Yarko
  3. Physical Render Sampler: Adaptive Sampling Quality: High
  4. Hello, i have a bad render quality. I don't know how to increase the preferences to get a perfect result. On the pic you will see green circles so the quality is OK. But the red circles is so bad. This render is made with physical and High Sampling Quality. How can i increase it so i can get the green circle quality on red circle ? Thanks ! Yarko
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