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  1. Hi Cerbera, Thanks for the response. I guess it would be really just a "nice to have" to have the paths relative. I will simply work like DeCarlo suggested. The main reason I was wondering if it's possible is because I am working with a lot of animated textures (jpg sequences) and I wanted to have a clean & portable folder structure. I think there is an option to "collect files" when done, to make the project portable, but I am guessing that would just copy all my video textures to a new folder. Since they are quite large I don't want to have them twice. Anyway, simply moving old versions of the scene file to a backup folder does the trick. Thanks again!
  2. Hi, guys! I can't believe I can't figure this one out but I've been googling for 30mins... Is there a way to use paths relative to the scene file for textures?? As you can see in the screenshot I have my c4d file in the c4d folder and my texture in the tex folder on the same level. I am aware that cinema will find the texture if the scene file is on the same level as the tex folder, but i would like to have a seperate folder for the scene files since i tend to save a lot of versions. Thanks!
  3. you are right, i have replaced all my elements with null objects and get rather fluid playback even with the paths in the viewport. I simply shouldn't make the mistake of selecting all my elements while having the timeline window open and set to automatic mode with the view linked to the object manager.
  4. Curious, when i select my unbaked objects the viewport seems to be working a lot faster...
  5. Hi there, I was wondering if there is any way to hide the animation paths in the viewport (see image). I have over 300 objects in my scene which MUST be baked with "dirty" tracks for export, making a keyframe on every frame. In addition the collada file I am exporting MUST have 25000 frames at 25 fps.... Of course this makes the viewport extremely sluggish and hard to work with when I select my 300 objects, so i am assuming this is because the viewport has to draw such an enormous amount of keyframes. Any help is appreciated!
  6. YEEEES, thank you so much, jed! Works like a charm! This is exactly what I needed.
  7. Hi, I was wondering how to get the global position velocity of an object via xpresso. I know there is a position velocity output on every object node but that output refers to the local position matrix, not the global one. I have my object in a null object whose position is animated. As a child of the null, the object moves with the parent but the local position remains zero, thus also it's local position velocity. But I can output the global position matrix of the object via it's xpresso node... only I don't know how to get to the global position velocity from there. Thanks in advance!
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