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  1. Hi Cerbera, Thanks for the response. I guess it would be really just a "nice to have" to have the paths relative. I will simply work like DeCarlo suggested. The main reason I was wondering if it's possible is because I am working with a lot of animated textures (jpg sequences) and I wanted to have a clean & portable folder structure. I think there is an option to "collect files" when done, to make the project portable, but I am guessing that would just copy all my video textures to a new folder. Since they are quite large I don't want to have them twice. Anyway
  2. Hi, guys! I can't believe I can't figure this one out but I've been googling for 30mins... Is there a way to use paths relative to the scene file for textures?? As you can see in the screenshot I have my c4d file in the c4d folder and my texture in the tex folder on the same level. I am aware that cinema will find the texture if the scene file is on the same level as the tex folder, but i would like to have a seperate folder for the scene files since i tend to save a lot of versions. Thanks!


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