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  1. Cactus Dan has passed away

    dang.. just found this.. RIP
  2. Redshift installation Mac

    ANSWERED: NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 is NOT supported "Redshift requires compute 3.0 devices or higher. Please see this page (and esp the bottom link): https://www.redshift3d.com/product/system-requirements"
  3. Redshift installation Mac

    Hello! Im trying to give the Redshift Demo a try and I can't get it to show up in C4D. Is there a trick to getting this to work? The card is an NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  4. C4D .obj sequence import

    Same @davidlieberm i used to use xPlay from the steadyBAKE pack at tca, but i haven't been able to get it to work on the newer versions of c4d (r17,18,19). Any help would be greatly appreciated! cheers
  5. Couldn't find jack-shrimp online about it. It gives out a ".xyz" file. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  6. Hey All! finally having a chance to mess with r18. Love. BUT was wondering if anybody had experience setting up emission from TFD based on an object's (from a voronoi fracture specifically) velocity. Like a velocity gate? if an object is moving over a certain velocity, then emit? Not even sure if this is possible with c4d but figured i'd see what yall thought. Thanks for your time, and i'm on tfd v.1 if that makes any difference. Thanks again in advance!!
  7. back in the day I used to just keep a solid ref in my back pocket for stuff like that. As long as the hull anim is the same you can use a visibility tag and try and finesse the transition. Ive also thought about, but never created, making a custom luma matte for post to help. I'm curious about this as well.
  8. i used this initially and it wasnt working, but it actually was working. err... lol i guess, perhaps since i was using a cube instead of a sphere, somethings are different?? but i just snuck a range mapper in between trigger size and input 2 of the compare node. (prob change based on scene but:) i set it to real>%>%>uncheck use spline and slightly tweaked the input lower and output lower. Not even sure why that worked but it did :D I'm assuming the bounds are what im after but not able to get the relative/local attributes some how (i prob sound like an asstard doufus child)?? Any insight would be awesome! thanks yall! happy holidays!!! :-*
  9. Hello All! I could have sworn I saw gsg do a demo with this in there but cannot figure out where it was or how to do it. I found the "trigger by xpresso" stuff floating around but that seems to only apply to normal fracture objects, not voronoi... Any body have any leads? Basically just wanting to trigger dynamics by an object. Thanks in advance!! :)
  10. is there any support on this plugin anywhere?? how do you transfer materials and textures? no option works. c4d r17 and revit 17. any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. dang! I could have sworn I tried that.. LOL Thank you so much for your help. May the cosmos bless you
  12. hey man, I've been trying to find this one tutorial in particular, thats really awesome, but i guess i can't find it.. if you have any specific questions, i can help out as much as i can (prob not much cuz i suck:)
  13. you could use thinking particles, and just keyframe the number of particles emitted and when they do. To make them dynamic; just make a mograph cloner set to object, and put your TP group in the slot provided. Then just put a dynamic tag on the obj within the cloner. hope it helps!
  14. increasing the steps per frame (attrib manager>mode>dynamics>expert) and giving your dynamics tag a little drag, linear/angular dampening (under force) will help.. like maybe 1-5% on each? hope it helps :)
  15. Heylo All, Thanks in advance! I've had this problem since I've started with thinking particles. But this particular project is heavy bad with it. The first frame of my project spawns particles from my generator even when I have it keyed to 0 count. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! cheers! A