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  1. That looks like what I need rocketsledd (if I can get it expensed at least!). And of course StCanas, I'd entirely forgotten about layers. I'm going to test in R19 tonight as they looked to add the ability to edit multiple in R18, so I might do it that way if it's simpler. Thanks for the quick replies and help, both.
  2. I thought that too, but on R17 you can't edit multiple materials' Reflectance channels simultaneously, nor any channels you've made into Layers (for example, that paper texture I've used as a layer to reduce its saturation to 0). There's also the factor that if I have 50+ materials, then manually selecting them all each time may go wrong due to human error and it'd be difficult to check them all individually after any changes are made.
  3. Hello, I've created a scene which has several different colours of paper texture, spread across various objects. While these materials all need to be different colours, they need to share the same paper texture image file, its reflectance/diffusion, etc. I could make them all separately, but then down the line if the client doesn't like how they look I'd like to be able to just change one Master Paper material rather than having to select and edit fifty separate materials which would slow down the workflow and potentially cause a mistake if one is missed. I tried using Xpresso to link the Color channel's Texture attribute from a Master Paper material to other textures which have a simple color applied and then multiplied over, but it's very odd - it refuses to render if more than one material has it linked in this manner (and making new material object nodes in Xpresso don't actually give it the option to use Texture as an input, I had to use the Set Driver command in the Material Editor to get this to work with just one). Is there a better way of achieving multiple coloured textures which have a single editable texture as their Master material? I tried using Mix Textures on the material tag but this only seems to work additively which makes the textures very bright. I've attached a scene file with a test and texture for a situation which refuses to render. Thanks, -Jon texture-sharing.zip
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