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  1. Wow that Looks just like the real Thing. Let's hope we all get there eventually :-)
  2. So...trying to post a first step. Still struggling with the tough parts and how to best come up with an idea how to model both the lid and the bottle. Also still trying to figure out how to add the drinking spout / muzzle part to the lid.
  3. Great challenge, really some important things to become better at modelling and topology in general. Looking forward to participate. I hope to also have enough time to finish. :-)
  4. MAXON User Meetings 2017

    Cool, thanks. Certainly will :-)
  5. MAXON User Meetings 2017

    Hi Everyone, I would like to start this Topic again like last year to see who will join any of the MAXON User Meetings in Germany this year? Would be a great opportunity to meet People from the great C4D community, especially from the Cafe. I myself will be joining the User Meeting in Munich on October 13th. Let me know if you are there and would like to meet. This Topic is there to connect the People of this Forum who will attend any of the User Meetings in Germany to meet / Exchange / have a beer. Added all the Agendas for your convenience. Looking Forward to maybe meet some of you in Person if possible. Brgds. Robin MAXON_UserMeeting_2017_Agenda_Muenchen.pdf MAXON_UserMeeting_2017_Agenda_Koeln.pdf MAXON_UserMeeting_2017_Agenda_Hamburg.pdf
  6. Long Cylinder UV unwrap error

    Thanks to all of you, as an interims solution I applied UV Peeler which worked perfectly fine and very quick but texture resolution is not very good as @3DKiwi pointed out correctly. So I cut the UV into equal pieces and unwrapped with overlapping UV's and seamless texture which worked very good with texture resolution. But still I think Seamilar would really profit from this feature addition :-) But thanks for all the help, just learned 3 new things
  7. Long Cylinder UV unwrap error

    Thanks Cerbera, I haven't thought of the UV Peeler, thanks for the tip! As I need to export to substance painter and then to unreal engine I need to have a proper UV of the rope mesh, if I would solely stay in C4D I totally agree with you. Thank you very much for the help
  8. Hi fellow C4D community, I have come along an issue with trying to unwrap a long cylindrical object and I always get a similar error when unwrapping. Instead of giving me a straight cylinder unwrap with the two caps at the end it will give me the below. In the end I'm trying to make a cylinder which is supposed to become a rope through a spline wrap and heelix spline. But I wanted to do the UV first as I'm having troubles getting nice and straight UV's when I unwrap after the mesh is made editeable. I have attached a simple scene file with the cylinder I'm trying to UV unwrap. 300cm long an 1cm in radius. UV unwrapping a regular sized cylinder works without any problems. Could it be that the UV canvas does not support such an operation and that's why I get this weird curved unwrap? Also tried @C4DS Seamilar plugin but got similar issues. Any help is appreciated to solve this issue. Thanks Cylinder UV error.c4d
  9. Hi Daniel, I can't seem to move my UV islands, or will this only be in your next release? Thanks for the update! getting better and better each time
  10. Thanks again Daniel (@C4DS) for the Support and your Swift Releases. As already discussed. I was wondering if anyone from the Cafe would be able / willing to do some tutorials in addition to Daniel's explanations using the plugin. Or maybe a workflow Video to see how different meshes / Problems can get solved easyily with the Seamilar plugin. Nothing specific in mind right now. I'm also trying to get the hang of it and for simple 3D objects it works perfectly but I'm still struggeling a bit with more complex shapes and go back and forth with BP UV and Seamilar. Also this way, Daniel could maybe focus on further development and expanding the plugin instead of having to do some sort of tutorials. Just a thought :-) Thanks
  11. 3D Earth

    Hi @Jhilla, actually NASA's got you covered on this, and it's free or at least you can download it there. Not sure if they are free to use on Commercial Projects. http://visibleearth.nasa.gov/view.php?id=73580
  12. Hi @bobc4d I will try to test this as well since I have Broadcast. I'll let you know. But it could be due to the limited Dynamics.
  13. Same here, works like a charm! Thank you very much for your work.
  14. Congratulations @Rectro. Well deserved. :-) Also great work and effort from everyone who put their time into this challenge.