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  1. Really cool I didn't thought of this before, thanks for the help mates
  2. Hey Hrvoje Your example scene doesn't play on my r19, how did you got here tho? What's moving the swing? Here's my quiet simpler scene, finally got the file size right swing.c4d
  3. Hey mates! I'm trying to accomplish a swing animation here, with bend and a bit of twist deformers moving the chains of the swing (it might b easier to group them and rotate the group, but that looks cheesy). The thing sitting on the swing isn't supposed to be deformed tho, but it should follow the position and Rotation of it -see the capital on the rotate? it's becaouse that i couldn't get done yet. With xpresso u can track the position of a vertex if the pla is baked, but i can't get the normals to be fed into rotation info yet at all. How woudl you get this done? Please help me swing :D best
  4. Yep, In the second video around 31:20 I found the solution, thanks!
  5. Hey Forum, I'd like to animate a robotic hand that grabs the enviroment, ligts up its base, swings it forward and after landing, it reaches out to grab another point and do the same over. It's not easy but I can't seem to find a solution to it. How to reverse the IK chain hierarchy that at one point i can animate the arm from the hand and not from the base? There must be a tool out there that's for this, I just don't find it, how would you go around this? best Peet
  6. Hey forum, I'm looking for a way to stop team renderer spliting up the renderable sequence of animation between clients. Does anybody know of a button that i forgot to push or something similar? thank you in advance best Peter



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