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  1. Do you by chance have a Huion tablet plugged in? I unplugged mine from the USB port and the timeline works as expected now.
  2. You still having trouble with scaling the timeline? I AM!!!
  3. Well, today it is just constantly happening. Every 4th time or so I try to scale my timeline, I have to switch to F-Curve and back to get it to work.
  4. I also have the #1-#2 hot key issue. Using 2 to scale my timeline intermittently stops working or only scales a tiny bit. I have to switch to F-Curves window, then back to make the keys work again (same is true for F-Curve window... or it may only work in scaling down but not up). I've also had keys drop out of a column when control dragging (infrequently). Edit: I believe it's much worse when I have audio waveforms showing in my timeline. If I fold them up (hide them) it doesn't happen nearly as often. Side Note: I'm also frustrated that when I reopen a file with audio in the timeline, the waveform is totally spiked... I have to reimport all of my audio into the nulls/timeline to see the waveform correctly.
  5. You can use a "Ray Switch" node as an alpha. Pic and file attached. Texture_Front-RaySwitch.c4d
  6. Definite R21 weirdness on my end as well, but not this. Does it happen in other layouts as well? I'm not much help but wanted to say, I haven't had this.
  7. Not sure of your setup and scene but have you tried the "Include" - "Exclude" function under the "Project" tab in your light?
  8. Well, there's probably many ways to get there... depending on how realistic you need it to be. How much control you need, etc. In this file, you have the handles to control the movement. I have a basic inch worm type deal here... seems like a maggots movements might be a little more spastic at times. I have a spline deformer beneath the joints to keep it on a path that you could generate based on the geometry in your scene. You could also add a Displacer Deformer between the Skin Object and the Spline Wrap with the noise set to world space so that the maggot crawls through it and gives it that ripple effect as the back end catches up... it will be stylized but might work. You could also consider creating your own animated texture for that. I would watch as much footage as you can and really decide what you need to happen and what kind of control you need. Hope that helps! Maggot2.c4d
  9. Spline IK with Type set to "Equal" will give you the squash and stretch.... using the Null Handles you'll create. Also, set skin object to: Length-Volume Scale. This isn't perfect but might get you closer or give you ideas. Also depends on what kind of control you need. Hit play when you open the file. Hope that helps! Maggot.c4d
  10. Without looking at the file... duplicate geometry showing through?
  11. Anyone have any luck getting Posemorph to deform properly when using a mesh deformer? Posemorph is set to "Post Deformer". The scenario: Character head deformed by mesh deformer, which is linked to my cage mesh, which is deformed by a joint. The posemorph tag morphs (set to "Points" for mouth shapes) is distorting correctly until I rotate the joint. I understand why this is happening... just wondering if anyone has figured out a solution. I'm going to go ahead and just weight the head/neck mesh directly to the joint. I was trying to avoid it as it's a fairly dense mesh. Also: Kinda curious... what would be the purpose of "Post Deformer" if it doesn't seem to work with Mesh Deformer? My guess is the problem lies somewhere inside of the "Initialize" command, which is different than your average deformer.
  12. Hey, I downloaded and tried rendering "as is". No changes to your file. Frame 80 fails, frame 75 rendered. Sim: 6m05s Render: Frame 75 3m41s Render: Frame 80 Fails (VRAM) at 3m54s Card: RTX 2080 TI-11GB Ram: 64 GB C4D: R21 TFD Version: 1452 Frame 75 attached
  13. Hi, There's a few things going on that make the wings intersect. The arc of the keyframes created by signal and the strength setting of the IK bendiness. I took a couple of liberties here because I do not have Signal. I reduced the wing flaps to 3 key frames and then "Repeated" the wave in the timeline. I adjusted the rotational value of the "Front Rig" and "Back Rig" nulls, and altered the strength settings of the IK. You could probably accomplish the same thing using Signal. Hope this helps. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9nc32n1z5826kdu/ButterflyWings-V3.c4d?dl=0
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