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  1. Snapping to visible only - possible ?

    Yes, yes, but this was just an example, anyway, imagine I need to snap exactly to those sparse points on the face. Several times while modeling I needed to snap numerous points to other points, one by one, but it was problematic, because for many of them, C4D snapped to points on the other side - it was even invisible - from my POV it looked OK, only after I rotated the camera I saw how C4D screwed it up, by snapping to those invisible points. Hopefuls now I am better prepared for such situations. Thank you once again :)
  2. Snapping to visible only - possible ?

    Thank you Rectro ! The backface culling partially solves the problem ! :) I didn't figure out that display settings may influence the snapping. I would rather think that select tool "Only Select Visible Elements" should rather have some impact. This scene was only an example to illustrate the problem with point snapping I had several times when modeling, so polygon snapping wouldn't solve my problem. Backface culling solves problem only partially, because it would prevent snapping to the back side of the same object (the most common case), but won't help if behind is another dense mesh. Well in such case the best solution is to SOLO, use back-face culling and what I already mentioned hide components that interfere.
  3. When I try to move a selected polygon to a distance I type into M&C tool Distance 1 field and I press Enter, polygon jumps to some other distance.... What's wrong ? Have you succeeded to use this tool - I have impression it produces random results, and I struggle to understand what is wrong. zz Measure & Construction tool problem.c4d
  4. Often, when I need to use snapping with a complex mesh I am annoyed that C4D wants to snap on invisible components on the other side of the mesh. It is possible to select the other side components and make them invisible, then they won't be selected by snapping, but it takes time, you have to select, hide, then unhide. Maybe you know some better way of avoiding snapping to invisible stuff? Maybe C4D has some switch for that, but I just can't find it ? zzz snapping problem.c4d
  5. Transformations in Local Reference

    Thank you Rectro for this interesting set of tools - I'll test it now - looks interesting :) Yes, I have posted a suggestion to MAXON, unfortunately with their system for suggestions you get zero feedback. I am not sure if they even read those suggestions :( Sometime ago I sent them a suggestion about improving their system for suggestions by making this database public, so everybody could read other people suggestions, comment on them and vote. Also MAXON could flag posts as "acknowledged" "for future development" "working on it", "implemented" "rejected" etc... I know that some IT companies have such systems for improvements and it works well for them.
  6. Transformations in Local Reference

    Yes, I know about Normal Scale/Rotate/Move, but it provides just one axis .... When using Softimage Local reference I often need to perform operations in other axes than just normal. I think I found why sometime C4D Local Reference works, and sometime not - it fails when object PSR <> 0 - When object is at position 0,0,0 and not rotated, then it looks OK, but if you move/ rotate the objects, then local reference transformations do the mess . Check this video : Well I heard a lot of good about Modo, but I am not sure if it make sense to switch - I have invested enormous amount of time to learn C4D, and I bet that Modo has its own issues. C4D isn't bad, it just need some problems to be fixed. In C4D I miss some features from Softimage, but C4D also offers some goodies that Softimage did not have, or some features work better in C4D than in Softimage. I just hope that MAXON can quickly fix this problem with local reference transformations - in SI I was using it pretty often. Or maybe there is some deeper problem with coordinates in C4D ? Sometime ago I reported here the issue with bumps - bumps also render fine if object PSR=0, otherwise they do not render properly. Bump issue still not fixed. :( zzz Local reference test 4 SOLVED.c4d
  7. Do you use in C4D transformations (move, rotate, scale) of multiple components (polygons, edges, points) in their local reference ? In theory it should allow to move/rotate/scale multiple individual components or groups of components using an individual reference frame for each component/group. However I can't figure out how to make it work properly - in some cases it seems to work OK, but in most situations it behaves in very unexpected manner. In Softimage it works as expected. So I don't know, am I trying to get from C4D something it can do? am I doing something wrong? or just this functionality is badly implemented in C4D and does not work as it should. Please check 2 short videos showing how local reference transformations work in Softimage and in C4D Maybe you can help me with this puzzle ? Unfortunately C4D documentation does not say much about it. In SI it is well explained : http://docs.autodesk.com/SI/2015/ENU/#!/url=./files/sculpting_AboutComponentManipulation.htm zzz Local reference test 1.c4d zzz Local reference test 2.c4d
  8. How add polygons to mesh ?

    UV mapping should be applied when geometry of your model is finished. It is very difficult to modify a model geometry without distorting its UV's. I don't understand what you want achieve with your model. Why do you need it 2-3 polygons wider ? Can't you just resize whole model, stretching it in one direction - then it will be wider. Then, if you need more subdivisions, you can cut polygons (Line Cut Tool ) - cutting polygons should not influence UV. :)
  9. Even Slicing with R18 Plane Cut Tool ?

    Indeed Plane Cut is the only good solution (as it creates parallel cuts through and polygon shapes - which is not the case with loop cut), the only problem with Plane Cut is that it lacks now a slice option, which would automatically adjust spacing to number of cuts and the size of cut object / polygons selection. This requires manual adjustment of spacing. Well, it make me review in detail Plane and Loop cut tools, and I found some goodies there I was not aware those tools can do :) Thank you guys anyway ! Nevertheless it would be nice if one day C4D had such features as : http://docs.autodesk.com/SI/2015/ENU/#!/url=./files/polys_DicingPolygons.htm Check Splitting Polygons at the end of this page : http://docs.autodesk.com/SI/2015/ENU/#!/url=./files/polys_AddingandEditingPolygonMeshComponents.htm It is very handy and fast just call tool with a keyboard shortcut and click - 3 different type of cuts depending on mouse button used.
  10. Even Slicing with R18 Plane Cut Tool ?

    Guys, are you sure ? Indeed, in case of rectangular shapes with parallel edges loop/path cut produces the same effect as Knife Plane Slice, but if you have non square shape, it does not work :
  11. Before R18, Knife tool in Plane mode provided a Slice option. It allowed to evenly slice a polygon. Can it be done now with R18 Plane Cut Tool ? I can't find how. ( I know Edge Cut tool, but it creates additional triangles that need to be removed, and is not exactly what old knife in slice mode did) Somehow surprising that C4D lacks proper tools for slicing/dicing/subdividing polygons.
  12. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    OK great idea, thank you kbar ! I have a lot of ideas for improvements, especially concerning modelling, after I gave an extensive try to Softimage and was amazed by its modelling tool-set.
  13. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    I am looking for a simple but utterly needed improvement for modelling : mouse cursor changing colour depending if current tool works in select visible only or select all modes. It could be ultra helpful, imagine, you switch with a key short-cut the mode from select visible only to select all, then mouse cursor switches colour from let say white to red - then you get instant feedback, and you know that by selecting or cutting etc... all elements will be affected , not just visible ones. Simple but handy. I hope that with new modelling core MAXON will ensure that there will be no more bad polygons appearing, which now appear so often when using various tools, especially bevelling. I am also looking forward for possibility to manipulate individually selected components islands in their local references while modelling. Something which is available in Softimage and extremely helpful when modelling. In SI you can move, scale, rotate multiple component islands in their own reference, this allows to quickly achieve results impossible to obtain in C4D : http://download.autodesk.com/global/docs/softimage2012/en_us/userguide/index.html?url=files/poly_basic_SelectingPolygonMeshComponents.htm,topicNumber=d28e109327 Form Softimage I also miss selection of adjacent components: http://download.autodesk.com/global/docs/softimage2012/en_us/userguide/index.html?url=files/poly_basic_SelectingPolygonMeshComponents.htm,topicNumber=d28e109327 And also a more reliable loop selection :)
  14. In viewport C4D wrongly displays edges that are hidden behind a surface. When edge is behind a surface, and thus should remain invisible, if it is close to this surface, it will become visible When camera is close enough the surface, the hidden edge remains invisible, but when zooming out, suddenly you get a mess on the surface, as edges hidden behind it start to appear. I tried to change view clipping in project settings, but it has no effect. Any idea how to cope with this problem ? I don't think it is related to graphic board - I had the same effect on old GF9600, and now it is the same with GFX1070
  15. Ah, so I am not alone having this issue - today I was puzzled when I tried to cut a line through a simple mesh : It cut some polygons on top and bottom, but the big polygon in middle was not cut. I have installed the latest update, when Maxon mentions to fix various issues with knife, but this issue still remains. how to cut this.c4d