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  1. Hi guys, I wonder if there is a way of getting a noise free (without grain) preview of materials in node editor ? I know that grain results from the use of BSDF reflectance instead of color. For rendering it is possible to override BDSF by selecting in Project Settings the option : Use Color Channel for Node Material It works for the scene rendering, but does not for material previews which are still rendered using reflectance diffuse. Sampling subdivision changes nothing. I tried to create custom material preview scenes (CINEMA 4D R20\resource\modules\xtensions\preview_scenes), but they appear only in the old editor and not the new one. This grainy look of materials is quite annoying.
  2. Since some people complained about small fonts when using CINEWEX website on small screens, I have added a survey so you could express your opinion : - Keep current font size - Increase font size (as on Mesh Plugins Page) So far there have been just a couple of votes. So please express your opinion. If you do not want to give your e-mail in the poll, you can just write it here. Reminder : if you can't see the whole CINEWEX page, please just use Ctrl+- to scale it down
  3. Hi guys! I've spent last 10 months working on a catalog of all plugins for Cinema 4D - it is ready now (more or less ;) ) CINEWEX - C4D PLUGINS CATALOG It was designed for 4K screens, so please use Ctrl +- to scale it on smaller screens. It works fine on Chrome, Opera, IE. Firefox (new versions) sometimes fails to display all frames You can try to use Firefox in safe mode - close Firefox, then hold Shift and 2x click on Firefox icon - if it still doesn't help, click back and forth on the menus. Let me know if you encounter any issues with this website and of course if you know about some C4D plugins that are missing. (This must be a plugin that works in R19) I hope you'll find it useful :)
  4. I was just testing today cmNodes - at first glance it looks very promising, even I could make it work properly with reflectance channels - unfortunately almost all saved scenes were unusable - they crashed C4D just after loading. I was used to Vue node based materials/procedural terrain and then The Plant Factory node system I helped to develop, so indeed, it would be nice to have an optional node based system for materials, however current approach from C4D has some advantages (or maybe it was the case before reflectance was implemented) - It allowed to define/modify simple materials very quickly. With reflectance it become more convoluted, and one need to spent quite a lot of time to get used to it.
  5. Anyone knows if Chris will continue to develop his cmNodes ? Or is it a dead project ? I hope that he might be working at MAXON implementing his cmNodes :)
  6. czarnyrobert

    Group Object

    WOW ! This is what I was looking for. I was very annoyed, when I had a complex scene, with complex objects, and wanted to move one object , then when clicking on it, C4D selected only this subobject. Good job !
  7. There is a bug in reflectance layer preview in R18.057 (does not affect R17) It happens when there are multiple reflectance layers, and their order was modified. Normally reflectance layer preview should display the effect of a single, currently selected layer. This is what happens if layers order is unchanged. But if you change layers order strange things start to appear on layer preview - you can get on preview the effect of multiple layers mixed, instead of just the one that is selected. Even if you reestablish the original order of layers, the preview remains wrong. In attachment a scene with 2 materials : 1 - in this material order of layers wasn't modified - only selected layer preview is displayed. 2 - this is a copy of material 1, but its layers sequence was changed from 1,2,3 to 3,2,1, and then back to 1,2,3 When you select a layer, you get a composed preview. See the video : zzz reflectance bug.c4d
  8. I found that this bug happens when Texture window is not opened in currently used layout. So if you want to perform operations on UV polygons without switching to BP UV layout, you need to place Texture window somewhere on your current layout. It must remain visible, so you can't just put it into a tab.
  9. In R18 and R17 I experience strange bug when I use UV Manager in non BP layout : When I select a UV Polygon and I transform it (eg. rotate it by 90 deg), then instead of selected UV polygon, C4D applies transformation to another UV polygon. When I switch to BP layout, it works as it should, only the selected polygon is transformed. In R13 it works fine, there I can even just select normal polygon and apply a transformation... Dunno why MAXON changed it, it was very handy, now UV polygons must be selected (otherwise UV manager fields are grayed), and UV Manager fails to operate properly when used in a different layout than BP layout. Guys, can you check if you experience the same problems in R18? Is it corrected in R19 ? See the video : In first part I show how it works in R13 , in second part faulty operation in R18 zzz UV test.c4d
  10. Bezo, it is the same - if OM window is small, then usually it works (except for scrolling up to the items on the top of the list). Igor, I have tried using the default modelling layout and problem remains. I have tested it in R17 using the sane scene ("Keyboard C4D" from my first post ), in R17 it seems to work properly, same in R13. I'll be glad if you have R18 or R19 and 4K screen and could test Scroll to first active using the scene from my first post, and let me know if your C4D always scrolls to selected object ? (you can also test it on smaller screen (1080 should be enough) just detach Object Manager window and make it as tall as you can) ) By the way, it would be nice if C4D could have an option to always scroll OM view to the selected object, and also highlight its row background in OM, to make clearly visible the selected item - it would be much better than just use different colour for object name.
  11. I did more checks, and it seems that Scroll to first active fails to scroll up, even when window size is small : eg. you have selected an element which is at the top of the list in OM, but you are currently at bottom of the list. pressing Scroll to first active does nothing in such case : See on following video, scrolling to F.7 object works if window size is small, but when a cube at top of the list is selected, then scrolling fails. I hope MAXON can fix it soon. This should be easy.
  12. I think I found the problem - Scroll to first active seems to work properly when Object Manager window height is small (so visible part of objects list is short) But since I am using 4K display (3840x2160) then very often my Object Manager window vertical size is larger, and then Scroll to first active fails - it does nothing, But as soon as I reduce OM window size it scrolls to the selected object. This seems to be a bug in C4D.
  13. Lets' assume we have a scene with hundreds objects. In viewport you select an object, and you want to see it in Object Manager, eg. to add/edit some tags for this object. The list in Object Manager is too long to find the object by just looking on the list. C4D provides "Scroll to first active" command that in theory should scroll the list in Object Manager, to the selected object. With my C4D sometime it works, but in most situation it does not. Do you experience the same ? IMO crippled display of selected object in Object Manager is one of the greatest pains in ass when using C4D. It happens very often that I need to scroll manually through the long list trying to find the selected object. Am I doing something wrong, or this C4D feature does not function properly ? You can check C4D Scroll to first active command on following scene : Keyboard C4D.rar
  14. Is it possible to map different commands to numeric pad ? Can I map a command A to main keyboard "1" key, and a different command B to numeric pad "1" key ? It works in Softimage and Modo, but I can't find a way of doing it in C4D. Is it possible that C4D fails to differentiate between main keyboard and numeric pad ?
  15. :) From my experience with C4D, it does not make sense to care too much about non-destructive modelling unless you really need it (eg. for animation). You may loose a lot of time thinking how to make one simple object "procedural" while in the same time you could model whole scene. When I think I'll need to go back, I keep procedural version before baking it to polygons ( I just hide it), and I also save scene at key moments with a new number. I such way, if I mess something with a model, I can go back. Also C4D offers numerous undo steps. When working like this, I almost never have any issues that I have "lost" something, and I need to spent lot of time reworking it. It is faster to just focus on what you need instead of inventing convoluted ways to make it "non-destructive" For a while I modelled in Softimage - it uses Operator Stack which allows you to go back and correct an operation. But in reality I almost never used it. Rather I had some issues related to stack growing to big and having to purge it . http://docs.autodesk.com/SI/2015/ENU/#!/url=./files/basic_mod_OperatorStack.htm I also did a lot of fully procedural modeling of plants in TPF (http://greengene.republika.pl/3D_SOFTWARE/1_aaa.htm) But this is very complex, and when your graph becomes huge and convoluted, whole process becomes quite slow. If you want non destructive modelig you need different software - like Houdini. I am rather a fan of Vitaly Bulgarov approach to modelling - He uses very efficiently just a few simple tools but can create complex stuff very quickly : check his video - he made whole complex model of a robot in one day. https://blog.keyshot.com/vitaly-bulgarov-black-phoenix-project



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