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  1. Hi guys, I wonder if there is a way of getting a noise free (without grain) preview of materials in node editor ? I know that grain results from the use of BSDF reflectance instead of color. For rendering it is possible to override BDSF by selecting in Project Settings the option : Use Color Channel for Node Material It works for the scene rendering, but does not for material previews which are still rendered using reflectance diffuse. Sampling subdivision changes nothing. I tried to create custom material preview scenes (CINEMA 4D R20\resource\modules\xtensions\preview_scenes), but they appear only in the old editor and not the new one. This grainy look of materials is quite annoying.
  2. Since some people complained about small fonts when using CINEWEX website on small screens, I have added a survey so you could express your opinion : - Keep current font size - Increase font size (as on Mesh Plugins Page) So far there have been just a couple of votes. So please express your opinion. If you do not want to give your e-mail in the poll, you can just write it here. Reminder : if you can't see the whole CINEWEX page, please just use Ctrl+- to scale it down
  3. Hi guys! I've spent last 10 months working on a catalog of all plugins for Cinema 4D - it is ready now (more or less ;) ) CINEWEX - C4D PLUGINS CATALOG It was designed for 4K screens, so please use Ctrl +- to scale it on smaller screens. It works fine on Chrome, Opera, IE. Firefox (new versions) sometimes fails to display all frames You can try to use Firefox in safe mode - close Firefox, then hold Shift and 2x click on Firefox icon - if it still doesn't help, click back and forth on the menus. Let me know if you encounter any issues with this website and of course if you know about some C4D plugins that are missing. (This must be a plugin that works in R19) I hope you'll find it useful :)
  4. OK great idea, thank you kbar ! I have a lot of ideas for improvements, especially concerning modelling, after I gave an extensive try to Softimage and was amazed by its modelling tool-set.
  5. I am looking for a simple but utterly needed improvement for modelling : mouse cursor changing colour depending if current tool works in select visible only or select all modes. It could be ultra helpful, imagine, you switch with a key short-cut the mode from select visible only to select all, then mouse cursor switches colour from let say white to red - then you get instant feedback, and you know that by selecting or cutting etc... all elements will be affected , not just visible ones. Simple but handy. I hope that with new modelling core MAXON will ensure that there will be no more bad polygons appearing, which now appear so often when using various tools, especially bevelling. I am also looking forward for possibility to manipulate individually selected components islands in their local references while modelling. Something which is available in Softimage and extremely helpful when modelling. In SI you can move, scale, rotate multiple component islands in their own reference, this allows to quickly achieve results impossible to obtain in C4D : http://download.autodesk.com/global/docs/softimage2012/en_us/userguide/index.html?url=files/poly_basic_SelectingPolygonMeshComponents.htm,topicNumber=d28e109327 Form Softimage I also miss selection of adjacent components: http://download.autodesk.com/global/docs/softimage2012/en_us/userguide/index.html?url=files/poly_basic_SelectingPolygonMeshComponents.htm,topicNumber=d28e109327 And also a more reliable loop selection :)
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