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  1. Fill object with spline noise

    Hair has dynamics, self collision, and can be rendered as polygonal object. You should start there. (If you have a c4d edition with hair module)
  2. Using Rotation to Drive Position

    Remodeling might be the best chance here. I can only compare to the scene which I made couple posts above. Setup is the same. Can't find another reason why in OP's scene the tappet bounces more than in the file I provided.
  3. Using Rotation to Drive Position

    I applied my setup to the scene file you provided for "TAPPET1". Tappet bounces quite a lot. I suspect very poor and faceted nozzle mesh (CBR would tell). I can't fix this in xpresso. Think about remodeling it and giving it a proper subdivision and edge smoothness. And the function for the Y position, if you want to keep the Tappet at current rotation (-25.698 °) is: Y=0,481*X-58,7 X and Y position of the tappet is driven by xpresso, Z value can be changed by hand. GEAR_QUESTION_C4D_CAFE_JM.c4d
  4. Using Rotation to Drive Position

    Hey, I'll try to clarify some things. - bouncing may be caused by a less detailed structure of the rotating part as you can see in the picture. Subdivided surface may be one option do eliminate it. Bouncing may not be visible at all when the engine runs full speed. - there is a space between tappet and rotating part at one moment, but i can't think of a way to eliminate it without the 2 parts intersecting in other positions. Hopefully your camera will be placed such this space won't be shown. - delete the hidden cylinder and you'll see why its good. We are using its bounding box for xpresso. - your tappets are not at 45 degrees, in my case they are so Y=(-X) Surely, you can come up with formula that will drive X,Y coordinates in your case.
  5. Using Rotation to Drive Position

    So I finally played with my setup for a while and since the tappet is not well synced with the rotating part, I made a copy of it which is hidden from rendering (used solely for xpresso purpose) and rotated it slightly for desired effect. It is still not 100% accurate, but at least the parts are not intersecting. As I mentioned, the X position must be driven by expression as well for the tappet to move along its Y axis only, but that's easy for 45 degree tilt as the ratio is always 1:1. I hope you can use some of the improvements for your situation. rotate_me_tilted.c4d
  6. Sure it's right under "Thickness" in your SnT material. You then define which lines will be rendered under Render settings. Google some SnT tutorials if you want to learn more.
  7. Using Rotation to Drive Position

    Here are some comments: 1, it seems to me that "collider" aka the spinning object is low poly. Faceted. This makes the tappet bounce probably. 2, tried on my file to disable xpresso, rotate the thing 45 degrees, enable again and it basically just bounces up and down in world Y axis (orange arrows). Instead it should be moving along object's Y axis (green arrow). I think you'd have to use xpresso to drive also X position of the tappet. Because when you move the tappet along its Y axis, both X and Y values change. This example was just to demonstrate the idea, maybe others have different solution, but clearly you need to expand the xpresso setup for your case if you want to use it.
  8. That sorted out the modeling process. You can increase thickness with sketch and toon. If seams are too detailed, just make your own seam.
  9. Doesn't cinema have a 3d model of a baseball in presets? Or is it just my preset library?
  10. Using Rotation to Drive Position

    No problem. You already started with xpresso, why not continue in the same fashion? Here I made a dummy example of what I mean. Maybe you'll need more elaborate solution. Caclculate the distance between spinning nozzle and the white tappet. And keep that distance very small or 0. Cheers. rotate_me.c4d
  11. Database of Freelancers

    I think he is making his own internal database. The above website hasn't been updated for a long time, many website links are dead.
  12. Soft toon render?

    Have you tried rendering out image in c4d (simple materials, just color) and then using PS to adjust it? Shadows and colors are visible, but less pronounced in 1st image... is it what you want to achieve? You have plenty options in PS apart from stauration, curves... Color lookup and color overlay may help get what you want.
  13. How would you make this?

    Seems to me like a camera fly-through many lights/shining particles with random direction&rotation&life span + motion blur. It's quite contrasty which can be achieved in AE + vigneting maybe? Ask 5 people here and everyone will see something different.
  14. Animated growing plant

    Xfrog is probably the best fit.
  15. Normal Map Creation

    It doesn't look like a normal map to me, but does it work? Try replicating what aixsponza did with the photos. Use top view, position the c4d light so it shines from top, hit render. Repeat from each 3 remaining sides. Use PS to make normal map from 4 black&white images.