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  1. Should be doable with greyscalegorilla hdri studio rig or hdri pack. But first, download some hdr maps for free here: http://fav.me/d1lzo9m Maybe you don't have to spend money if you can be satisfied with free maps.
  2. 3D archaeology volunteer work

    Hm, I would gladly quit my job for something like this... Assuming lidar scanning and retopology of the final mesh in selected 3d app. Why use c4d? It's not very good for this type of work in my opinion.
  3. Black Friday 2017 - Post your deals here

    Grant offers great discount on his courses: masteringcgi.com.au In case someone hasn't seen them yet.
  4. Realistic human animation in C4D?

    I saw couple years ago a motion capture tutorial utilizing C4D and Kinect. Just do some googling and maybe it will inspire you.
  5. freelance digital artists

    You can check them without an account: cghero.com/freelancers/ Some artists have image samples below the profile.
  6. freelance digital artists

    Seems @Igor has already joined the club. I wonder if it's actually worth the effort to join or it is more like artist directory kind of website (which don't seem to do much in terms of bringin' new clients).
  7. C4D or 3DS Max? (modelling)

    Many folks have moved to Modo for its modelling tools. It would be my 3d app of choice, as a modeller. Second spot - 3ds max and 3rd spot - c4d with HB bundle.
  8. Shadow Flickering with Vray

    @Jaehyuk increase GI quality by: increasing subdivision, lowering samples size @spiralstairOP didn't mention which version he's using. He could be on older version.
  9. Shadow Flickering with Vray

    Doesn't have to be the shadow causing this, if you mean the issue under the eyelid. Are you using GI? Try icreasing samples or different GI mode, for example BRLC with high settings. Adaptive DMC sampler, Treshold is by default set to 0.01, try even smaller number like .007
  10. Texture cutting off

    Try turning on "Tile" on the material tag, which gives you the error.
  11. Dense fog/haze

    Z depth pass might be helpful if plan to add fog in AE/PS. Otherwise, the replies above are what you're looking for.
  12. A mention of minecraft usually causes @Cerbera to reply with the well known question.
  13. Modelling tips

    If you are willing to invest some money, there is a great tutorial "Making it look great 11" available at motionworks
  14. Workflow of making a shoreline

    As RF doesn't have a sand simulation like the one we can see in the video, I would vouch for Houdini. It has both fluid & sand sim, though I'm not sure to what level of detail it can be used.
  15. Lighting at Night

    Real world picture of what you're going after could be useful, although yes, omni lights for street lighting and area lights for shining windows could be fine. You can always use sunny day hdri with decreased exposure if you like.