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  1. MJohnny

    Modular Road - Curved Issues

    We discussed this topic with felow colleagues in an older thread, and in my opinion, it is better to use non-destructive modelling. What I mean by that, use linear mograph cloner, draw/import path spline and use spline wrap deformer. All parameters are easy to adjust and result looks good. Imagine you have not only a flat road, but a road junction ( with bridge, guard rails, etc....) doing each curved piece manually would be quite a time killer. I attached a quick example of what I mean inluding c4d file. road.rar
  2. MJohnny

    Scattering grass

    Have you looked at Surface Spread plugin by Laubwerk? Edit: I see you are using R20 but on plugin website it says the plugin is not compatible with R20. Too bad.
  3. MJohnny

    modelling a toothbrush

    Depends on how close up your camera will be. My initial thought will be hair, but you probably don't have that in prime. So another choice is to use splines and sweep them. You can use use magnet tool in point mode to mess up ends of bristles so they are not so uniform. See sscreen. Or use deformer.
  4. MJohnny

    rendering a glass

    You need to redo your beer material. It should be very close to the glass material, which seems ok. Disable color channel and in transparency, try decreasing absorption distance. Consider placing area light behind the glass to get more interesting look.
  5. MJohnny

    Adidas logo model with fur

    Problem could be that extrude obejct as you have it is not a single piece of mesh. Choose Connect object and make extrude obejct its child. If that didn't work, please post c4d file so we can have a better look...
  6. In my case it worked by changing the Hidden Cull parameter to "Project" as per screen. See if it works for you too..
  7. MJohnny

    How to make the triangles in this case?

    I would choose the classic modelling approach - not hard at all, simple mesh to keep it under control. (scene attached). Build only half of it as maliohammad pointed out. triangles.c4d
  8. MJohnny

    Photoshop blend modes

    A classic question, which gives headache to many 3d artists. Linked below are 2 video tutorials for vray, but hopefully you can make a use of them. This issue is not software specific, as other 3d apps (maya. 3ds max) have multipass option too. Feel free to explore further.
  9. MJohnny

    Coffee Jar seal peel

    Have you tried pose morph tag? Creating key poses by moving the mesh points by hand as per your storyboard and animating between them?
  10. Should you have too many different tags on your obejct, you can choose somewhat easier display, as shown on the image below. Easier to select them this way as well. By default, all tags are stacked on right side of your object.
  11. MJohnny

    Gear shape

    You could minimize the undesired effect by dissolving extra edges. There would be a small bump, but barely noticable.
  12. Have you tried surface deformer?
  13. Your setup seems to be working OK. Whether you have a separate alpha or it's together with beauty is your choice.
  14. I suggest you to do this in photoshop. The 2nd image migth be doable with lighting tool in c4d. However I doubt that these images are raw renders without any kind of post work.
  15. MJohnny

    Rendering reflections issues

    Is it the black behind the scene/camera reflecting or is it an issue with material? This is hard to say without project file, but it seems to me like 1st mentioned.